Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mary TV Daily Reflection 10/16/2013

Our Lady is near
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October 16, 2013
St. Hedwig; St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Today I invite you to prayer of the heart. Throughout this season of grace I wish each of you to be united with Jesus, but without unceasing prayer you cannot experience the beauty and greatness of the grace which God is offering you. Therefore, little children, at all times fill your heart with even the smallest prayers. I am with you and unceasingly keep watch over every heart which is given to me. Thank you for having responded to my call." February 25, 1989

Today I want to share with you a beautiful witness to Our Lady's motherly presence in our lives. She tells us she is with us, over and over again. I counted at least 150 times that she has said, "I am with you," in her messages. She wants us to be really sure that she is near to us. She is not going to leave us. She is with us to bring us to heaven. She says she will "unceasingly keep watch over every heart which is given to me."

Recently Paul and Gillian sent this beautiful witness to Our Lady's nearness:

Hello Catherine and Denis!

I would like to start this email by saying a big thank you for all your reflections that you send every day. I hope your recent trip to Medjugorje has been filled with many blessings and by the time you pick this email up you both will be back safe and sound and well rested.

Moving on, I have recently been taking time to watch the "Fruit of Medjugorje" archived testimonies which are truly wonderful in every sense of the word and a true sign of our Blessed Mother's love and grace for all her children. I would like to share an experience which happened to me sometime whilst praying the rosary.

During this particular time, praying the Rosary, I found it really difficult to focus and meditate on the mysteries I was praying. My mind wandered and I became restless, not being able to focus. Nonetheless, I finished. But during that Rosary I asked Our Lady to help me by showing me a sign that she was near me when I prayed. I can vividly remember asking in this prayer for Our Lady (if she could hear me) to send me a white feather as a sign that she was near me.

After praying I went downstairs to chat with my wife who was unaware that I had prayed the Rosary this night and then we went to bed. The next morning I got up to get washed and ready for work, saying good morning to Gillian. She said to me. "I have just had the most wonderful dream about you." I asked what the dream was. Gillian said that (in the dream) I was standing in the middle of a wide open field with a beautiful smile on my face and falling from the sky all around me were thousands of white feathers.  

At this point my jaw hit the floor. My wife never knew about my prayer to Mary or that I had said the Rosary the night before. Yet Mary responded through a dream to my wife not with just one white feather but with thousands. After I told Gillian about my prayer, we both felt very much blessed. I feel Our Lady responded out of pure love. Our Lady is with us along life's journey, that I am sure, helping us in our broken world to see the beauty and light of Jesus. (Paul and Gillian)

There is something incredibly comforting about Paul's prayer and Gillian's dream. In the love of this couple, Our Lady was able to reach into their lives, and share her delicate and lavish love for them both! She is very near to us. She will not leave our sides. She hears our prayers. And she is going to stay with us. We are not alone. Not now, not ever.

I am so grateful to Paul and Gillian for sharing this experience. It is a tonic for me!!

May we all experience the delicate and lavish love of our Mother, Mary, in these days! She is with us to bless us, and bring us home to the Father.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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