Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mary TV Daily Reflection 10/23/2012

Prayer at the Blue Cross

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Time only for God in prayer   





October 23, 2012

St. John of Capistrano


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children! I invite you to pray with the heart in order that your prayer may be a conversation with God. I desire each one of you to dedicate more time to God. Satan is strong and wants to destroy and deceive you in many ways. Therefore, dear children, pray every day that your life will be good for yourselves and for all those you meet. I am with you and I am protecting you even though satan wishes to destroy my plans and to hinder the desires which the Heavenly Father wants to realize here. Thank you for having responded to my call."   (September 25, 1990)


Satan is a meddler. He constantly tries to get into our lives in order to mess them up. He wants to throw us off track, get us confused, lead us down the wrong roads, do anything he can to distract us from God. He has as many attack plans as there are minutes in a day. But he is powerless in our lives if we are "hearing" from God. If we are in a daily, meaningful relationship with the Lord, through prayer with the heart, then Satan's diversionary tactics are useless.


That is why Our Lady encourages us to pray with the heart. She wants us to have conversations with God every day. She wants us to approach the Lord, in the silence of our hearts, with the ears of our hearts wide open and ready to hear Him. She knows that we need to hear Him. It isn't enough to study Him, or think about Him. Those are good things. But they must lead us to go deeper, into the kind of time with Him that can only be called a conversation. It is the moment when we talk to God and He speaks back to us, touching us in the deepest places where we need Him most.


We will know when we have heard from the Lord, because all of a sudden our vision will be clear, we will understand ourselves much better, and we will know what is important for us in that day. We will see things clearly. In that seeing, Satan will not be able to lie to us or get us off track. He will not be able to dissuade us from doing God's will, because we will have heard from God and received His love which is our power to act. We will be able to do the good we are created to do, and God's plan will move forward.


Prayer of the heart which is a conversation with God is the best defense against the enemy. That is why Our Lady encourages us to it, almost continually! She is working hard to protect us, but we could help her so much, if we were all dedicating a time for God in prayer, in conversation with Him alone. I am convicted by this message, because personal prayer time is easily neglected. I can get too "busy" to take time for my daily conversation with the Lord. I say this as an open confession! I need you all to pray for me that I can repent and take that time with God. And I will pray for you to do the same.


"Dear children! I invite you to pray with the heart in order that your prayer may be a conversation with God. I desire each one of you to dedicate more time to God."


nun praying at St. James Church  



In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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