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Are the End Times Near?

Tribulation Times

May 29, 2013  

(1Th 5:6) Therefore, let us not sleep, as others do: but let us watch, and be sober.

SERIES: Opening the Book of Revelation

VIA Stephen Walford: My name is Stephen Walford, a Catholic from Southampton, England. I am writing to you to ask if you would consider publicizing a book that I have recently had published called Heralds of the Second Coming. The book has an apocalyptic Foreword by Cardinal Ivan Dias (see link below), an Imprimatur from my local Bishop, and is a study of the prophetic teachings of the Popes from Bl Pius IX to Benedict XVI concerning the approaching second coming of Jesus. The book gives a new angle on the end times because until now , there has been no real research of the great popes- and the results prove they have warned of the gradual fulfilment of the eschatological signs Jesus gave in the Gospels.

COMMENTS VIA GRAEHAME THORNE: Excerpts from the book on the InterNet, some of which follow...

"The 2003 publication of the post-synodal exhortation 'Ecclesia in Europa' showed Pope John Paul’s view that Europe is also living what he called a 'silent apostasy'."
(Good but sadly obvious point.)

"In tandem with this falling away of belief in the central tenets of Catholic doctrine, the Church has been plagued by a continuous stream of dissenting voices and organizations in the past few decades. The 'We are Church' movement espouses women priests, artificial contraception, and married priests, while the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the United States has continually peddled an anti-magisterial agenda, advocating among other things a homosexual lifestyle and new age fads, while neglecting the authentic development of charisms associated with its Orders."
(Better, but also painfully obvious.)

"Obedience to legitimate authority within the Church has been questioned ever more frequently in recent years and the teachings of the Church no longer adhered to even by many priests. The liturgical abuses...stem from this culture of autonomy from Rome..."
(An excellent point, that many of the problems in today's Church "stem from a culture of autonomy from Rome..." And to many, this is not obvious.)

"The sexual abuse scandals of recent times confirm a demonic infiltration in the heart of the Church in what could be seen as a strategic attempt by the Devil to destroy the reputation of the priesthood. By targeting innocence and purity among the little ones (cf. Matt. 18:6), the revering of the priest as an alter Christus (another Christ) is turned on its head; the absolute antithesis of Jesus Christ the High Priest."
[Truly superb. The author targets what many only whisper-- that "the sexual abuse scandals confirm a (very conscious & deliberate-- my addition) demonic infiltration in the heart of the Church." This I believe is a key element of Satanic strategy in preparing for the End Times & the advent of the AntiChrist-- to debase the Catholic clergy, destroy peoples' confidence in it, & completely undermine the efforts of apologists. And in so doing, to offer a Satanic counter-sacrament that weakens the Church while it profoundly strengthens the Adversary.)


Forward of 'Heralds of the Second Coming' by Cardinal Ivan Dias as compiled by Matt C. Abbott
Stephen Walford’s ‘Heralds of the Second Coming’ will help you read the signs of the time with a watchfulness for the coming of the Lord
Catholic Culture: Are the End Times Near?
Unveiling the Apocalypse Review: Heralds of the Second Coming

'Portsmouth People', the Diocese of Portsmouth Catholic Magazine, has this to say : "Stephen Walford has produced a striking book. His main theme is the central importance to Christian faith, hope and charity of the doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ. He shows how this has been prophesied not only in the various apparitions of what he calls ‘the Marian era’ but also in the utterances quite literally of one Pope after another in the last century and a half. The book is very well produced, eloquent and well researched. It...introduces the reader to a range of powerful material that is not well known in the Church. The author writes from what most surely be regarded as a conservative perspective... Individual readers may have their points of disagreement with some of the views expressed but no one can fail to learn from this book or to have their faith in the coming Christ strengthened."

Thoughts and Sayings of Saint Margaret Mary: Love of the Cross, Contempt and Suffering
6. I think He intends to try you like gold in the crucible, so as to number you amongst His most faithful servants.  Therefore you must lovingly embrace all occasions of suffering, considering them as precious tokens of His love.  To suffer in silence and without complaint is what He asks of you.

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