Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prayer for Grandparents on St Joachim & St Anne Feast Day - 26th July

Greetings with love, faith and hope from the Catholic Grandparents Association
      As we approach the 26th of July, “Memorial of St Joachim and St Anne, Parents of Blessed Virgin Mary” and Grandparents of Jesus, we wish to encourage you to prepare for their celebration with special devotion, to honour and thank all grandparents for all they have done for our families and children, particularly in the transmission of the faith.
      This is a wonderful opportunity to inspire everyone around us to both celebrate and show gratitude to grandparents for their enormous contribution to the Church, society and our families, particularly so today, when so many depend on their care, love and support.
It gives us great pleasure to attach a copy of Pope Benedict’s Prayer for Grandparents, in the hope that we can recite this prayer on the memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, as an expression of our unity in prayer and purpose.
Finally, please know that on the occasion of our Spiritual Patrons’ celebration, we shall be offering the Sacrifice of the Mass for you, your intentions and your families.
Additionally, we shall have the joy of invoking Our Lady’s particular blessing by lighting a candle for you, your intentions and for your families. From the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, in Ireland, the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, U.K., but also, this year, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Wisconsin, U.S.A.; the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal; the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, France; the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico; the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miracle, Rome, Italy, and the Shrine Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda.
Thank you for all the support you have given and continue to give to Catholic Grandparents Association, and above all, for your prayers. May St Joachim and St Anne, Parents of Mary and Grandparents of Jesus, bless you and all families.

With love and heartfelt prayers.
Founder - Catholic Grandparents Association

Lord Jesus,
you were born of the Virgin Mary,
the daughter of Saints Joachim and Anne.
Look with love on grandparents the world over.
Protect them! They are a source of enrichment
for families, for the Church and for all of society.
Support them! As they grow older,
may they continue to be for their families
strong pillars of Gospel faith,
guardian of noble domestic ideals,
living treasuries of sound religious traditions.
Make them teachers of wisdom and courage,
that they may pass on to future generations the fruits
of their mature human and spiritual experience.
Lord Jesus,
help families and society
to value the presence and roles of grandparents.
May they never be ignored or excluded,
but always encounter respect and love.
Help them to live serenely and to feel welcomed
in all the years of life which you give them.
Mary, Mother of all the living,
keep grandparents constantly in your care,
accompany them on their earthly pilgrimage,
and by your prayers, grant that all families
may one day be reunited in our heavenly homeland,
where you await all humanity
for the great embrace of life without end. Amen!