Friday, September 28, 2012

Mary TV Daily Reflection 9/28/2012

Cardinal Schoenborn says Holy Mass in 20122   
     Holy Mass at St. Stephen's with Cardinal Schoenborn 


September 28, 2012


Dear Family of Mary!


This has been an exciting week! Mary TV was able to successfully stream the Evening of Prayer at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012. It was an incredible event. Five hours of prayer and witnessing went by like a flash! It was as if our hearts were transfixed for that time in the love of Our Lady!


I have some "stats" from the live transmission. We have a rough idea of how many computers were connected to our live transmission on Tuesday. There were 280,000 hits on our website that day, which is huge! We believe there were over 10,000 computers connected for the entire event! Many computers were connected to large TV screens so that groups of people could attend. So it is certain there were many more than 10,000 people participating, live!!  (The recordings are up on our home page, and we noticed last year that even more people watched the recordings!!) 


The stats show that there were at least 94 countries represented. The list we have here is arranged according from largest to smallest number of participants per country. But you can see that the prayer generated by this event was "worldwide"!!!


1.United States 2.Slovakia 3.Brazil 4.Canada   5.Portugal 6.United Kingdom 7.Poland 8.Ukraine 9.United Arab Emirates 10.Germany   11.Austria   12.Belgium   13.Romania   14.Lithuania   15.Italy 16.France   17.Japan   18.Netherlands   19.Australia   20.Ireland   21.Latvia   22.Czech Republic   23.Mexico   24.India 25.Russia   27.Argentina 28.Malta   29.Spain   30.Puerto Rico   31.Bosnia and Herzegovina 32.Lebanon   33.Slovenia 34.Trinidad and Tobaga   35.Philippines 36.Singapore 37.Belarus 38.El Salvador 39.Finland 40.New Zealand 41.Malaysia 42.Colombia 43.Croatia 44.Mauritius 45.Israel 46.Peru 47.Andorra 48.Switzerland 49.Chile 50.Denmark 51.Hong Kong 52.Venezuela   53.Moldova   54.Albania 55.Egypt   56.Sweden 57.South Africa   58.Costa Rica 59.Hungary   60.Norway 61.Greece 62.Kuwait 63.Malawi 64.Rwanda 65.Tunisia 66.Netherlands Antilles   67.Bahamas 68.China   69.Dominican Republic 70.Jersey 71.Kenya 72.Sri Lanka 73.Qatar 74.Saudi Arabia 75.Vietnam 76.Afghanistan 77.Armenia 78.Angola 79.Bulgaria 80.Gibraltar 81.Guatemala 82.Iraq 83.Iceland 84.Saint Lucia 85.Luxembourg 86.Namibia 87.Nicaragua 88.Oman 89.Paraguay 90.Réunion 91.Taiwan 92.Tanzania   93.Uganda 94.Zimbabwe


Truly worldwide!! Our hearts were united with Our Lady's children all over the world! And we all were able to be present for her apparition to Ivan, together! This is a miracle! This is possibly a prefigurment of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, when Our Lady will take up her rightful place as Queen of all hearts! She was able to bless us all together, all over the world!


I have received some lovely comments from those who participated. How happy they all are! We are one family under our Mother, Mary! And she was so happy to be with all of us on Tuesday! Here are some comments:


Dearest Cathy.....Congratulations to all at Mary TV.....Barry and I marvel at what you have accomplished to bring Mary into our homes.....We are so grateful and wish I had the words to express the joy we experienced yesterday....Janet (Seattle)


Just to say many thanks for the BEAUTIFUL moment praying with Ivan. I have a young friend very sick and so the transmission was the right time for Prayer. I love Our Lady and love Medjugorje. Next October I will go for the 24th time. I Pray for your wonderful work, and agaín THANK YOU! Viva a GOSPA !!! Manuel (Portugal)


Thank you and Denis for all the work, prayers and efforts you put into that recording and whatever is necessary to happen in order to share the visit of Our Lady to Ivan.  I spent a good part of my day on the computer to follow this memorable event.  I was very impressed with Colleen and her healing story.  What a witness she is!  Stories like that increases my faith in Mary and Jesus from Whom the Father and the Holy Spirit are better known. With heartfelt thanks, Rita 


Dear Cathy and Denis! It was wonderful last night! Thank you! =) God bless you, Vlatka (Bosnia)


I just want to say thank you so very much, Denis, for this marvelous live streaming of Ivan's Vienna apparition and the Holy Mass with Cardinal Schoenborn.  The coverage as so good!  The live-streaming was steady and uninterrupted, the camera angles were terrific, the sound was great, it was just first rate - like watching network TV.  Through your untiring efforts, Denis, and those of your crew we faithful scattered all over the world have the blessing of participating in Our Lady's coming, of receiving her actual blessing (and that of the Cardinal!) and of participating in holy Mass at a great distance from us.  What a treasure that was, and what a treasure you are. Fran (Washington DC)


Dear Mary TV team!   What a blessing to watch and be part of the touch of heaven yesterday. I cried the whole time.. and I never cry.. I sent the site to friends...One of them called me to thank me because she is so sick right now and suffering a lot physically.. she said it was the best day she has had ...she was so happy she had something so beautiful to take her away from herself and her suffering. She just kept thanking me over and over.  God bless this Cardinal who shows the church the way that Mary our Mother brings her children back to church.. Thanks to you to show it to all of us. I can't even imagine how much tedious work is involved in setting this all up, but your rewards will be great in Heaven..  Thank you, thank you, thank you.. Love and prayers, Donna (USA)


Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences on Tuesday! And thank Our Lord and Our Lady for all the graces they are pouring down upon us in these days! I will leave you with the message given through Ivan on Tuesday. Let's pray all weekend for Our Lady's intentions!


"Dear children, I call you also today, that you pray with your full heart and that you love each other. If there is not peace, pray and you will receive peace. You will receive it. Through you and your prayer peace will flow into the world. This is why, my little children, pray, pray, pray, because prayer can do miracles in mankind and in the world. I give thanks for everyone who lives prayer and accepts it. Thank you for responding to my call." (September 25, 2012 through Ivan)

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2012


PS.  Don't forget Fruit of Medjugorje !!!  A new one was posted last night!!  Very inspiring healings!! Episode 22!!