Sunday, February 15, 2015

Your Weekly Reflection from CMMB

Your Weekly Reflection
Lent is coming!
“Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God”
1 Corinthians 10:31
In a few days, the annual celebration of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and the blessing and distribution of ashes. Churches will be crowded. Not only Roman Catholics, but an increasing number of non-Catholic Christians will receive ashes.
“Remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.”
Less celebrated are the three days that precede Ash Wednesday, in many places these are special holidays, called Carnival. Tuesday, the eve of Ash Wednesday, is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday marked by festivities and parades in New Orleans and in Rio.  
In future weeks, we will reflect on how to celebrate Lent.  Right now we might reflect on what comes before Lent and after Lent. After Lent comes Easter, new life in Christ. But even before Lent begins, we are invited to celebrate good food, fun, joy, and laughter – all of which should be a part of our lives.
Rev. Peter Schineller, SJ

Give us, Lord, a bit of fun, a bit of work, and a bit of fun.
Give us in all the struggle and sputter
Our daily bread and a bit of butter;
Give us health and our keep to make,
And a bit to spare for others’  sake;
Give us too a bit of song
And a tale, and a book to help us along.
Give us Lord, a chance to be
Our goodly best, brave, wise and free,
Our goodly best for ourself and others
Until all learn to live as sisters and brothers.
– An Old English Prayer
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