Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whoa! The German Catholic Church issues ultimatum: No money, no Sacraments


This does not seem right to me but as an American, I'm used to going to and belonging to a church for free. Yes, I know we are supposed to tithe or give alms but what if you are poor and just have enough money to feed and shelter yourself and your family? As far as being taxed by the Government because of your religion, thank God we live in the USA!!! Here's an excerpt of the story:


The German Episcopal Conference’s decision has sparked a debate within the country’s Catholic world, leading to widespread controversy

It may seem over the top but this is the whole point of the decree issued last week by the German Bishops’ Conference, with the approval of the Holy See.

The decree requires that faithful who declare to a registry office that they are no longer members of the Catholic Church, will no longer be able to actively participate in Church life and there receive the sacraments.

Essentially, Germans who ask to no longer be registered as Catholics – and therefore no longer pay the country’s church tax (8-9% of their annual income tax bill) – will no longer be able to receive the sacraments of confession, communion or confirmation and when they die, they will not be allowed a Catholic funeral. They will also not be able to work as volunteers in Catholic associations, sing in Catholic choirs or even work in Catholic institutions such as schools or hospitals.
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