Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ave Maria! Salaun would gladly eat a piece of bread!

Une Minute avec Marie
An initiative of the Mary of Nazareth Association

November 1st – Queen of All Saints – All Saints Day – Our Lady of Folgöet (France)

“Ave Maria! Salaun would gladly eat a piece of bread!”

In around 1350, a man named Salaun lived in a clearing near the village of Folgoët (Northwestern France). Looked upon as a simpleton, Salaun would ask for alms, endlessly repeating: "Ave Maria! Salaun would gladly eat a piece of bread!" He loved to swing on the branch of a tree, above a spring, and sing loudly: "O Maria."

His death in 1358 (at the age of 48) left people indifferent. He was buried in the village of Lannuchen near Kergoff Manor. Even today one can see the roadside shrine made with four stones that came from his tomb.

Shortly after Salaun’s death, there on his grave next to the oak where he used to swing and the fountain where he often dipped his bread, a lily was found on which these words were written in gold letters: Ave Maria. Upon opening the grave, it was discovered that some lilies had grown out of the mouth of the deceased. The miracle attracted crowds, and a chapel was built over his grave. In 1365, they laid the foundation stone of a church and then in 1419, the bishop of Léon blessed the shrine. It was later raised to a collegiate church by John V in 1423.