Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Saved through the mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Une Minute avec Marie
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January 13 – The Council of Trent declares Mary free of all sin (1547) – Our Wounded Lady (Cambrai, France)

Saved through the mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Image of a fiery purgatory by Annibale Carracci
Sister Catherine, a nun sent to Quebec in 1647, used to prayed fervently for the sanctification of souls, but she had given up praying for a hardened sinner named Mary. Like everyone, Sister Catherine assumed that Mary was in hell. But one day the sinner appeared to her from purgatory:

"Sister Catherine, you recommend to God the souls of those who die, and here is my soul on whom you have no pity!"

"What! Are you saved?" cried Sister Catherine.

"Yes, I am saved by the mercy of the Holy Virgin. When I knew that I was dying, so full of sin, I turned to the Mother of God, and I said: ‘O Our Lady… only you can help me, have pity on me!’ The Blessed Virgin obtained for me to make an act of contrition. Then, I died and I was saved. My dear Queen also granted me the favor that the intensity of my sufferings would shorten the duration of my atonement. Now I only need a few Masses to be delivered from Purgatory."

Sister Catherine had some Masses celebrated for Mary, and a few days later, the soul appeared to her again, shining brighter than the sun. She said, "Thank you, Sister Catherine, I am going to heaven to sing of the mercies of my God and pray for you."

Father Paul Ragueneau, S.J.
Taken from: La vie de la Mère Catherine de Saint Augustin, (F. Lambert: Paris, 1671). Reprinted in Quebec City, 1923, by the Augustinian nuns.