Wednesday, November 11, 2015

These Stone Walls: Veterans Day and Cost of Freedom

War and Remembrance and the Cost of Freedom s
Veterans Day and Remembrance Sunday first honored the great sacrifices of the First and Second World Wars, and freedom from a global tyranny too easily forgotten.

The story was described by the late Christopher Hitchens in “Why the suicide killers chose September 11” (The Guardian, October 3, 2001). Then it was expanded upon by Father Michael Gaitley in a great book that I reviewed here at These Stone Walls in “Divine Mercy: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told.” In the book, Father Gaitley wrote of the historic significance of 9/11:
“For some 300 years, an epic struggle raged between the Ottoman (Muslim) Empire and the Holy Roman (Catholic) Empire. The Battle of Vienna marked the turning point in this struggle as it stopped the Muslim advance into Europe…. On the night of September 11, [1683], the Muslims launched a preemptive attack on the Austrian forces…” (p. 45).

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