Friday, April 10, 2015

Mary designated the place where she wanted to be honored - A Moment with Mary

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April 10 – Our Lady of Virgins (Italy, 1584) – Our Lady of Laval (France)

Mary designated the place where she wanted to be honored

In the 11th or 12th century, the Benedictine monks of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, France, chose the district of Le Fesc on the banks of the Gardon River to build the church of the priory of Laval. All the building materials transported to that location were repeatedly and mysteriously moved the next day to where the current church is located. The monks saw this as a clear sign that Mary was actually showing the place where she wanted to be honored.
The church of Our Lady of Laval, [wikipedia]

Since 1854 the pilgrimage has enjoyed remarkable popularity. At that time, cholera was ravaging the south of France. In order to ward off that danger, the priest of Rochebelle-Alès vowed to lead his people to the feet of the famous Madonna, known for granting generous graces.

Alès was spared, and a statue of Mary was placed on the altar with the inscription: "To Our Lady of Laval, from the parish of Alès, spared from cholera."

Since then, pilgrims have flocked to Our Lady of Laval. I personally know a priest on whom the doctors had given up when he was only three years old, and who was given good health that has never left him, in front of the miraculous statue of the crypt, along with his vocation to the priesthood. And that was 69 years ago!

Canon Bastide
Radio talk: Pilgrimages in the Gard (France)