Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A man walked to the altar and fired point blank - A Moment with Mary

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April 21 - Saint Anselm 

A man walked to the altar and fired point blank 


A French priest set off to celebrate Holy Mass in a church at a Marian shrine. On the way there he realized that he had forgotten to put on his scapular. Although he was already far from his home, he returned without hesitating to go get “Mary’s habit,” since he did not want to celebrate Mass without it.

During the Holy Sacrifice, a young man walked up to the altar and took out a pistol. He fired point blank at the priest. However, to everyone's amazement, the priest continued to say Mass, as if nothing had happened.

Their first thought was that the bullet had providentially missed its target. But that was not the case: the priest found the bullet inexplicably stuck in his scapular of Mount Carmel. That flimsy piece of cloth had acted as a breastplate for a soldier of Jesus Christ!
A young Karol Wojtyla, with his scapular

At various times in history, many soldiers have received the same favor from Heaven, when the enemy’s lethal bullet was stopped in the scapular they were wearing, saving their lives.

In Le scapulaire du Mont-Carmel, Editions Traditions Monastiques, March 1997