Thursday, September 20, 2012



On the mysticism watch, a few quick notes -- questions -- on prophecy.

One: Is it too early to tell or is there prophetic significance to the recent upheavals and attacks in Middle Eastern countries?

In Lebanon, bishops have denied that an image of the Virgin of the city of Byblos, north of Beirut, "commenced to mourn blood and oil , as Lebanese media had reported, a phenomenon that coincided with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI," reports 20 Minutos. For now, they believe it was some sort of natural phenomenon (substances from the eye, mouth, and neck).


But did you notice how tensions seemed to plummet once Benedict XVI arrived?

Right now, the crisis seems to have simmered down. But in the midst of it we wondered about harbingers because on March 25, 1985, a seer named Mirjana Dragicevic from Medjugorje (the huge site of apparitions currently under Vatican review and drawing record crowds in former Yugoslavia) said Mary spoke to her about unbelievers and visually reviewed the first secret she had given the girl; according to Father Petar Ljubicic, Mirjana's spiritual director, one video-like image the seer "saw" was of desolation: “It is the upheaval of a region of the world," the visionary reportedly relayed (for our analysis).

One could argue that the current circumstances in places such as Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and elsewhere don't quite qualify because Muslims -- whatever the flaws in their faith --are "believers" in a single God; if not in the same way as Christians (and not in the full Nature of Jesus), believers nonetheless. When the Blessed Mother speaks to Mirjana, it is usually about outright atheists. But the Middle East is certainly the world's prime hotspot, its geopolitical (and geo-spiritual) epicenter. [At right, a photograph taken of sun behind statue at front of church at the apparition site by Bernard Gallagher of UK, who used no filter or special effects in his camera setting; the site has produced countless interesting photographs, along with conversion and healings; last week, the leader of the Canadian senate was among the visitors; in Italy, they closed down school to accommodate crowds when a visionary appeared there; he said Mary's message during an apparition was a special call for peace.]

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