Monday, January 30, 2012

American parishes line up for visit from seer

As Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic starts his 2012 tour of 17 public appearances in seven states before the end of April, still many more parishes have asked him to visit. New York and Minnesota both seem to make it into Ivan’s schedule for 2012, New Jersey and Connecticut could also be this year whereas California will be no earlier than 2013.

ivan dragicevic medjugorje visionary

Ivan Dragicevic. Photo: Glasnik Mira

Visionary Ivan Dragicevic will have plenty of parishes to visit, even after he has finished his current tour on the American east coast that started on January 28 in Sycamore, IL. Invitations are rolling in from parishes in still more American states aside of the seven he is scheduled to visit.

Ivan’s public arrangement coordinator Ana Shawl tells The Medjugorje Web on Facebook that Ivan’s tour plan, currently ending in Georgia on April 17, may be prolonged, or more arrangements may be slotted into the existing schedule:

“After this I am still working on New York right now. I have two invitations for him right now for Minnesota. One is in Pekham and the other is in Rochester. I have I think 10 invitations from New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. They are all relatively close together so I have to see how many days I can do them in” Ana Shawl informs.

“Right now, he is going to the East Coast because they have been waiting for him for a long time.”

While invitations have also come from California and Texas, it has not been decided when Ivan will come to the two major south states. But at least California will be no earlier than next year:

“I have an invitation for Texas but I am not sure when Ivan can get there. He will probably be coming to California in 2013 because he was just there last year. He has been in California every other year I think for the past 6 years or so” Ana Shawl tells The Medjugorje Web.

Contact info, days, hours and addresses of Ivan’s scheduled talks and public apparitions can be found in the Calendar.

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