Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spiritual Gems-The Desire of Jesus for Our Reparation for Others-March 29, 2014

The Desire of Jesus for Our Reparation for Others

I await sacrifices from many but only a few respond....I have called many souls to follow me on the road of reparation,  but few understand....These souls will counterbalance My just anger....My eyes watch over those who work for me and My heart suffers for those who don't. ...Many do not see My hand begging for help.

Our Lord to Elizabeth Kindelmann from the Flame of Love (please go to to read this appeal from God and His Mother approved by the Church.

Free Flame of Love books can be ordered in the US at

You can receive complimentary materials to make your Consecration to God through Mary’s Immaculate Heart (important spiritual protection at this time in salvation history) at where you can also learn about Our Lady of Las Lajas.

God Bless you and your work,
    Anthony Mullen
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