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If you want to win the war…

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August 4 – Apparition of Our Lady to 14-year old Natalino Scarpa in 1716 (Pellestrina, Italy)

"If you want to win the war…"

In 1716, the Republic of Venice was threatened by the Turkish army that stood at its border. On August 4th, on Pellestrina—a fishing island facing the lagoon of Venice—the Virgin Mary appeared to a young boy named Natalino Scarpa, in the guise of an ordinary woman, as he walked past the small village church.

The boy said the "woman" took his arm and asked him to tell the parish priest to celebrate Masses for the souls in purgatory "if you want to win the war"... The boy obeyed and told the priest, who took the message seriously and celebrated Mass as requested.

The next day, August 5, 1716, the army of the Ottoman Empire was defeated at the Battle of Petervardino on the Danube in Serbia. Consequently, Belgrade was liberated and all that region of the Balkans was retaken from the Turks. Since then, this apparition has been associated to the end of the Turkish threat against Christian Europe and a long period of peace began for the Republic of Venice.

Thirteen days later, on August 18th, the Turkish fleet (30,000 men), was defeated in Corfu after an unexpected storm dispersed the ships of the Grand Vizier…

Taken from an article by Stefania Falasca

Siege of Belgrade, engraving, 1717
Siege of Belgrade, engraving, 1717 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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