Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mary TV Daily Reflection 6/11/2013

The Blue Cross
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The Blue Cross, site of many apparitions


June 11, 2013

Dear Family of Mary!

Last night (Monday, June 10, 2013), Ivan met with his prayer group at the Blue Cross and Our Lady came to Ivan at about 9:50 pm. Mary TV was able to Live-Stream the prayer and the apparition! We are sorry that we did not know about the apparition until Monday morning, and so we were not able to send an announcement earlier.  Ivan does not publicize his apparitions, and it has to be communicated, word of mouth!  But our team was able to gather the equipment and make it to the Blue Cross in time to set up and stream!  Amazing!! 

It was again a dark night, and Ivan asked that no one use lights or camera flashes, so that everyone could be in a prayerful posture. So there was little to see. But Our Lady came! And Ivan shared about her visit, and gave us a brief message. Here is a translation of the message and Ivan's sharing by Ana Shawl: 

People were there at Blue Cross for hours before Ivan came for the apparition. They came through the fields and through the streets and most came after the evening Mass which ended about 8:00. On the hill there was music from the boys at Cenacolo. At 9:30 Ivan lead everyone in the rosary. After the rosary, Our Lady came. After the apparition, Ivan shared with us:
Our Lady tonight came to us happy and joyful and as usual she greeted all of us with her motherly greeting: "Praised be Jesus my dear children."
After this, Our Lady prayed over all the sick that are present here tonight. 
After this Our Lady then prayed over all of us with extended arms and she gave us all her motherly blessing. She blessed all the things that we brought here to be blessed.
After this Our Lady said:
"Dear Children! Today I desire during this time that you pray especially for my intentions. Pray dear children in this time of grace, and I desire together with you to realize my plans. Dear Children, thank you today for having responded to my call."  
After this Ivan recommended all our needs, our intentions, our families and especially the sick.  Our Lady then prayed over us and went in the sign of the light and the cross with the words, "Go in peace, my dear children".
Ivan said that this was the most important from tonight's apparition with Our Lady.
God Bless you all 

Thank you to Ana for sharing the words of Ivan with us. Thanks to Josip, who recorded the apparition and the words of Ivan, so that Ana could translate them for us!

I was very aware of Our Lady's presence during the apparition (which I attended through the live-streaming on Mary TV). There was a poor little child crying inconsolably during most of the apparition. Though it was uncomfortable to hear, I felt that Our Lady was praying for that little one in a special way, and maybe there was some deliverance or healing going on. The cry of the child also reminded me of all of us, who at some point need to release all our pain and sorrow and fear to Our Lady. Sometimes it happens at an apparition, sometimes it happens during our own prayer, or at the Blessed Sacrament. But Our Lady comes to us with such great love, that we finally feel free to just give up all our pain to her. She is love, pure love, and we can entrust our inner selves to her.

Thank you to our Medjugorje team for streaming the apparition for us. What a blessing for us all!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2013

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Thanks so much!


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