Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A major event in the Marian history of France

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February 10 – Consecration of France to Mary by King Louis XIII (1638)

A major event in the Marian history of France

King Louis XIII of France and his wife Anne of Austria were very worried about their childlessness after 20 years of marriage. Following an inspiration of the Virgin Mary received on November 3, 1637, by Brother Fiacre, a religious Augustinian at Notre Dame des Victoires (Our Lady of Victories) convent in Paris, the people of France prayed 3 consecutive novenas to this intention to Our Lady of Paris, Our Lady of Victories, and Our Lady of Graces in Cotignac, (Provence, France). The last novena ended on December 5, 1637, and a royal heir, Louis XIV "Dieudonné" (i.e Godgiven), was born on September 5, 1638, nine months later to the day.

To thank the Virgin Mary, Louis XIII signed on February 10, 1638, the famous solemn vow by which he dedicated his whole person and his entire kingdom to the Virgin Mary. This major event in the Marian history of France was accompanied by the introduction of special processions on Assumption Day, August 15th, a date which became a national holiday.

Later, on February 21, 1660, on the road to Saint Jean de Luz (France) where he was to marry the Infanta of Spain, Maria Theresa of Austria, Louis XIV stopped in Cotignac to show his gratitude to Our Lady.

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Louis XIII

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