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Mary TV Daily Reflection 1/14/2013

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In God's eyes we are all important



January 14, 2013


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children! Today my invitation is that you pray. Dear children, you are forgetting that you are all important. The elderly are especially important in the family. Urge them to pray. Let all the young people be an example to others by their life and let them witness to Jesus. Dear children, I beseech you, begin to change through prayer and you will know what you need to do. Thank you for having responded to my call."   (April 24, 1986)


We are all important to Our Lady, and to God. Our prayer is important. Father Svet continues in his talk about pilgrimage explaining just that:


You see we don't pay much attention to ourselves. But in God's eyes you are the only one. You are the person that He has. You are the central person. We are lost in the crowds, nameless, useless. God does not see us that way. He sees in you the only child that He has and that He will ever have. He pays attention only to you. So that event as you make this pilgrimage is the major event in the human history of mankind. The major event of the universe, because you are making this movement - you are making this journey. You - alone - with Him. That is the ultimate event that could take place, you - for the Lord.


So what do we allow to happen in pilgrimage? Basically we allow an event... an encounter with the Lord to happen. "Lord, I don't know but I'm ready. I know that You have something for me, I don't know exactly what, I can't point my finger, but I know there is something. I don't know Lord, but I am ready". So you go for this adventure, investing all of yourself. Actually in pilgrimage you are giving it all. And that's the meaning and the purpose and desire of prayer. In prayer we give it all. In prayer this journey, this adventure, this event of surrender gift becomes something very personal and something that is happening to you, to no one else but you. So you go and it's like sowing a seed in the field. You invest there. You put yourself into this fertile land, fertile earth, ready to grow, to become the fruit of the Lord that the Lord wants to grow with you and in you. And that is always a nature of prayer.  


You see, we are always about some kind of prayer in our life. When we go even [to vote] for election. You put your paper (saying) where you stand. That piece of paper is not really a piece of paper. It's you. That indicates where you stand, what you desire. Because there is no second paper. One - as you are one. So the world will be exactly the way we desire it. And the fruits will be according to the seeds we place there. Which is myself, which is each of us individually. There is nothing more, there is nothing else. So it will be always the fruits according to my person, according to the person that I am. These will be the fruits that will grow in the world. (Fr Svetozar Kraljevich talks to American pilgrims in Medjugorje, December 2012 )



Fr. Svet's words are for me important. He speaks of our unity as a person, that we are one thing, one person only. We cannot have a double heart. We are not two things, but one. And so, our prayer, our work, our actions must reflect that one person, that one being, integrated and whole. And we are important to God, as that integrated person. He calls us into a relationship with Him because He loves us so completely and singularly. It is something to meditate on.


God bless us all, as we encounter the God who loves us!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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