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. . . How does a priest accused from ten, twenty, or thirty years ago defend himself or ever restore his name when a diocese simply writes a check with no other evidence of guilt than the claim itself? And unlike the lawsuits filed by the accusers of Bishop Eddie Long, the lawyer who was given a $5.2 million check by my diocese – the first of several rounds of mediated settlements with the same lawyer who proclaimed,

“I’ve never seen anything like it!” – didn’t even file the claims in a court of law. He simply wrote a letter demanding settlement, and got it. Last month, the Concord Monitor reported on another case handled by that same lawyer with amazing result. . . .

It's a controversial idea, but a compelling case is made for its justice and fairness.  "When Priests are Falsely Accused Part 2:  Why Accusers Should be Named" can be found today at  

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