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Mary’s spiritual army

Une Minute avec Marie
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September 7 – The Santa Casa is transported to Loreto (Italy, 1295) – Foundation of the Legion of Mary in Dublin (Ireland, 1921)

Mary’s spiritual army

The first meeting of the Legion of Mary was held on September 7, 1921, the eve of the feast of Our Lady’s Nativity. On that day, in Dublin, Ireland, fifteen young women, one priest and one layman—Frank Duff, a young official of the Ministry of Finance—knelt on the floor around an improvised altar. They sought an apostolate with and for Mary, in accordance with the teachings of Saint Louis de Montfort… Filled with enthusiasm, the group invoked the Holy Spirit, and then recited the Rosary. Together they proposed to make regular visits to the sick and those in distress. They unanimously chose to hold weekly meetings with prayer, spiritual talks and reports from each member on the previous week’s work. Thus, the Legion of Mary was born and Mary’s spiritual army was soon to encircle the globe.

If a tree is judged by its fruits, and the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians, then the Legion of Mary has every reason to hope for a glorious future in the battlefront of Mary’s, and the Church’s warfare against the forces of evil. This worldwide apostolate has been called “a miracle of these modern times,” and from its inception, the Legion of Mary has always supported the papacy.

Adapted from:

The Servant of God, Frank Duff (1889-1980)
Just a note from me, I've been an auxiliary member of the Legion of Mary for 25 years. I try to pray the THE CATENA LEGIONIS daily, and offer my Mass & Communion for the Legion of Mary.
Deacon John Giglio