Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Rosary saved Brazil

* August 27 – Our Lady of Quézac (Quézac, France) * The Rosary saved Brazil ----- A Moment with Mary --

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August 27 – Our Lady of Quézac (Quézac, France)

The Rosary saved Brazil

In the 1960s in Brazil, the farmers were suffering and some people were pushing for a redistribution of the land. It was the Cold War, and Communist committees, taking advantage of the people’s poverty, were forming everywhere, concealing arms depots to perpetrate an imminent coup and seize power.

Around the same time, a priest named Father Patrick Peyton gathered a crowd of nearly two million faithful in Rio de Janeiro for a Rosary crusade. When a Communist congress, which was to decide on a coup to seize power, opened in Belo Horizonte (one of the largest cities in the country), tens of thousands of women poured into the city streets, Rosary in hand that they recited aloud, and went to occupy the congress hall just before the session, preventing the Communists from entering.

The news of the fiasco spread as similar scenes were repeated elsewhere, prompting the Communists to flee abroad. It was the Rosary that saved Brazil from the takeover. This momentous episode was compared to a 'new Lepanto.'

Mediatrix and Queen – April 1965
Story told by Br. Albert Pfleger, in Fioretti de la Vierge Marie, Ephèse Diffusion