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Mary TV daily Reflection 4/21/2015

Thank you for responding to my call....

April 21, 2015
St. Anselm

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Today I thank you for all the prayers. Keep on praying all the more so that Satan will be far away from this place. Dear children, Satan's plan has failed. Pray for fulfillment of what God plans in this parish. I especially thank the young people for the sacrifices they have offered up. Thank you for having responded to my call." September 5, 1985

Our Lady has warned us of Satan and his presence and plans throughout these 33 years. She does not refrain from naming him and exposing his activity. She is a good Mother, and will not leave us defenseless. Fr. Slavko gave a homily on the message above (September 5, 1985) in which he also exposed the enemy and gave good advice for those who are following Our Lady.

He made seven very good points about the spiritual battle we are in:

1. Satan wants to stop us from hearing Our Lady's call.
2. Satan sows thoughts of ingratitude and doubt to ruin our faith.
3. Satan remains active though Jesus has defeated him.
4. Satan is really trying to destroy Medjugorje because it is such a threat to his plans in the world
5. Satan knows that if he destroys Medjugorje he will destroy hope.
6. Satan is more fierce now that his activity is uncovered.
7. Our Lady needs those who listen to her call and remain with her.

Be patient, this is a transcript of a homily and it wanders a bit:

...Our Lady thanks us, we really have to ask ourselves - does our heart know how to thank? If it does not, especially if someone says, "To thank, what for?" It is a true sign that we have become blind.

But look how the Mother says, "Thank you" and, at the same time; "Pray even more".

Just like a mother saying to her son, "You have been very good today", and at the same time she says, "I hope, however, that tomorrow you will be better still".

Our Lady does the same. Then we must pray even more when she says, "So that Satan may be driven away from this place."

Judging by all the messages mainly of July and August of this year, it seems to me that in every message she has spoken of Satan as someone who wants to destroy, who wants to hurt us, who wants to take away from us peace or reconciliation.

In a message of August, I believe, she said, "Pray that you may hear my call" and beware - Satan wants to stop it. I am saying this and repeating this for your own benefit - it seems to me that Satan's primary task is to stop us from hearing the call, because Our Lady has the word ready for us, for our consolation, for our healing, for our comfort. But if Satan succeeds in preventing us from hearing these words, we stay where we are and do not move on. If Satan, in fact, prevents us from listening to these events of Medjugorje, then he has stopped many an ear from hearing the message.

For example, how many people have been thinking or still are thinking today of hallucinations? Of all those who have come here, all the doctors, psychologist, psychiatrist, none of them has stated that [the apparitions] are hallucinations. Only those living far away from us say this.

I ask you to be careful when you hear the message. If you have any problems in your life, perhaps you will ask yourself, "Where is the Lord, why has He forsaken me?" This does not come from the good Spirit, it is certainly not coming from the Holy Spirit who counsels us. It is coming from another spirit. If we bear resentment in our hearts, if we say, "I do not wish to be reconciled, I do not wish to forgive because I am offended," I am telling you to beware because these things do not come from a good spirit. Therefore, Our Lady says, "Pray that he may be driven away."

It is very important that he should be far away from this place, because here Our Lord is speaking and He wants to find our hearts and move us onwards. And the one thing that gives us hope is when she says, "Dear children, Satan's plan has failed."

We hope and know that Our Lord has won. The Kingdom of the Lord is the kingdom of peace, love, of reconciliation. The Lord Jesus has conquered the kingdom of Satan with His Cross. But Satan still remains active.

We were told the same thing by Jelena yesterday. Our Lady was full of joy and said, "Satan's plan has failed.' But Jelena said that towards the end of the vision Our Lady's face had once again become serious and she said, "Beware, Satan will not abandon the fight." Obviously this is quite clear.

But in January Our Lady said that, with fervent prayer and love one can disarm him with no difficulty at all. I shall explain the last message a little and you shall see how much there is to be said. Yet another appeal, pray for the fulfillment of all God is planning in this parish. We do not know what the Lord is planning but, according to what has been expressed by the visionaries, it is something great. Not just for this parish, but for the whole world. For instance, a great sign and other things which we shall see, have been announced. Surely a great plan.

I had a talk with Jelena this afternoon, Jelena being the girl who receives the locutio interna; she receive various visions and she was telling me that in one vision she saw Satan offering Our Lord all his kingdom in order to win here in Medjugorje.

Is that clear to you? Satan is, therefore, offering the Lord all the other kingdoms to hinder fulfillment of these plans.

I asked her, "Jelena, how is that?" "Look", she replied, "the way I understood it is this, many have received a new hope in Medjugorje. If Satan were to succeed in destroying this plan, everyone, or at least many, would lose this hope."

According to the theologians and the priests, if someone wonders "How can Our Lord deal with Satan like this, or Satan with Our Lord?" This is certainly a biblical account. In the book of Job we also find similar things, in which Satan facing the Lord's throne says, "Give me Job, your servant and I shall show you that he will not be faithful to you." And then the Lord told Satan to test him.

Ultimately, this is true: Satan fights against peace, against love, against reconciliation with all possible means and if Our Lady did say in a message, "Satan has now become stronger and acts in a stronger way because we have discovered him," this is also very important to know. Anyone who has been in the army will know that the best tactic is if the enemy on the other side starts thinking that the others do not want to fight, because then they let themselves go.

She (Jelena) said, "We have discovered him and now he is getting a lot stronger, he is getting angry..."

So we just do not know what the Lord is planning for this Parish and for the whole world.

After fifty one months from the first apparition one can see the urgency of conversion, of faith and also of peace. One can also see that Our Lord has a great plan. We have seen that whenever in trouble, Medjugorje has always received fresh impulse and help, even from men themselves.

One can therefore see that Our Lord guides us through all the troubles, through all trials. But he can only guide us if He has found and still finds people who listen to Him, people who pray, people who fast. And so it is very important to see how each one of us who takes up prayer and fasting, by so doing, helps the Lord, and at the same time, helps himself as well....(Fr. Slavko Barbaric - September 6, 1985 - from "Pray with the Heart" - The Red Book)

Satan wants to stop us from hearing Our Lady's call. This simple statement makes sense out of so much that has happened in the past 33 years in terms of Medjugorje. The attack against Medjugorje to stop Our Lady's call has been fierce. But many have responded. And so she said to us, "My Son promised me that evil will never win, because you, the souls of the just, are here..." (November 2, 2014). Because we are hearing Our Lady's call, and responding, the enemy will not win. This is our joy and our task.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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