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Mary TV Daily Reflection 6/30/2011

Podbrdo pilgrims praying 30th


Apparition Hill during the 30th Anniversary
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June 30, 2011
The First Holy Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Give thanks with me to the Most High for my presence with you. My heart is joyful watching the love and joy in the living of my messages. Many of you have responded, but I wait for, and seek, all the hearts that have fallen asleep to awaken from the sleep of unbelief. Little children, draw even closer to my Immaculate Heart so that I can lead all of you toward eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call." (June 25, 2011)

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the secret weapon of God! In these terrible times when it seems that common sense and faith have disappeared, God is sending his secret weapon to save the world. The "Woman" of Genesis 3:15 is with us these days, in the most extraordinary way! She is present in Medjugorje. You can't see her, or hear her, but you definitely can feel her. She is there. And the power of her presence changes you.

This is something I heard over and over again in Medjugorje, during the 30th Anniversary. Each pilgrim I met had a story to tell and it always revolved around their experience of Our Lady in Medjugorje, of her love, her comfort, her ability to bring about conversion, her power to change the heart. If I took the time to let the conversation deepen, I would discover a beautiful encounter with Our Lady at the heart of every story. It was amazing!

I have gathered many of those stories, and will share them as the days unfold. But one that stands out to me is the last story I received. I was standing in line in the Frankfurt airport, waiting to board the plane, when I started talking to a group of people next to me. I asked them where they had been and they said, "Medjugorje!" They began to explain to me that they were all cousins and second cousins and aunts and uncles. About 30 all together, they had gone to Medjugorje as a family trip. I dug a little further and found out that the reason they all went to Medjugorje was their grandmother! I was intrigued, so I asked to meet her. She was not far away in line, so I had a talk with her.

Her name is Ann Hodes, and she is the mother of 11, grandmother of about 55, and great grandmother of about 11 (I will have more accurate stats when I talk to her again.) She and her husband began going to Medjugorje in the 90's. They realized that it was the best place to find God. So they began taking family members to Medjugorje. After her husband's death, Ann continued to bring family members to Medjugorje, using a small inheritance from her mother to send all of her children, and many of her grandchildren to Medjugorje. She told me that it is the best investment she has ever made. It is an investment in the future! You could see the fruit of that investment on the faces of her descendants in the airport. Such a happy and beautiful group!

Ann's incredible generosity is an example for all of us! She is living life as Jesus asked us to live it, with no fear. Today is Thursday, the day we read Matthew 6:24-34. Ann serves only one master, the Lord. She has not spent time worrying about her future, what she will eat or drink or wear. She has spent her time and energy building the future, one descendant at a time, by taking them to Medjugorje, where they can experience Our Lady and be healed and filled with joy! She is an example to all of us. She seeks the Kingdom of God, not just for herself but for her whole family.

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan
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