Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mary TV Update from Medjugorje:

Vicka in prayer        

Vicka praying with pilgrims, June 22, 2011
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crowds with Vicka
The crowds at Vicka's pressing against the Mary TV camera!
(c)Mary TV 2011 

June 22, 2011

Dear Family of Mary!

Another update from Medjugorje!  

It's Wednesday!  We got up very early this morning to go to Vicka's parent's home at the foot of Podbrdo (Apparition Hill).  She was scheduled to talk at 8:00 am, but pilgrims were gathered there by 6:30 am to experience the loving gaze of Vicka and hear her testimony.  It is hot here today.  Tom and Mary Matasso set up the big camera directly across the street from the stairs on which Vicka stands, so that we could have a clear shot at her face as she spoke.  By 8:00 am Tom and Mary were smashed in a sea of pilgrims, and sweltering under the hot morning sun.  Mike Nolan had a second camera up on the stairs above Vicka, hoping to capture her talk from there.  Denis and I stood with our wonderful guide, Ivanka, farther up the street, at the base of the path up Apparition Hill.  Ivanka had a wireless microphone, so she could translate for us into English.  Big production!!

Vicka spoke of many things.  I want to share her testimony of going to Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.  She speaks so persuasively about her experience; it is good to hear again: 

"Our Lady asked Jakov and me to go with her to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.  And at that very moment little Jakov replied and said, 'Our Lady, take Vicka!  She has many brothers and sisters. But I am the only one in the family.'  Jakov thought they were leaving and never coming back again.  I personally thought in that moment, "What if we go up or down?  How many hours or how many days will it take?"  But simply, Our Lady took my right hand and Jakov's left hand and she was ahead of us and she simply took us with her.  A ceiling above us opened up just enough for us to go through it. 

"Practically in a second we found ourselves in Paradise, which I saw as an endless space.  And I saw a kind of light that simply does not exist here on earth.  And I saw a lot of persons, all of them more or less the same, none were fat, none were thin, and all of them had three colors for the dress, gray, yellow and rose.  All of them were walking around, praying and singing, with little angels flying over them. And Our Lady said, 'Look how joyful, how content these persons in Heaven are!'  They have a joy that simply cannot be described, a kind of joy that does not exist here on earth.  

"Purgatory is a place that is an endless space.  But in Purgatory you don't see persons, only a big fog.  But you can see and feel that there are people suffering.  And Our Lady says that those souls that are in Purgatory are waiting for our prayers in order to be able to go to Paradise.  

"In Hell the first thing I saw was a big fire.  And there I saw people going into the fire, and when they would come out of the fire they were transformed into wild beasts.  The deeper they would go the more and more they would start cursing against God.  And Our Lady says that those who have gone to Hell went there according to their own will.  And all those who live here on earth and do all things against God, they are already experiencing Hell, and they just continue when they die.  And Our Lady said that there are so many people here on earth who think that once we die, everything is over. Our Lady said that that is a big mistake, that we are just travelers here on earth and life after we die simply continues."

Vicka shares very simply, exactly what she experienced.  She doesn't embellish or alter her testimony, but stays true to the first experience.  I believe this is a grace of the Holy Spirit, which all the visionaries have.  They are true to their experience of Our Lady, and take no liberties with that experience.  They are trustworthy messengers, because they are simple and obedient.  Our Lady told the visionaries she came to tell the world that God exists.  And it is through their simple testimonies that we get that message, loud and clear.  God exists.  Life after death exists.  Heaven, Hell and Purgatory exist.  Just these truths alone are enough for a deep conversion.  

I was struck again at how dedicated Vicka is to the pilgrims.  She began at 8:00 am, speaking continuously to the different language groups until after 12:00 pm.  We left at about 9:45 to go to English Mass, and when we drove past her parent's house at 12:00 pm she was still there praying with pilgrims.  Amazing!  

Two women in front of me were slain in the Spirit during the time that Vicka prayed for us.  Vicka prayed for over 20 minutes, so lost in prayer that I am sure she had no idea how long she prayed. She just gives all her strength to the people who come to hear her.  She really loves with Our Lady's love.  It is obvious.  

Thanks be to God for choosing such strong and courageous people to receive Our Lady's apparitions in Medjugorje.  The visionaries are extraordinary!  

We were able to stream at 10:00 EDT, our Rosary from Ivan's backyard!  We had shots of Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain.  It was great to be able to pray with everyone.  Some people had trouble getting on to the live stream site for the daily rosary.  If it doesn't come up, try closing your brouser and then opening it again.  Sometimes that works.  We will be doing our rosary tomorrow, June 23, at 10:00 am EDT, and then Ivan's rosary and apparition at 12:00 pm EDT, (6:00 pm Medjugorje time).


Cathy Nolan
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