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by A Friend of Medjugorje
English: Our Lady of Međugorje Italiano: Nostr...
English: Our Lady of Međugorje Italiano: Nostra Signora di Međugorje (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Angels hold it as one of their greatest moments in their state of being

to be chosen by Our Lady for a task. We learned this from Marija in

1988, in the Bedroom of Apparitions, when three small angels appeared

with Our Lady. They, with Our Lady, were very happy. Marija then

explained the remarkable event in an angel’s existence, saying “Angels

hold it as one of their greatest moments of their state of being, to be

called upon for a task like accompanying Our Lady in the apparitions,”

and that “they cherish, even ‘vie’ to be chosen by Our Lady.”

Those of us in the Bedroom of Apparitions on November 21, 1988, were in

great joy, hearing this insight from Marija, as we imagined, with smiles

on our faces, that the ‘child angels” must have been jumping up and

down in the hope that Our Lady would pick them as She did these three

angels who were fortunate to accompany Our Lady for this visit to earth.

It was something very ‘beautiful’ to learn and a moment of great

privilege to be chosen to be present, for all of us in the Bedroom.

You live in a moment the angels would be in holy envy to take part in. “…I have chosen you…,” Our Lady told you today. You live in a moment of man’s history that St. Louis de Montfort prophesied, saying:

Our Lady would come and raise up the last apostles of the latter times,
and that they would be as the children of Levi, purified by the great
fire of tribulation.
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