Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio Lifts Obligation to attend Mass on All Saints Day, November 1, 2012


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Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio has lifted the obligation to attend mass on all saints day, November 1, 2012.
This was said in a statement regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and All Saints Day:
“Hurricane Sandy has left her trail of death and destruction across our City and region. We all pray first and foremost for our fellow New Yorkers and their families who perished. While things may always be replaced, we are all mindful of how important our homes are in our lives and so our thoughts and prayers turn to those whose property was destroyed or damaged.
“It goes without saying that the obligation to attend Mass today and tomorrow for All Saints Day has been lifted.
“In addition, I am asking all our parishes to take up a second collection to assist those who are in distress as a result of this natural disaster. Most of our families throughout Brooklyn and Queens are middle-class or working poor. All are so incredibly generous to those suffering in other parts of our country and world. Now we need to come together to assist our neighbors.”