Sunday, March 31, 2013

From Opus Bono Sacerdotii: Please continue

Opus Bono Sacerdotii
Work for the Good of the Priesthood

It was odd. The atmosphere was very quiet, and yet, so disquieting. It was sterile for sure, and there was, what one would call, a “deafening silence” in the room. This tonal void was broken only by the constant tempo of the metronome of life. A digital wonder of modern science developed to assure all that life had not yet left us. “Beep, beep, beep…” Oh, how Pete and I depended on that constant sound, hoping with an almost frantic nervousness, that this annoying rhythm would not end soon.

Pete would later comment how the gurgling sound of Father Dean’s breathing made it almost impossible to understand what he was saying.

We had visited him only months before. He was so full of life. Jokes were told. Introductions to other priests and friends were provided. Suddenly, a more serious discussion began. “I’m dying,” he said emphatically to us, “and it won’t be long.” There was that all too familiar awkward pause of reflection. Then, with complete peace and a kind of inner joy, he exclaimed, “I’m ready. I believe in the Resurrection!”

I remembered that conversation well, as Pete and I now sat here keeping our solemn silent vigil at the death bed of our beloved Alter Christus. I also remember his final words to us that day: 

“I only ask one thing from you and all of those who are part of your ministry. Please continue your work for us priests!”

It wasn’t long after Pete and I left that he was gone. Father Dean had prepared well, and was amazingly peaceful and thankful to be “finally on his way,” as he put it. It is truly a grace from God that we humans can fall so much in love with another person we hardly knew just months earlier. We had spent so much time helping him over these past few months that it was hard to imagine not having him in our lives. 

Several weeks after his passing, we received a note from an attorney who was settling Father Dean’s modest estate. He had left us a small sum of money from his life insurance. The note read, “so that we could continue the work for the good of the priesthood”. 

We want to thank you for making our mission to care for thousands of Catholic priests like Father Dean possible again and again. I ask you to please consider making a special donation as part of your Easter thanksgiving of $100 or more so that we can continue to assist many more priests like Father Dean who so urgently depend on our care during this Holy Easter season.

Gratefully in the Risen Christ, 

Joseph R. Maher, KCHS

P.S. Your assistance is urgently needed to help alleviate the sufferings of Catholic priests like Father Dean. Please, please consider making a special Easter donation of $100 or more to provide for the pressing needs of priests who desperately need your help. It is extremely difficult for many poor priests who lack even the basic necessities of life. With Father Dean, I make this cry from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your charity and goodness to care for thousands of Catholic priests.

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