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Denis' Update - November 8, 2013



"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world!"
Blessed John Paul II 

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November 8, 2013

Dear Family of Mary TV,

Every day is an exciting day of programming with Mary TV ( )!!

A new episode of "Tea with Rosie" gives this week's news from Medjugorje, and you won't want to miss the daily English Mass homilies from St. James that we're streaming! The weekly testimonies in "Fruit of Medjugorje" continue to astound! We've also posted a recent program originally aired on Radio Maria. On October 14th Cathy and I were interviewed by Kathie Duggan about Mary TV and the Church's present stance towards Medjugorje!   

You may want to direct family and friends to our website especially now after Our Lady told us in her October 25, 2013 message to seek "the strength to be God's children and for Satan not to shake you like the wind shakes the branches."

Do not be shaken by media headlines.... It's happened before. Twenty seven years ago a letter, leaked to the press, resulted in diocesan newspapers all across America sporting the bold headline: "Yugoslav Bishops Say Medjugorje Not Supernatural".  The condemnation rumored then wasn't true. It's not true now.

Take a look at my wife's Nov. 6 and Nov. 7th reflections (found at ). It should be pointed out that the letter by Archbishop Carlo Vigano, written at the request of Archbishop Gerhard Muller - addressed to the bishops of the US - is a procedural and not a doctrinal document.  It does not pronounce on whether or not Medjugorje is authentic.  It simply makes a prudential judgment to the effect that the faithful cannot participate in a PUBLIC event where the authenticity of the apparition is taken for granted.  It has no bearing on the private convictions of the faithful and, as noted, on the question of whether or not Medjugorje is an authentic apparition of the Blessed Virgin.

Even at a PUBLIC event a person is free to express his or her own personal opinion regarding the authenticity of Our Lady's apparitions in Medjugorje and the authenticity of her messages.  The official position of the Church right now remains the same: Our Lady could in fact be appearing in Medjugorje!  This directive doesn't really change anything, except to clarify that while the Church continues her deliberations Ivan shouldn't be having his apparitions publicly in churches.  

Are we really so quick to forget what Our Lady just told us? "Do not be afraid, I am with you. Put your trust in your shepherds as my Son trusted when he chose them, and pray that they may have the strength and the love to lead you," October 2, 2013; and on September 2, 2013, "Do not permit evil to come to reign. Anew I repeat - only alongside your shepherds will my heart triumph. Do not permit evil to separate you from your shepherds."
Consider joining Mary TV's family tomorrow sailing on the digital sea. Five months after we began our daily Rosary - live over the internet - consecrating the internet to Our Lady of Medjugorje, Pope Benedict XVl called to the Church: "Without fear we must set sail on the digital sea facing into the deep with the same passion that has governed the ship of the Church for 2000 years. More than through technical resources, we want to confirm ourselves by living in the digital world with a believer's heart!" (4/24/10).  And on October 15th the Secretary for the Pontifical Council for Social Communications told a conference in the US that the Internet will host the parish community of the future! He stressed the importance of Catholics bringing their faith to the digital arena, "a place where people are spending a greater portion of their lives," he said.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support that allows Mary TV to carve out a place in the internet for the Gospa and her school from Medjugorje! Today we began a novena to the Father thanking Him for 32 years of Our Lady's apparitions! Join Cathy and me, and her children on six continents - 10:00am (EST) - praying the rosary live at  . (It remains there all day long if that time doesn't suite your schedule - you can pray it with us any time later in the day).

God bless you!

Denis Nolan

PS. After clarifying that the Church's investigation of Our Lady's reported apparitions in Medjugorje is on going, the April 10, 1991, Zadar document stated: "However, the numerous gatherings of the faithful from different parts of the world, who come to Medjugorje, prompted both by motives of belief and various other motives, require the attention and pastoral care..."  
Hopefully EWTN will correct the confusion caused by an incorrect report in last Wednesday night's Nightly News: "The Vatican is telling American Catholics not to attend any ceremonies connected with the alleged apparitions of Medjugorje in Eastern Europe."  

On August 21, 1996, Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, spokesman for the Holy See, felt it necessary then to point out to the Catholic News Service: "You cannot say people cannot go [to Medjugorje] until it has been proven false. This has not been said, so anyone can go if they want." "In addition," clarified a CNS report issued later that day, "when Catholic faithful go anywhere, they are entitled to spiritual care, so the church does not forbid priests to accompany lay organized trips to Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Navarro-Valls insisted 'nothing has changed' regarding the Vatican position on Medjugorje... Has the church or the Vatican said no [to Catholics visiting Medjugorje)? No!'" (CNS News release, August 21, 1996).  

PPS. Incidentally, Fr. Robert Faricy, Emeritus Professor of Spirituality at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, informs me that he is not the author of the November 7, 2013, letter being spread on the internet bearing his name....