Sunday, March 10, 2013

From Opus Bono Sacerdotii: Father Damien Laetare Sunday

Opus Bono Sacerdotii
Work for the Good of the Priesthood
Deacon Giglio 

Father Damien is a priest who is living in a poor section of the midwest in a small home. He is only permitted to celebrate Mass privately, due to an accusation against him from long ago. He prays the Liturgy of the Hours everyday without fail. His pension barley covers his mortgage, and medical co-pays, prescriptions and winter heating bills have depleted the little savings he had. He is unable to work, and he has no Social Security income because he opted out as a young priest many years ago.

Father Damien must now rely on whatever financial help we can give him to survive.

As we celebrate Laetare Sunday today, we wait in anxious anticipation of the joy of the Resurrection, and God willing, a new Supreme Pontiff. But this day also reminds us that Lent will soon be over. Therefore, I ask you to consider in your Lenten alms giving, a donation for the care of priests like Father Damien and the many other Catholic priests who have contacted us for assistance.

The need is so urgent at this time because we cannot help Father Damien on the limited funds we have without your immediate financial support.

On a personal note, Lent above all reminds me of God's Divine Mercy, and by contributing to the aid of priests in need during Lent, you are participating actively with us in carrying out this vital Corporal Work of Mercy for poor priests.

Please consider making a donation to help Father Damien now at:

On behalf of the thousands of priests who have contacted us, and especially Father Damien, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving support of Our Lady's poor priests!

Joseph R. Maher, KCHS

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