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Mary TV Daily Reflection 6/24/2013

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I am the Queen of Peace.
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June 24, 2013
Feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist 
The Eve of the 32nd Anniversary of Our Lady's coming to Medjugorje

Dear Family of Mary!

Thirty two years ago, today, Our Lady first appeared on Apparition Hill. She came to several young people living in tiny Bijakovici - Medjugorje. They certainly were not expecting her. They had no idea that she could or would appear to anyone. It was unnerving, surprising, even terrifying for them. And yet, they were drawn to this beautiful lady.

Here is Ivan's description of June 24, 1981:

1981, I was a child at the time, I was 16 years old. I was very shy, very reserved. And those years, 1981, those were difficult years. It was the time of communism. Yugoslavia existed at that time, a time without freedom, without freedom of speech and freedom to express your faith. Life was difficult. My parent and I worked very hard every day in the fields, in the tobacco fields and in the vineyards. I got up every morning at 5:00 am. Because I was the oldest of the children, I had to be the first one. I worked hard every day. And every day, in that difficult labor I asked my parents when some holiday or feast day would come up, so I could rest. So I could go play soccer with my friends.

And that day did arrive. It was the 24th of June, 1981. It was the feast day of St. John the Baptist. It was a Wednesday. That morning, like on every other feast day, our parents let me sleep in a little longer - but not long enough for us to miss Mass. My mother came to my room several times, waking me up, saying to me, "We are going to be late, what are you waiting for?" You know how mothers can be! There wasn't much to think about. I got up quickly, got dressed, and woke up my 2 younger brothers. We crossed the fields together to go to church. I went to the 11:00 am Mass that morning. I was there in body, but I am not certain if I was there in heart and soul. I could hardly wait for that Mass to end. I came home. The habit my parents had was to ask me a question. My mother asked me that question. "Ivan, what was the gospel reading today?" I will never forget that. And I didn't know!

After that we sat at the family table and had lunch together. And before the end of that lunch, some of my friends from the village came by and asked me to play soccer with them. And somewhere around 3:00 pm that afternoon we went to a field near my home and we played soccer. And when we all got tired, we started heading back to our homes. As we were walking back to our homes we encounter three girls, Ivanka, Mirjana, and Vicka. I knew one of those girls well because she and I went to the same school. She was a year older than me. But I didn't know the other two girls well because at that time they didn't live in Medjugorje. Mirjana lived in Sarajevo, Ivanka lived in Mostar. But they would come during the summer vacation to Medjugorje to spend the summer with their grandparents.

And so my three friends asked the three girls "Where are you going and what are you doing." They said they were going for a walk to look for the family sheep. I didn't ask them anything because, as I said earlier, I was very shy and I didn't talk much with girls. When my friends finished this conversation we continued on our way to our homes. The majority of my friends went towards the village. But since my home was a bit further away from the village one friend came with me so I could quickly change clothes so that we could go back to his house that evening to watch television. At that time there were only five or six families that had color televisions. So we would gather in one of those homes to watch basketball or soccer. And so it was that evening. We watched the first half of that game. Ant at the half time of that game, I said to my friend, "Come back to my house with me so we can have something to eat and then we can go back and watch the second half of that game."

And so we went back to my home and ate something, and we were slowly heading back to his home to go watch the second half of the game, but we never got there. Nor have we to this day ever seen the second half of that game, nor do we know the result of that game because something else happened. As we were waking on that path, we heard a voice. Somebody was calling us in the distance. "Ivan, Ivan, Ivan, come see Our Lady!" I heard the voice but I didn't see anyone neither in front of me nor behind me. The path was very narrow, overgrown with bushes and shrubs. And since we didn't see anyone we three continued on our way. But the further along we went, the louder and closer that voice became. And in one moment I heard that voice, so close, I turned to look behind me, and I saw one of those three girls we had seen earlier, named Vicka. She was running towards the two of us. She was barefoot and trembling with fear. With her trembling voice she was saying, "Come with me, come with me to Our Lady on the Hill." I stopped and looked at her I didn't know what she was talking about.

As I said, I was 16 years old at the time, I was a child. I turned to my friend and ask, "What is she talking about, what is she saying Our Lady?" And I said, "Forget about her, she's nuts, let's go watch the second half of the game!" But she was so persistent and she was calling us to go with her. And I said to my friend, "Something strange is happening with her because that is not the Vicka I know." And so we were slowly walking with her, and as we watched how she was behaving and saw how she was shaking, we didn't feel so great anymore either. We came to that place and we saw the other two young girls, Ivanka and Mirjana. They were kneeling, turned in the direction of the hill and looking at something. As we came close to the hill, Vicka turned in the direction of the hill and pointing said, "Look up there." I looked three times, and I saw the most beautiful image of Our Lady, in normal size, and as soon as I saw it, I immediately ran home. I don't think anyone could have caught up with me. I came home, and I didn't say anything to anyone, not to my parents, nor to my brothers. I locked myself in my bedroom. And I think if I had had 100 keys and locks, I would have put them all on the door!

It was a night of so much fear, a night of so many questions running through my mind. Is this possible? How is this possible? Was that really Our Lady? I saw, but still I wasn't certain. And believe me, up to that point in my life, I could never have dreamt of something like this. And I never had any special devotion to Our Lady. I had never read of apparitions and as a child, I didn't like to read much anyway. I was a practicing believer. I went to church. I prayed with my parents. I grew up in the faith. I was raised in the faith. I was no better or worse than the others. But that night that was before me truly was a night of such great fear. And you know what I was most afraid of? I was most afraid of this that night. "What if Our Lady comes to my room tonight? How will I escape, where will I run to?" I could hardly wait for morning to come. But morning seemed to never come and that night was so long for me...(Ivan Dragicevic.  Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1/31/2012 ) 

After so many years of apparitions, we may forget what an extraordinary event Our Lady's coming was. But Ivan hasn't forgotten. He speaks about it as if it was yesterday! Ivan was very frightened by the first glimpse of Our Lady.  But we know that he soon came to love her completely.  To this day, each apparition for him is unique and totally overwhelming. It takes him a long time to emerge from the experience. He says that he really doesn't want to emerge from it. He wishes he could go with Our Lady.

We gather together to give thanks to Our Lady for coming to the visionaries and to us in Medjugorje for these 32 years. She has brought us healing, peace, faith, conversion, repentance, love and joy! She has drawn us all close to her Son, Jesus. She has immersed us in the Sacraments of the Church. We are most blessed!!

Thank you, dearest Mother, for coming to us for these 32 years. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. We want to give ourselves to you completely. We open our hearts to you. We join you in saying "yes" to Jesus. We offer ourselves to the Father, through Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and through your intercession! Thank you, dearest Queen of Peace!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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PS. We hope to stream a talk by Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti today (June 24, 2013) at 10:00 am EDT (4:00 pm Medjugorje time)!! It will occur during our Daily Rosary! So we will pray after her talk. Praise God!! Join us at at 10:00 am EDT!!


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