Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mary TV Daily Reflection 2/6/2013

a happy embrace      
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February 6, 2013

St. Paul Miki and companions


Dear Family of Mary!


"Dear children! Love is bringing me to you - the love which I desire to teach you also - real love; the love which my Son showed you when He died on the Cross out of love for you; the love which is always ready to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. How great is your love? My Motherly heart is sorrowful as it searches for love in your hearts. You are not ready to submit your will to God's will out of love. You cannot help me to have those who have not come to know God's love to come to know it, because you do not have real love. Consecrate your hearts to me and I will lead you. I will teach you to forgive, to love your enemies and to live according to my Son. Do not be afraid for yourselves. In afflictions my Son does not forget those who love. I will be beside you. I will implore the Heavenly Father for the light of eternal truth and love to illuminate you. Pray for your shepherds so that through your fasting and prayer they can lead you in love. Thank you." (February 2, 2013)


I know this message is super long, but I feel that it is a blessing each time I read it. So forgive me for including it in each reflection, but maybe it will be a blessing for you too!!


In yesterday's reflection I wrote about Roland's beautiful experience of "real love" in Medjugorje. Roland felt he was loved just the way he is...Real love!


I received a response to the reflection that is really a prayer from the heart. It comes from Marie in France. Let's pray it along with her, thanking the Lord for His Love, and entering into the grace it offers:


Dear Cathy,


Thank you for Roland's testimony and with this message of 2nd February it is a great help and light for the heart. I will remember Roland in my heart when I listen to the adoration CD of Medjugorje. When I go to Medjugorje in my heart, it will help me to open my heart to say

"thank you" - "merci and mercy"!


Yes, Our Lady is saving her children. She is there, powerful in her humility and love. She loves us.


You can give only what you receive and that's what is my task today... to open again to prayer... to open again to grace in those very places where love has been missing, where love has not reached the depth of my darkness. 


"I am loved just as I am"...This is what my eyes read, what my reason understands, but to experience it is something else, and Medjugorje is the place where we can experience this love. We also experience it in prayer group and Mass and Adoration and Confession.


I give thanks to Our Lady of Medjugorje, she is such a mother, such a mother.


O Mother Mary, thank you for the gift of Medjugorje to our world.

Thank you for every child you save and who is a witness of God's love and mercy.

Thank you O Mother Mary, thank you.


Thank you, O Mother Mary, because I can open my eyes each morning and know that you and Jesus are next to me.


Thank you, O Mother Mary, because you know me better than I know myself, and you teach me love.


It's my heart that has to change.

It's my task to say yes to your love and to let you love me.

I thank you, Mother Mary, for the music and words that speak to my heart and that bring joy to me.


I thank you, Jesus, because You want Joy for me, You love me just as I am.

I thank you, Jesus, for every heart that will open to Your love and mercy.

I thank you, Jesus, for being my friend in my heart, for being my Savior, my Lord, my strength, my refuge.


I thank you, Jesus, for the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Mother Mary, I love you, and I bring my heart to you. You love me, thank you for the grace of receiving this love in my heart.






Thank you, Marie, for sharing your prayer of the heart with us. We will pray with you in thanksgiving for Jesus and Mary, who give us "REAL LOVE".


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

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