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"Help me, Lord, to do Your Will as did Saint John the Baptist."

Tribulation Times


August 31, 2009    

(Joh 3:29-30) He that hath the bride is the bridegroom: but the friend of the bridegroom, who standeth and heareth Him, rejoiceth with joy because of the bridegroom's voice. This my joy therefore is fulfilled. He must increase: but I must decrease.


Stained glass, Parish Church of St John The Ba...

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Reflection by Father Ted – August 29, 2009

Help me, dearest Jesus, help us to do what You want us to do. Help us to have the courage, to have the love for Your people that John the Baptist had – whose martyrdom we celebrated today.

He had love for his king. And because of that love for him – for his eternal salvation, John was not afraid to tell King Herod that it for was wrong for him to live with the wife of his own brother.

Because he spoke out even publicly, John was put into prison – to silence him.

Yet even in prison he did not keep silent.

The king visited him – how many times, we do not know. But what we do know is that John spoke to him about his, the king’s own immoral behavior.

The king did not want to hear what John said. Yet he knew that what John said was the truth. He knew that John spoke the truth because of his love for him.

John had courage. John loved.

Do I, Lord, have such courage? Do I have such love?

Am I willing to speak out the truth to my brothers and sisters in love? Even when they do not want to hear the truth?

Sometimes, I have.

You know that.

And yet, sometimes I have not.

You know that, too.

When I have not, has that been because I was afraid?

I wish that I could say – no. But would I not be kidding myself?

When I remain silent when You want me to speak out, I do not love my brothers and sisters as You want me too.

Lord, give me the grace; give me the strength that I need; give me the courage that I need to speak out in love to these brothers and sisters of mine, Your beloved children – when You want me to – for their salvation.

Help me, Lord, to do Your Will as did Saint John the Baptist.

Angel with St John the Baptist's Head o Angel...

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Saint John, pray for me!

Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 22- "On the many forms of vainglory"

13. I have seen people mourning who, on being praised, flared up in anger; and as at a public gathering one passion gave place to another.   

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[MaryVitamin] Prayer, Our Lady and the Holy Spirit


Mary Vitamin for September 1st
Holy Spirit dove window

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Topic: Prayer, Our Lady and the Holy Spirit
Father Gabriel Allegra, OFM
"This veneration [of Our Lady] does not spring from our emotions, although it influences our feelings. It is the work of the Holy Spirit, who is the Soul of the Church and who continuously moves the Church to imitate Christ, and love, venerate and obey His holy and Immaculate Mother."
Mary's Immaculate Heart, (Franciscan Herald Press: 1985), 3.
Padre Pio Statue in Dillingen, errichtet 2006

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Padre Pio (Feast day September 23)
"[R]emember the graces of prayer are not earthly but heavenly waters and no effort of ours can make them flow. Nevertheless we must prepare ourselves for them with great diligence, humbly and tranquilly: we must hold our heart open toward Heaven and await the celestial dew. Do not forget to carry this thought with you when you pray because it will bring you nearer to God."
Nesta de Robeck, Padre Pio, (Bruce Publishing: 1958), 111.
Today when I pass my image of Our Lady and say my regular prayers, I will remember that if I am reminded to pray to God through Our Lady, that I was prompted by the Holy Spirit. This is not my work but the work of God. I will concentrate on seeing my prayer as an act of the will rather than an emotional response to th
Image of Our Lady, Mother of Grace, Trsat, Cro...

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e image.
Marian Vow:
"She is the 'stamp' and most perfect 'matrix' of Jesus, Her divine Son; She is always the most perfect 'matrix' who reproduces Jesus in all those who give themselves to Her, especially those who give themselves to Her as Her 'absolute property', attentive and docile under Her maternal action in purifying and sanctifying their souls.
The Marian Vow of Unimited Consecration to the Immaculate, (Immaculate Mediatrix Editions: 1996),17-8.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.


"May the Lord grant all your prayers!" (Psalm 20)
Deacon John

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Mary, Queen of All Saints VI


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St. John Bosco (1815-88) had a special devotion to Mary. He founded the Daughters of Our Lady Help of Christians. He said: "Do what you can! God and Our Lady will do the rest!"

excerpted from the book Mary, Queen of Apostles written by Rosalie Marie Levy.

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Love God, Love One Another: "Anger Is Destructive-Love Heals" by Rita Ring, April 12, 1994

Anger Is Destructive-Love Heals

The Fury of Athamas by John Flaxman (1755-1826).

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God's Blue Book III Cover

April 12, 1994 After Communion at All Saints Church 7:00a.m.

R. Love is healing. If you attack me and I respond with love by the grace of God, but let it fester later into anger, I have an active emotion inside of me. You hurt me. I was right, you were wrong. I get angry or I get depressed. Some action occurs within me. If, by the grace of God, I acted lovingly when you attacked me, then, when I go away, I must continue to dismiss any thoughts of how I have been wronged and beg God for His help to forgive and love you.

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Deposition of Our Lady's Girdle

During the reign of Emperor Arkadios, this relic was found in a
household in Jerusalem, and brought to Constantinople, where it was
placed in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in place called the
Chalkepratois. The Zone is associated with several miracles, including
curing an incurable fatal disease from which Empress Zoe, the wife of
Emperor Leo, was dying in 486. Later, Empress Pulcheria had gold
threads sewn into the Zone. In 1101, the Zone was moved for
safe-keeping to to the Monastery of Vatepedi on Mount Athos. (Source:
George Poulos, Orthodox Saints, vol. 3).

From the Synaxarion:

The Placing of the Venerable Belt of the MostHoly Mother of God in the
Constantinople Blakhernae Church was during the reign of the emperor
Arcadius (395-408). Before this the holy relic, entrusted to the
Apostle Thomas by the Mother of God Herself, was after Her Dormition
thereafter kept at Jerusalem by pious Christians. After many years,
during the reign of emperor Leo the Wise (886-911), from the Belt of
the Mother of God was accomplished a miraculous healing of his spouse
Zoa, suffering from an unclean spirit.

The empress had a vision, that she would be healed of her infirmity
when the Belt of the Mother of God would be placed upon her. The
emperor turned with his petition to the Patriarch. The Patriarch
removed the seal and opened the vessel in which the relict was kept:
the Belt of the Mother of God appeared completely whole and undamaged
by time. The Patriarch placed the Belt on the sick empress, and she
immediately was freed from her infirmity. They served a solemn
thanksgiving molieben to the Most Holy Mother of God, and the
venerable Belt they placed back into the vessel and resealed the seal.
In commemoration of the miraculous occurrence and the twofold Placing
of the venerable Belt, the feast of the Placing of the Venerable Belt
of the Most Holy Mother of God was established. Parts of the holy Belt
are in the Athos Batopedia monastery, in Trier monastery and in Gruzia

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"I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life."
- George Burns

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St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers: "Shepherd Your Little Ones"

Written by Anne, "a Lay Apostle"   

The messages from "Anne, a Lay Apostle," from the international spiritual movement "Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King" have been released for international distribution with the permission of Bishop Leo O’Reilly of the Diocese of Kilmore, Ireland, the diocese in which Anne and the international headquarters of the Lay apostolate reside. They have also been submitted by Bishop O’Reilly to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.

The following message comes from Volume Six, entitled Heaven Speaks to Families. I strongly encourage our readers to download these messages and, if possible, read them prayerfully before the Blessed Sacrament in the presence of our Eucharistic Jesus. They have been of untold spiritual benefit to me.

St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers

Depiction of the Holy Family

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June 16, 2004  

With the help of heaven, you will do this successfully. But in order to obtain this help, you must ask for it. In order to ask for it, you must be prayerful. If you are not prayerful, you will not see the need to pray because you will be too busy scur rying from one day to the next and telling your self that all is well because this is what everyone else is doing. Fathers, set a tone of quietness in your home whenever possible. Children in your care will then feel free to come to you with their little difficulties and fears. Be available to them by often sitting  quietly or working in silence. There is no need for the constant distraction of noise. It dulls your soul, dear man, and God cannot find rest in you. If you spend time in quietness, your soul will calm and your God can claim you and communicate with you. He will inspire you to give consideration to His will for your life. He will give you an awareness of the large view of your life and your family, pulling you away from the small view, which is the moment. If your large view includes heaven, and seeing God, you will understand that you must live each moment differently. Set your sight on heaven, for both you and your family, and you will see your perspective begin to shift a little here and alter a little there. This is a process and you can be comfortable that all will not change in a day, particularly if you have been spending too much time in the world or practicing bad habits. But it will change. Gradually, your home will feel different to you. You will long for holiness for each of the souls in your family who are walking your life journey with you. You will see their spiritual development as the priority. Dearest man, created by God, this is your role. You, in partnership with your wife, are to shepherd your little ones through their childhoods so that they can grow strong in the service to the Kingdom. Be brave and allow Me, Joseph, to show you how this should be

The Flight into Egypt: Jesus, the Virgin Mary ...

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Dear fathers of the world, you must heed my voice. I am speaking to you from kindness and concern. We in heaven watch the events in the world because we are eager to assist you. We hear your prayers and immediately begin interceding for you so that any graces available will be utilized. Allow us to help you to examine your role as father so you can be certain you are fulfilling this role as God has willed. You must examine your role in comparison to me, Joseph, the head of the Holy Family. Do not examine your role in comparison to a soul who is not following God. You must take this opportunity to also look at your companions. Are they true followers? Do they encourage you to be a good father and husband? Are they themselves good fathers and husbands? Dear man, if they are not fulfilling their role as father and husband, it will be difficult for you to resist their influence. Many in this time will encourage you to put yourself first, but I tell you in all seriousness that you should not do this. Your wife and children must come first. You are to lead your family to heaven. In heaven, the first will be last. Consider yourself a servant to your family. In this way you will not spend too much time meditating on how you would like to follow the world. You live in a world of great darkness. I must speak the truth so that you know that it is critical that your family be steered safely through these times.

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A Bishop's Plea for the Fifth Marian Dogma

Written by Bishop Peter M. Chenaparampil   

Every true Catholic has devotion to Our Lady. Our Lady is not only honored as Mother of God, admired as im maculately conceived, appreciated as perpetual virgin and sought after as Queen assumed to heaven, but she is consid ered as our own Spiritual Mother.
In India, Marian devotion is quite strong. Mary is the Chief Patron of India, especially since independence was granted to the country on the Feast of her Assumption on the Fifthteenth of August. Culturally in India, women are held in high esteem, although in practice there may be cases of ill treatments. Ac cording to the Hindu mentality women are loved and revered. The Godhead is conceived as having a female counterpart. God Vishnu has Goddess Lakhmi and God Siva has Parvathi. The Hindus think that by placating these female deities, they can get favors from the powerful male deities. Because of such concept, Mary, Mother of God, gets easily a place in the Hindu mind and heart. It is a fact that many Hindus venerate Mary. Mary also has a pride of place in Islam. Indian Catholics have naturally a great devotion to Our Lady since they also are trained in Marian devotion from a tender age.
But it is to be remembered that devotion remains in the periphery of one's life and does not enter into one's soul, one's thinking, and one's way of life, unless one is convinced of its necessity. As regards Our Lady, devotion to her should not just be merely based on her exalted dignity nor on her eminent virtues and qualities. In the devotion to Our Lady there is something beyond personal distinctions. That is, that Mary is very close to us and has something to do with our salvation. The earlier four dogmas portray Our Lady as a person of emi nence and intimately connected with Our Lord as the Im maculately conceived, Virgin Mother of God. But it is the three-fold maternal doctrinal roles as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, that bring into relief her dominant position in our life.
If Mary's role is shown as Co-redemptrix, then naturally people will realize her importance in the work of redemption and will be impelled to venerate her and love her as a person very much needed in their life and in their salvation. If Our Lady is proclaimed to the peoples as Mediatrix, then people will be drawn to her to get the graces from Our Lord through her. It is the title of Our Lady as Advocate that inspires confi dence in the people. So it will be of great advantage to the people at large, if these three prerogatives of Our Lady are declared as a Marian dogma of faith.
Why certain theologians find it difficult to understand the position of Our Lady as Coredemptrix, I think, is be cause they are caught up in the meshes of syllogisms and mis understandings. It is true that Our Lord is the only Redeemer but we see that in the act of redemption Our Lord deigned to involve others with Him. That He chose to be born from the humble Virgin of Nazareth while He could have accomplished redemption in a different way, makes us understand that Re demption is not exclusive of co-operation from others. Our Lord made use of Mary in His redemptive work to such an extent that she became the Mother of the Redeemer. What St. Paul says in 1 Cor. 3:9 is quite revealing: We are God's "co-workers."
Our Lord is the sole redeemer of mankind; however, in His divine disposition He made use of humanity in His act of redemption and Mary is the most prominent person. When we say that Our Lady is Coredemptrix, we do not mean that she is independent of Our Lord, nor that She is on par with Him. We only mean to say that Our Lord made use of Mary in His redemptive work. That Our Lady is Mediatrix follows as a corollary from her role as Coredemptrix. So too, with the prerogative of Our Lady as Advocate.
By imploring the Holy Father to define these three ma ternal roles of Our Lady as a dogma, the supporters of the Vox Populi Movement are only desiring to get Our Lady placed more centrally in Marian devotion. It is a matter of consola tion that many eminent personalities in the upper echelons of the clergy and many distinguished theologians are now com ing to realize the necessity of getting this Fifth Dogma pro claimed by the Holy Father. May Mary our Advocate obtain this favor from the Triune God by illuminating the mind and strengthening the heart of the Holy Father towards the decla ration of the dogma.
Most Rev. Peter M. Chenaparampil Bishop of Alleppey, India


Diocese of Orlando hosting 23rd Annual Respect Life Conference at Lake Mary Marriott 10/16-18: Register at (407) 246-4819

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"A flying rumor never has any trouble making a landing." -Anonymous

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Love God, Love One Another: "Your Last Chance to Love" by Rita Ring, April 11, 1994

Your Last Chance to Love

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 11, 1994

The way to Me is the way of the cross. You will wear My crown but it will not be a crown of glory, but a crown of thorns. You, My child, are loved so dearly by Me. Suffer with Me, but never doubt anything I tell you. I am God and I am speaking to you. What must I do to convince you? You doubt because Satan want

Crown of Thorns

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s this stopped. Do not give in to him.

My child, My child, My favored, blessed child, I give you crosses because I love you. You I have loved dearly all through your life. Your crosses have brought you to Me and My love. Life will soon be over on this earth for you. All that matters are the things of God. Love all those around you as if it be your last chance to love. Live each day to love all around you. Live it as if it be your last day to live on this earth. Would you waste valuable time fuming and fretting? Time is short and souls will be lost. They will suffer the loss of their souls. You do not have time for any remorse. Your job is to preach My ardent love to My beloved ones. There is so much sin and so much blindness, but the kingdom of God awaits all those who love and serve the Lord.

Please, I beg of you, spread My love. Do not let Satan get you focused on yourself. Your work is to lead souls to My most ardent love. What an honor! I am awaiting My precious ones. Have faith, child. I am truly writing to you and I am God. I gave My all for love of you, My child. I died that you might live. Give yourself to Me now.

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Mary, Queen of All Saints V

All members of the Cistercian Order, because of their special love for Mary, include her name in their own religious name. Their co-founder introduced the Cistercian white habit in honor of Our Lady.

excerpted from the book Mary, Queen of Apostles written by Rosalie Marie Levy.

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On the Marian Devotion of St. John Vianney

"The Holy Curé d'Ars Was Attracted Above all by Mary's Beauty"

 Here is a Vatican translation of the address Benedict XVI delivered before praying the midday Angelus with those gathered in the courtyard of the Papal Summer Residence, Castel Gandolfo, on Aug. 15, the solemnity of the Assumption.
{{de|1=Castel Gandolfo, Sommerresidenz des Pap...

Image via Wikipedia

* * *

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the heart of the month of August, a holiday period for many families and also for me, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. This is a privileged opportunity to meditate on the ultimate meaning of our existence, helped by today's Liturgy which invites us to live in this world oriented to eternal happiness in order to share in the same glory as Mary, the same joy as our Mother (cf. Opening Prayer).

Let us, therefore, turn our gaze to Our Lady, Star of Hope, who illumines us on our earthly journey, and follow the example of the Saints who turned to her in every circumstance.

You know that we are celebrating the Year for Priests in remembrance of the Holy Curé d'Ars, and I would like to draw from the thoughts and testimonies of this holy country parish priest some ideas for reflection that will be able to help all of us especially us priests to strengthen our love and veneration for the Mo
Jean-Marie Vianney (1786 – 1859), Catholic sai...

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st Holy Virgin.

His biographers claim that St John Mary Vianney spoke to Our Lady with devotion and, at the same time, with trust and spontaneity. "The Blessed Virgin", he used to say, "is immaculate and adorned with all the virtues that make her so beautiful and pleasing to the Blessed Trinity" (B. Nodet, Il pensiero e l'anima del Curato d'Ars, Turin 1967, p. 303).

And further:  "The heart of this good Mother is nothing but love and mercy, all she wants is to see us happy. To be heard, it suffices to address oneself to her" (ibid., p. 307). The priest's zeal shines through these words. Motivated by apostolic longing, he rejoiced in speaking to his faithful of Mary and never tired of doing so. He could even present a difficult mystery like today's, that of the Assumption, with effective images, such as, for example:  "Man was created for Heaven. The devil broke the ladder that led to it. Our Lord, with his Passion, made another.... The Virgin Most Holy stands at the top of the ladder and holds it steady with both hands" (ibid.).

The Holy Curé d'Ars was attracted above all by Mary's beauty, a beauty that coincides with her being Immaculate, the only creature to have
John Vianney

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been conceived without a shadow of sin.

"The Blessed Virgin", he said, "is that beautiful Creature who never displeased the good Lord" (ibid. p. 306). As a good and faithful pastor, he first of all set an example also in this filial love for the Mother of Jesus by whom he felt drawn toward Heaven. "Were I not to go to Heaven", he exclaimed, "how sorry I should be! I should never see the Blessed Virgin, this most beautiful creature!" (ibid., p. 309).

Moreover, on several occasions he consecrated his parish to Our Lady, recommending that mothers in particular do the same, every morning, with their children.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us make our own the sentiments of the Holy Curé d'Ars. And with his same faith let us turn to Mary, taken up into Heaven, in a special way entrusting to her the priests of the whole world.

Our Lady of Good Deliverance Feast Day

She used to stand in the church Saint-Etienne-des-Grès in the Latin Quarter, but that church was destroyed during the Revolution and all its content sold. Madame de Carignan, a pious rich lady bought the statue and venerated her in her private home until she was arrested during the Reign of Terror (a period of 11 months following the Revolution, which cost 20-40,000 people their lives.) In jail she used to pray to Our Lady of Good Deliverance with others who had been arrested for their faith, in particular the Sisters of St. Thomas. When all of them survived and were freed in 1806, Madame gave the Black Virgin to the Sisters.

Under the patronage of this Virgin the Royal Confraternity of the Charity of Our Lady of Good Deliverance had been founded in 1533 and comprised thousands of aristocratic and common members. It was meant to be "a saintly society" dedicated to the honor of God and "his very dignified Mother, the glorious Virgin Mary … to keep a singular devotion alive in all real Christian men and women." This association was founded by a priest named Jean Olivier, who was "greatly pious, devoted to Our Lady with strong affection, in the service of the Queen of Angels".(*1) The group organized processions and ministered to prisoners, even paying their debts if they were imprisoned for not being able to pay them.

Our Lady of Good Deliverance was invoked as a helper in all kinds of calamities and suffering, whether of a spiritual or material nature. She was also called upon as the Victorious One in the fight against the Huguenots and other "heretics."

The great saints of Paris, most notably Vincent de Paul and Francis de Sales prayed before her. Young Francis spent some years in Paris as he was trying to find his way in life. His poor soul went into a downward spiral of despair as he became more and more convinced that he was doomed to eternal hell fire. One day he went before Our Lady of Good Deliverance to pour out his heart. Soon he was moved to pick up a prayer tablet that was hanging from the railing of her chapel. He read the prayer, "…rose from his knees, and at that very moment felt entirely healed. His troubles, so it seemed to him, had fallen about his feet like a leper's scales."(*2) Immediately he made a vow of celibacy before God and his Mother. The prayer he had sent to Heaven was the Memorare:
Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother. To you I come; before you I stand sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate! Despise not my petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Not long after this event another priest with great love for Our Mother who ministered to the poor and to prisoners in Paris, spread the fame of this prayer. To this day it is recited all over the world at the conclusion of the Rosary.

(Notre Dame de la Bonne Delivrance)

In the chapel of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Thomas of Villeneuve (open to the public), 52 Blvd. d'Argenson, Neuilly-sur-Seine, outside of Paris, 14th century, replacing an 11th century version of The Black Virgin of Paris, 150 cm, painted limestone.

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Untitled On the death of T. Kennedy, Chris Matthews thrillingly said on his program: "Barack Is Now the Last (Kennedy) Brother".

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On Mary, Mother of Priests

"The Perfect Model for Their Existence"

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, AUG. 27, 2009
Here is a Vatican translation of the address Benedict XVI gave Aug. 12 during the general audience given at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.
Image by Getty Images via Daylife
* * *
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The celebration of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, next Saturday, is at hand and we are in the context of the Year for Priests. I therefore wish to speak of the link between Our Lady and the priesthood. This connection is deeply rooted in the Mystery of the Incarnation.

When God decided to become man in his Son, he needed the freely-spoken "yes" of one of his creatures. God does not act against our freedom. And something truly extraordinary happens:  God makes himself dependent on the free decision, the "yes" of one of his creatures; he waits fo
Bernard receiving milk from the breast of the ...
Image via Wikipedia
r this "yes".

St Bernard of Clairvaux explained dramatically in one of his homilies this crucial moment in universal history when Heaven, earth and God himself wait for what this creature will say.

Mary's "yes" is therefore the door through which God was able to enter the world, to become man. So it is that Mary is truly and profoundly involved in the Mystery of the Incarnation, of our salvation. And the Incarnation, the Son's becoming man, was the beginning that prepared the ground for the gift of himself; for giving himself with great love on the Cross to become Bread for the life of the world. Hence sacrifice, priesthood and Incarnation go together and Mary is at the heart of this mystery.

Let us now go to the Cross. Before dying, Jesus sees his Mother beneath the Cross and he sees the beloved son. This beloved son is certainly a person, a very important individual, but he is more; he is an example, a prefiguration of all beloved disciples, of all the people called by the Lord to be the "beloved disciple" and thus also particularly of priests.

Jesus says to Mary:  "Woman, behold, your son!" (Jn 19: 26). It is a sort of testament:  he entrusts his Mother to the care of the son, of the disciple. But he also says to the disciple:  "Behold, your mother!" (Jn 19: 27).

The Gospel tells us that from that hour St John, the beloved son, took his mother Mary "to his own home".

This is what it says in the [English] translation; but the Greek text is far deeper, far richer. We could translate it:  he took Mary into his inner life, his inner being, "eis tà ìdia", into the depths of his being.

To take Mary with one means to introduce her into the dynamism of one's own entire existence  it is not something external and into all that constitutes the horizon of one's own apostolate.

It seems to me that one can, therefore, understand how the special relationship of motherhood that exists between Mary and priests may constitute the primary source, the fundamental reason for her special love for each one of them.

In fact, Mary loves them with predilection for two reasons:  because they are more like Jesus, the supreme love of her heart, and because, like her, they are committed to the mission of proclaiming, bearing witness to and giving Christ to the world.

Because of his identification with and sacramental conformation to Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary, every priest can and must feel that he really is a specially beloved son of this loftiest and humblest of Mothers.

The Second Vatican Council invites priests to look to Mary as to the perfect model for their existence, invoking her as "Mother of the supreme and eternal Priest, as Queen of Apostles, and as Protectress of their ministry". The Council continues, "priests should always venerate and love her, with a filial devotion and worship" (cf. Presbyterorum Ordinis, n. 18).

The Holy Curé d'Ars, whom we are remembering in particular in this Year, used to like to say:  "Jesus Christ, after giving us all that he could give us, wanted further to make us heirs to his most precious possession, that is, his Holy Mother (B. Nodet, Il pensiero e l'anima del Curato d'Ars, Turin 1967, p. 305).

This applies for every Christian, for all of us, but in a special way for priests. Dear brothers and sisters, let us pray that Mary will make all priests, in all the problems of today's world, conform with the image of her Son Jesus, as stewards of the precious treasure of his love as the Good Shepherd. Mary, Mother of priests, pray for us!

An Important Message at the Blue Cross

Medjugorje Headlines

Tonight in Medjugorje Our Lady Gives An Important Message at the Blue Cross


The sunset over Cross Mountain, as seen from Apparitoin Hill, tonight, August 28, 2009.

Temperatures were extremely hot in Medjugorje today, but even so, there were those who climbed the mountains during the heat of the day, willing to offer this sacrifice to Our Lady for Her intentions as well as their own. Early evening dark clouds floated toward Medjugorje eventually covering the village making the sky overcast for the rest of the night, so there were no stars seen above as many thousands of pilgrims gathered at the Blue Cross for Our Lady’s apparition tonight to Ivan. Many were thankful that the clouds did not bring rain, while others would have been thankful for a cool sprinkle of rain on this hot sultry evening.

The summer crowds are still here in Medjugorje. The areas all around the Blue Cross were packed with pilgrims and they continued to arrive up until just moments before Our Lady appeared, causing confusion and disruption with their flashlights and talking as they tried to find even the smallest open space to settle down in. Despite the inconveniences of being shoulder to shoulder in such a large crowd, in the darkness, sitting on uncomfortable stones and the dusty ground, on a hot summer night in Medjugorje, the realization hits suddenly that all these people are here for a single purpose, to be with Our Lady—out of love for Her, wanting conversion or a grace for a loved one or an answer to prayer—but all have come tonight to be with Our Lady. To Our Lady the large numbers of pilgrims bring great joy and typically, just as She came tonight, Our Lady demonstrates Her joy in the apparitions when She appears to Ivan on Apparition Mountain. Though Our Lady’s apparition tonight was shorter than normal, being just over five minutes, the length and depth of Our Lady’s message given tonight to Ivan was a surprise. Following is Ivan’s description of tonight’s apparition.

“Tonight, most important from the meeting with Our Lady is that Our Lady came joyful and happy and, at the beginning, as always, greeted all of us with Her motherly greeting, “Praised be Jesus, my dear children, my little children.” Then, with Her hands extended for a while, She prayed over us here and then She prayed for the sick present. She then blessed us all with Her motherly blessing and then blessed all the articles you brought for blessing. Afterwards She said:

“Dear children, also today, I call you in a special way: accept my messages, renew my messages. Dear children, today, more than ever, I need your works and not your words. Therefore, dear children, live my messages so that light may illuminate your hearts and fill your hearts. Dear children, know that the Mother is praying with you. Thank you, also today dear children, for having accepted my messages and for living my messages. Pray [to be] my sign.”

Then I prayed an Our Father and a Glory Be with Our Lady. I then recommended all of you, your needs, your intentions and your families and especially the sick. Then Our Lady left, in prayer, in an illuminated Sign of the Cross with a greeting: “Go in peace, my dear children.”


The Cross on top of Cross Mountain was illuminated tonight, not by a supernatural light, but because as September approaches, the village lights up the cross in anticipation of the coming feast of the Triumph of the Cross on September 15th.


An hour before the apparition of Our Lady at the Blue Cross, tonight, August 28, 2009. Pilgrims arrived many hours before the apparition to pray and prepare for Our Lady’s coming.


Droves of people leaving the area of the Blue Cross after tonight’s apparition, August 28, 2009.

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[MaryVitamin] chaff or grain?


Mary Vitamin for August 28th
Topic: Patience -- distinguishing the chaff from the grain
St. Bonaventure
"Mary above all men was most meek, so that neither in looks, nor in word, nor in deed did she ever show the very slightest sign of impatience, but was most patient, as St. Ambrose says: "There was nothing fierce in the looks of Mary, nothing prolix in her words,
The Immaculate Virgin Mary

Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr

 nothing unbecoming in her deeds."  
St. Augustine
"There is no better test to distinguish the chaff from the grain, in the Church of God, than the manner in which sufferings, contradiction, and contempt are borne. Whoever remains unmoved under these, is grain. Whoever rises against them is chaff; and the lighter and more worthless he is, the higher he rises-that is, the more he is agitated, and the more proudly he replies."
A Year with the Saints, (Tan Books:1988), 111.
I will be on the lookout for one opportunity to practice not showing "the slightest sign of impatience" with the goal of "nothing fierce, wordy or unbecoming."
Marian Vow:
"Take shelter under our Lady's mantle, and do not fear.  
The Blessed Virgin enthroned with the Infant C...

Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr

She will give you all you need. She is very rich, and besides is so very generous with her children. So take advantage without fear and with complete confidence, whenever you need anything. She loves giving."
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.


Love God, Love One Another: "You Are the Light" by Rita Ring, April 11, 1994

You Are the Light

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 11, 1994

Where is the light I give to you, My daughter? Your light is dimmed by the words of Satan to stop you. I am God and I am speaking to you. These letters are for My beloved ones. I have chosen to write to you, for them. You must hold tightly to your call to be the light shining in the darkest night.


Image via Wikipedia

I am the Alpha and the Omega. This is no myth, My child. Get a hold on Satan and cast him into the fires of hell. My work needs to be done. You will lead many to My Sacred Heart. I love you so intently, yet you do not hear. You listen to the idle words of those who are sick and Satan plays them in your head!

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Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s edition of Penn & Teller’s show. The program aired on Showtime which is owned by CBS:

 The Nazis couldn’t have done better. Having been in this job for over 16 years, I have never seen a more defamatory, obscene and vicious show on TV. And I mean about any religious or demographic group—not just Catholics. The lies about the Catholic Church, to say nothing of the vile language used by PennJillette, were positively astounding. Moreover, it never attempted to be comedic—from the very beginning it advertised the show as payback for 2,000 years of alleged crimes. This was Julius Streicher back from the grave.

 In this half-hour show, the Catholic Church was blamed for every evil in history.Jillette said the “intolerance, greed, paranoia, hypocrisy and callous disregard for human suffering” was the hallmark of the Catholic Church. Others on the show branded the Church an “amoral” and “power hungry” institution that is just worried about its “cash flow.”

 Jillette lied about the Vatican’s reaction to Sabina Guzzanti, an Italian foul-mouthed comedian who staged an assault on the pope in 2008: the pope never sought to throw “her sexy ass in jail” and never once sought any punitive measure against her—it’s all a bald face lie! Jillette lied about a 1962 Vatican document—it was a statement about penalties for priests who used the confessional to solicit sex: it was not a cover-up for sexual misconduct! He lied about Pope Benedict XVI—he had absolutely nothing to do with overseeing cases of priestly sexual misconduct in the United States! And so on.

 Spokesmen for Catholics for Choice, SNAP and Dignity—three anti-Catholic groups that lie about their Catholic status—twisted, distorted and ridiculed Church teachings on sexuality.

 I have asked to meet with Les Moonves of CBS. On Monday, we will have a mass mailing of DVD copies of this episode to bishops and religious leaders across the nation. This cannot go unanswered.

 Contact CBS rep Nancy Tellem at

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There's Only One Way to Heaven

Tribulation Times




(John 14:6) Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.

INTERMOUNTAIN CATHOLIC: Make death your friend and live life to the fullest, says deacon

CATHOLICISM.ORG: There Is a Hell, and It Makes Perfect Sense

Hell or Paradise?

Image by ul_Marga via Flickr

There's Only One Way to Heaven
By the late Father Kilian McGowan, C.P.

Of al the possible questions, the one that begs for a most definite answer is this: "What is the surest way to eternal life?" The answer was given by our Blessed Lord to Saint Thomas at the Last Supper.

During His Last Supper, Christ had been predicting His departure when He suddenly added: "And where I go you know, and the way you know." Thomas quickly interrupted: "Lord, we do not know where you are going, and how can we know the way?" Jesus answered: "I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me." (John 14:4-6)

One of the most basic truths of the spiritual life is that Jesus is the Way of God. He is not one of many ways-He is the ONLY way! It is simply impossible to overstress this truth! Yet, some of us are like Thomas. Despite our Christian background, we say: "Lord, how can we know the way?" The spiritual life is a very personal business between the soul and God. It is more Someone than something. It is more Someone to become than some things to be done. For Christianity is Christ! All progress in the Christian life must be measured by our increasing knowledge, love, and imitation of Jesus Christ. "This is eternal life to know Thee, the one true God, and Jesus Christ Whom Thou has sent."

The Christian life is more a "putting-on" of Christ than a putting off of sin-even though the two-fold effort is inseparable. The task of becoming more Christlike is chief asceticism of each Christian. It is better to look at Christ rather than ourselves, and to see ourselves only in contrast to Him.

There are three stages in the formation of a Christ-like character. The first is the STUDY of Christ. There can be no progress unless Our Lord becomes the chief study of our lives. You should have a good working knowledge of the historical Christ, and be well acquainted with all the events of His Life.

The second stage is closely related to the preceding-it is PRAYERFUL MEDITATION on Christ. Through this prayer, strive to penetrate more deeply into mysteries of His life. There ponder His words, study His actions, witness His miracles, and strive for a greater

Penguin Classics L27

Image by scatterkeir via Flickr

 insight into the motives and sentiments of His Sacred Heart.

Third there is the IMITATION of Christ. You will make much greater progress by the positive effort of imitating His virtue than by trying to root out your faults and failings. You will discover that the more faithful you are to the will of God, the greater the revelation God makes of Himself in the depths of your heart.

And don't be discouraged if at first you seem so unlike your divine Model. Be encouraged rather, by the words of the Apostle Paul who tells us to glory in our infirmities that the power of Christ might dwell in us.

Your weakness is an invitation to His strength, your littleness calls out to His greatness. Your nothingness is irresistible to His "allness." Your very need of Him is the perfect complement to His infinite desire to give Himself. He is more than the Way-He is the Savior!

Our Blessed Lord is the Only Way that leads to eternal life. And Study-Prayer-and Imitation are indispensable means for putting us on the way and making progress along the way. This is the plan produced by the wisdom of God. Let us follow no other!

Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 22- "On the many forms of vainglory"

12. People of high spirit bear offence nobly and gladly, but only the holy and righteous can pass through praise without harm.   

Prayer request?  Send an email to:

This month's archive can be found at:

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love God, Love One Another: "Focus Only on My Love" by Rita Ring, April 11, 1994

Focus Only on My Love

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 11, 1994 3:30a.m.

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. I have not come to give you glory in this world. I have come to save you from your sins. I have come, for such love I have for you.

You will be persecuted beyond belief, mostly by priests. Do not give in to any persecution. You can withstand all that you are given. You focus only on My love. Your life is lived only to spread the love of Jesus. Your brothers in darkness will hate you. Hate and anger are always from Satan. I am Peace. I am Love. I come to save and show sinners the way to love.

A heart given to Jesus is a tender heart. It is not ever given to hate and anger. It is full of love. A heart of Jesus responds with love when attacked. A heart of Jesus detaches itself from the self and only responds with love. You know how deeply I love you. You know a little of My love. You do not have any idea of My love. If you ever knew of My immense love, you would never be afraid of anything. You would be at total peace.

Focus on the immensity of My love, child. I truly loved you to My death. Think how you feel when you are loved by a human. It is a feeling of peace and joy to know love. This is mere mortals giving imperfect love and you are given to such peace. I am God. I am Jesus Christ. I am Love. I am so full of love for you, perfect love, not the imperfect love of humans, but immense, longing, on-fire ardent love, love that never flickers, love that loves you in your darkest hour! Your whole answer to persecution is to know that you function only for love of Me and the immense burning love I have for you. I am God. I have all the power and I love you this way. Focus on being this loved. This sets you fre

Christ crucified.

Image via Wikipedia

e. Your peace comes from these two facts.

Oh, how I love you, little ones! Think about Me, hanging there in such horrid agony, and in My mind are only thoughts of love for you. I am Jesus Christ. I am the living God. I am in your midst and I am loving you this way, this very day. You do not fret. You do not fear. You focus on My love coming-so immense you cannot comprehend-and it comes to you at every second. It never stops.

Suffer your persecution. When they persecute you for My sake, great is your reward in heaven. When they persecute you, they persecute Me. I suffer for the loss of love of My blessed priests. Pray for My priests. Pray constantly. Offer sacrifices for those souls who are hurting. You have no time to ever listen to anyone's persecution. I need this work accomplished. People need to know of My ardent, on-fire, gentle love.

You remain always loving. Do not ever respond with anger and hate, respond with the gentleness of love. I give you My strength. I give you My love. You can love others because I have loved you first.

Oh, what do I say to convince you? I died for you with such love, and you ask for more! I give Myself to you, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist. I remain forever in the tabernacle with such ardent love!

Oh, child, do not listen to those who attack you. I need you to speak of My love. I give you all you need. Pray constantly for your attackers. I love them so. Your love will preach My lessons.

Never lose your peace. Love God, love one another. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard the glory that awaits him who loves and serves the Lord! I am Jesus. I am the Living God. I am with you, little one. Believe Me. Do not believe a sick world. My love will see you through.

Think of Me, loving you. Focus on it. I am God and I gave My life for you because I loved you so. You are so precious to Me. You are My beautiful child. I love you so much. You will never know how much I love you. I wait for you to come and be in union with Me. Let go of your world. Nothing here can compare to the love of God.

My babies, I love you. Read this letter when your heart is troubled. Do not be troubled. You will know such peace when you focus on My love. Love God, love one another. It is so simple! Man has made it so complicated! Let go of yourselves and live. Live in My love! I am Jesus and I am in your midst this very day. I love you so. I love you. Jesus.

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Mary, Queen of All Saints IV

It was by her devotion to Mary, that the pious and virtuous Blanche of Castile, obtained the birth of St. Louis. He practiced every devotion towards the Blessed Virgin.

Paris - Île de la Cité: Sainte-Chapelle - Lowe...

Image by wallyg via Flickr


St. Jane of Valois, the illustrious consort of Louis XII, consecrated her royal person to the service of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and instituted the Order of the Annunciade, intended to honor in a more special manner the ten prin cipal virtues of the Mother of God: her angelic purity, her prudence, her perfect humility, her lively faith, her sincere devotion, her entire obedience, her poverty, her invincible patience, her uninversal charity, and her tender com passion.


Coronation of Louis VIII and Blanche of Castil...

Image via Wikipedia

King Louis XIII of France, on August 15, 1638, dedicated himself, his country, his crown and his subjects to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and he instituted solemn processions on the feast of the Assumption.

excerpted from the book Mary, Queen of Apostles written by Rosalie Marie Levy.

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[MaryVitamin] Seventh Joy

Mary Vitamin for August 27th
Topic: The Seventh Joy of Our Lady The Assumption and Coronation
(finishing the Franciscan Crown of the Seven Joys of Our Lady feast day August 26th)
Pope Pius XII
"Let all Christians, therefore, glory in being subjects of the Virgin Mother of God, who, while wielding royal power, is on fire with a mother's love."
Our Lady's joy includes reaping the rewards from God for her life of virtue, sacrifice and service. Her time of sacrifice, the last twenty years on earth building up the Church's devotion to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is finished. But, maybe there is another joy that she experiences in her Assumption and Coronation, now she enjoys tremendous  power with God  to help her beloved children in life.
A picture of Pope Pius XII made after his elec...

Image via Wikipedia

Pope Pius XII
"'With a heart that is truly a mother's,'to quote again Our Predecessor of immortal memory, Pius IX, 'does she approach the problem of our salvation, and is solicitous for the whole human race; made Queen of heaven and earth by the Lord, exalted above all choirs of angels and saints, and standing at the right hand of her only a Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, she intercedes powerfully for us with a mother's prayers, obtains what she seeks, and cannot be refused." On this point another of Our Predecessors of happy memory, Leo XIII, has said that an "almost immeasurable" power has been given Mary in the distribution of graces; St. Pius X adds that she fills this office 'as by the right of a mother.""
Encyclical Ad Caeli Reginam, October 11, 1954,  #42
Today I will turn to my heavenly Mother, the Queen of Heaven and place my petitions in her hands. I will have confidence in the words of the Popes who have encouraged the faithful to put their trust in the intercessory power of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  [S]he intercedes powerfully for us with a mother's prayers, obtains what she seeks, and cannot be refused." I will 
This is a rare photo of the Salus Populi Roman...

Salus Populi Romani Icon crowned by Pius XII in 1953 Image via Wikipedia

remember that she is both motherly and powerful.
Marian Vow:
Pius XII
"All, according to their state, should strive to bring alive the wondrous virtues of our heavenly Queen and most loving Mother through constant effort of mind and manner."
Encyclical Ad Caeli Reginam, October 11, 1954,  #49
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.