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Easter Sunday Reflection

Direction for Our Times
Easter Sunday Reflection
Let us imagine that when the Lord viewed His Passion and
death from the place of His Resurrection, He saw that He had all
He could manage on the cross in the physicality of His suffering.
He, who possessed hope for all humanity, fought the greatest
battle ever fought for hope. He did not die in desolation, despite
the circumstances of His death. He died in hope because He
retained His hope against the enemy’s effort to destroy all hope for
all time for all people. The Lord looked upon the physical reaction
to the suffering, which, it must be said, took place not in one part
of His body but in all parts of His body. He was wounded
simultaneously and thus, as a human being, was trying to tend to
Himself in that suffering in many, many areas, physically,
emotionally, spiritually, psychologically…the Lord truly took it on
in every area all at once.
We resemble Christ when this happens to us, that is, many
sufferings at one time. One suffering can impact all of these areas
and we will have to be busy tending to all of the areas during the
time of the suffering and after.
What will we look like when we are suffering grave trials?
Well, did Christ look like a King when He trudged up the hill,
bleeding, seemingly powerless, mocked and rejected? Did He look
like a King when they took away even His clothing, rendering Him
naked before cruelty? Did Christ look like a King when they nailed
His beautiful hands and feet to wood, something the Father
created in His great benevolence? The answer is no. And each one
of us is a treasure, like Christ, in that we were created by the Father
to be reverenced and assisted by others as we make our way
through the sufferings in our lives.
Apostles, when people are suffering the many aching passions
in their lives, they will show signs of wear and tear. Christ is the
jewel of humanity. Christ is the only perfect specimen. But He did
not look like that when they turned on Him, distorting his
Kingship to the furthest possible extent by disempowering Him
completely. What emerged from this situation?
The King emerged.
Excerpt from Transforming Grace 
 I am truly the King of heaven and I am the King of all God’s children on earth. I am the King of all that is good and I am the King of love. Most of all, and most importantly for you, I am your King. -Jesus

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