Saturday, November 03, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI: "It was a splendid day..."

The "Credo" Against False Gods

This is the overriding objective of the year of faith desired by Benedict XVI. To bring men back to the one true God. And to depose from their thrones the false divinities that dominate the world

by Sandro Magister


ROME, November 1, 2012 – A naval battle in the darkness of the storm. This was the spectacle that the Church presented of itself after the first ecumenical council in history, that of Nicaea in the fourth century.

Benedict XVI loves to recall this for the prophets of misfortune today. This battle of everyone against everyone else – he says – in the end produced the "Credo," the same "Credo" that is proclaimed today at all Sunday Masses. It was not a disaster, but a victory of the faith.

The difference between then and now lies precisely here. The deep crisis of the modern-day Church is a crisis of faith. Pope Joseph Ratzinger is so convinced of this that last October 11 he wanted to inaugurate a special year of faith, and every Wednesday, the day of his weekly public audiences, he has set out to explain the "Credo" article by article.

From theologian, the pope is making himself a catechist. His dream is that many teachers may take to the streets all over the world, following his example and going back to teaching men "the central truths of faith about God, about man, about the Church, about the whole social and cosmic reality," in short, the ABC's of the Christian faith.

Getting to the essence even more, Benedict XVI has repeatedly indicated the "priority" of his pontificate in leading men back to God, and "not to any sort of God," but to that God who has revealed his face in Jesus crucified and risen.
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