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Mary TV Daily Reflection 7/11/2011

Marija's apparition
Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti with Our Lady in March 2011

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July 11, 2011
St. Benedict

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children!  I have told you already that I have chosen you in a special way, just the way you are.  I, the Mother, love you all. And in any moment that is difficult for you, do not be afraid!  Because I love you even then when you are far from me and my Son.  Please, do not let my heart weep with tears of blood because of the souls who are lost in sin.  Therefore, dear children, pray, pray, pray!  Thank you for having responded to my call." (May 24, 1984)


In her testimony at the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Marija shared her memories of the first days of the apparitions.  She shared the difficulties she and her family endured, the fatigue from the constant witnessing, the pressure from the authorities and the disbelief of many, and above all the constant call to prayer that Our Lady issued to the visionaries.  It was an amazingly intense time, filled with trials and victories.  But through it all, Our Lady was their strength and their guide.  Marija continued: 

"We started to learn how to pray in the beginning with difficulty.   We were even worried when Our Lady asked us to pray more.   We had to pray all three parts of the Rosary and many other prayers with our parish priest, Fr. Jozo.  Our Lady asked us to pray three Rosaries a day.    And that seemed like too much, because whoever would come into our home, they would just start praying with us as well.  


"And Our Lady said, 'If you want Jesus to become your best friend, you need to give Him time.' And in that way Jesus did become our best friend.   We fell in love with Him.  We started to pray as Our Lady invited us.  

"And many times the pilgrims would be coming to our homes and we would have to speak so much we would lose our voices.  And we would have to turn to God and beg him to make us instruments in His hands.  Many times we'd be so tired.  Sometimes we'd be falling to sleep but the Holy Spirit would come to us constantly [to help us].  We repeated the words [she gave us] with enthusiasm - the words that she told us - the words she gave us to give to others.  And in that love Our Lady was leading us constantly. 


"I remember in the first days of the apparitions, we heard news about the journalists who were saying: In the little village of Medjugorje six children are pretending to see Our Lady and this is a revolution!  They were commenting on how that revolution needed to be shut down.   But it was not revolution that we were actually talking about.

"The government thought that they needed to suffocate this revolution in Medjugorje so they came to Medjugorje even with arms, and they came with dogs and they were intimidating all the people who wanted to come closer.   But when the military came to Medjugorje they met people who were praying and were trying to put into practice everything Our Lady was calling us to.  The people were coming from everywhere.  The military made the people wait in lines to identify themselves. But as they waited to identify themselves, the people would stand in line and peacefully be identified by the police, they would be joyful and pray and wait patiently.  Finally the military saw that this was not the revolution they thought it was.  The people were praying.  And they were even bringing food and drink to the army men!   

"One day the military even closed the church.  But on the morning when they closed the church the people went around the church on their knees praying.   And that afternoon the church was opened.  The police thought it was better to put them inside the church, because when they were inside, others would not see them showing such faith.  

"But when Our Lady appeared for the first time indeed a revolution did start.   A revolution of the truth!  A revolution of the love of God, of peace among mankind!  And this love that had started is indeed the love of the presence of Our Lady and of God.  To this day this love touches many hearts.  And to this day we give our witness to this event."  (Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti speaking on June 24, 2011 at St. James Church)

We are witnesses of the truth of Marija's words.  There has indeed been a revolution!  It is a revolution of the heart which began in Medjugorje with the six visionaries and has spread throughout the entire world, like wild fire, traveling from heart to heart, person to person!  This revolution is powered by prayer.  It is guided by love, the love of Our Lady.  And it is aimed at saving every soul on earth, claiming each person for Jesus.  After 30 years, that fire has not abated.  If you go to Medjugorje, you see it in the eyes of the visionaries and in the hearts of the pilgrims.  It is truly the fire of love, the Holy Spirit.  

Our response to this revolution?  Pray, pray, pray!

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan
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