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Mary TV Daily Reflection 1/21/2013

The Coming of the Holy Spirit 
Pentecost with Mary!
Stained Glass at Christ the King Parish, South Bend, Indiana




January 21, 2013

St. Agnes


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children; today I call you to a difficult and painful step for your unity with my Son. I call you to complete admission and confession of sins, to purification. An impure heart cannot be in my Son and with my Son. An impure heart cannot give the fruit of love and unity. An impure heart cannot do correct and just things; it is not an example of the beauty of God's love to those who surround it and to those who have not come to know that love. You, my children, are gathering around me full of enthusiasm, desires and expectations, and I implore the Good Father to, through the Holy Spirit, put my Son - faith, into your purified hearts. My children, obey me, set out with me." As Our Lady was leaving, to her left she showed darkness and to her right a Cross in golden light." (July 2nd, 2011)


Here is the picture of the stained glass window of the Coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles that I sat under at Holy Mass. Isn't it beautiful! As you can see, the apostles are gathered around Our Lady, gazing upon her, drawing close to her, as she draws down the Holy Spirit upon them all. She gazes upwards to the heavens, receiving her Spouse with joy and awe. The Apostles receive as well. They have spent nine days with Our Lady, learning to pray to be ready for this moment! And as the Holy Spirit falls upon them, the Church is born!


Our Lady tells us in this message that we are all gathered around her "full of enthusiasm, desires and expectations..." Like the Apostles, we are able to be in Our Lady's presence as well. And she implores the Good Father "to, through the Holy Spirit, put [her] Son - faith, into [our] purified hearts." Mother Mary is praying for us to receive the Holy Spirit who brings Jesus into our hearts. She wants us to be empowered to set out with her on the way to heaven. She wants us to be filled with grace, as she is, so that we can in turn draw others to God.


But there is a prerequisite. Our Lady tells us in this message that we must be purified. We must go to confession, and be freed from our sins and sinful desires. Think again of the Apostles. They spent forty days with the Risen Jesus, during which time they were all reconciled with Him. Most of them had abandoned Jesus during the Passion. At least, Peter had denied Him. They had to come to terms with their cowardice, and earthly attachments, so that they could make a total consecration of themselves to the Lord. This reconciliation process was completed and Jesus ascended into heaven. Then they spent nine days with Our Lady, learning how to pray, how to remain faithful, how to trust in the Lord, even though He was ascended. During this time, Mary showed them how to live in faith. And that faith was what would prepare them to receive the Holy Spirit in power!


Our Lady wants to do the same for us. Through reconciliation and repentance, we can be purified to receive the Holy Spirit. And it is Mary who will lead us in faith, to be open to His coming. Let's look to her, as the Apostles did. Let's set out with Mary!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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