Sunday, August 02, 2015

Spiritual Gems-Understanding Complete Abandonment to the Will of God

Understanding Complete Abandonment to the Will of God

Our Lord wants abandonment of the past and of the future, of joy, pain, desire, thought, word and action. We are to abandon everything to His mercy and good will. Complete abandonment brings freedom from sensitivity and all anxiety.  I left everything in the care of Jesus.  Jesus in return undertook to do everything: to think, to speak, to act, etc. not only with me, but in my place. He substituted Himself for me and I let Him have His way. Oh! What a choice gift it is to understand how to let the Savior live within one's self!  I wish I could obtain this Grace for every soul: the earth would be a valley no longer of bitter tears, but tears of joy!  Self Abandonment is the greatest happiness on earth...I want nothing....Yes, I am happy, because my happiness lies not in the events that take place, but in God alone.

Blessed Dina Belanger 

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