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‘Take off that habit!’ - A Moment with Mary

* May 7 – Our Lady of Monticino (Italy, 1776)  * ‘Take off that habit!’ ----- A Moment with Mary --

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May 7 – Our Lady of Monticino (Italy, 1776) 

‘Take off that habit!’


The Venerable Francis de Yepes, a Carmelite tertiary, often saw demons that tried to tempt him.

One day, while he respectfully kissed his scapular before putting it on, Satan approached him holding a gold chain. He said, 'Why not wear this gold chain instead? Cast away that thing we cannot bear to look at, that just torments us. Stop persuading so many people to revere and wear it.'

One night the monk let his scapular drop on the floor while he was self-flagellating. He saw demons come close to him. He hurried to put on the mantle of Mary again. They shouted furiously: 'Take off that habit that makes us lose so many souls. Those who wear it die piously and escape us.'

Francis de Yepes forced them to admit the three things that tormented them and were the most unbearable to them—the Name of Jesus, the Name of Mary, and the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

In Le scapulaire du Mont-Carmel, Editions Traditions Monastiques, March 1997

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