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Mary TV: July 16, 2018 Reflection - Become a Sign!

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July 16, 2018
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Dear Family of Mary!

Our Lady has often asked us to be a sign for others. She wants us to become apostles of her love. Her heart goes out to all those who do not know her Son, those who do not know the love of God. Here are five messages that Our Lady has given us over the years in which she asks us to become signs for others of the love of God. We might use these messages as meditations between the decades today. Enjoy:
January 25, 2007 "Dear children! Put Sacred Scripture in a visible place in your family and read it. In this way, you will come to know prayer with the heart and your thoughts will be on God. Do not forget that you are passing like a flower in a field, which is visible from afar but disappears in a moment. Little children, leave a sign of goodness and love wherever you pass and God will bless you with an abundance of His blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call."

August 25, 2009 "Dear children! Today I call you anew to conversion. Little children, you are not holy enough and you do not radiate holiness to others, therefore pray, pray, pray and work on your personal conversion, so that you may be a sign of God's love to others. I am with you and am leading you towards eternity, for which every heart must yearn. Thank you for having responded to my call."

February 25, 2011 "Dear children! Nature is awakening and on the trees the first buds are seen which will bring most beautiful flowers and fruit. I desire that you also, little children, work on your conversion and that you be those who witness with their life, so that your example may be a sign and an incentive for conversion to others. I am with you and before my Son Jesus I intercede for your conversion. Thank you for having responded to my call."

August 25, 2013 "Dear children! Also today, the Most High is giving me the grace to be with you and to lead you towards conversion. Every day I am sowing and am calling you to conversion, that you may be prayer, peace, love - the grain that by dying will give birth a hundredfold. I do not desire for you, dear children, to have to repent for everything that you could have done but did not want to. Therefore, little children, again, with enthusiasm say: 'I want to be a sign to others.' Thank you for having responded to my call." September 25, 2015 "Dear children! Also today I am praying to the Holy Spirit to fill your hearts with a strong faith. Prayer and faith will fill your heart with love and joy and you will be a sign for those who are far from God. Little children, encourage each other to prayer with the heart, so that prayer may fulfill your life; and each day, you, little children, will be, above all, witnesses of serving God in adoration and of your neighbor in need. I am with you and intercede for all of you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Mary TV: July 13, 2018 Reflection - The truth and true life


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July 13, 2018
Saint Henry
Dear Family of Mary!
"...My children, do not lose the truth and true life so as to follow the false one.By life in truth, the Kingdom of Heaven enters into your hearts, and that is the Kingdom of peace, love and harmony. Then, my children, there will not be the selfishness which distances you from my Son. There will be love and understanding for your neighbors. Because, remember, again I repeat to you, to pray also means to love others, your neighbors, and to give yourself to them. Love and give in my Son, and then He will work in you and for you. My children, ceaselessly think of my Son and love Him immeasurably and you will have true life, and that will be for eternity. Thank you, apostles of my love." (July 2, 2018)
Our Lady speaks of the truth and the true life. The truth is Jesus, who is the revelation of the Father. And true life is to live the way Jesus lived. All the virtues are designed to help us live the true life. They move us to love one another as we have been loved by God.
To live the true life, we must become like Jesus, live with Him, get to know Him, follow Him, contemplate His words, think about Him...become connatural with Him. We must develop the sensus fidei, the sense of faith. We must be able to feel the truth!
And so Our Lady says; "My children, ceaselessly think of my Son and love Him immeasurably and you will have true life, and that will be for eternity."
If we ceaselessly think of Jesus and love Him immeasurably we will be able to intuit His every wish and desire, we will be able to understand what Jesus would do, through holy empathy. This will be how the truth takes over in our lives.

Our Lady is calling us to a very important mission. We are to become those who comprehend - even if sometimes we do not understand the words- and within ourselves feel what the truth is! In our pure and simple hearts, we will become real apostles of love!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mary TV: July 12, 2018 Reflection - Within yourselves you feel what the truth is...


(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2017

July 12, 2018
Dear Family of Mary!

"...You, with pure and simple souls comprehend-even if sometimes you do not understand the words-and within yourselves you feel what the truth is..." (July 2, 2018)

What does Our Lady mean - "and within yourselves you feel what the truth is..."? I was puzzled at first by her words. How do we feel what the truth is? But then I remembered a phrase that was used by St. John Paul II, and by Vatican II, etc. It is "sensus fidei". It means the "sense of the faith", and describes exactly what Our Lady was talking about.

Our Lady said that it is the pure and simple souls who can feel what the truth is. These souls simply and purely love Jesus and listen to His words in Scripture with the heart. They pray with the heart. And so they understand Jesus with the heart. This heart understanding gives them the sense of the faith, the understanding of the truth that comes from knowing Jesus.

There is a document that describes the sensus fidei. It was written by the International Theological Commission, and is called "Sensus Fidei in the Life of the Church." It was written in 2014. I want to quote part of the introduction. I think it helps to make clear what Our Lady is talking about:

The sensus fidei as an instinct of faith

49. The sensus fidei fidelis is a sort of spiritual instinct that enables the believer to judge spontaneously whether a particular teaching or practice is or is not in conformity with the Gospel and with apostolic faith. It is intrinsically linked to the virtue of faith itself; it flows from, and is a property of, faith. It is compared to an instinct because it is not primarily the result of rational deliberation, but is rather a form of spontaneous and natural knowledge, a sort of perception (aisthesis).

50. The sensus fidei fidelis arises, first and foremost, from the connaturality that the virtue of faith establishes between the believing subject and the authentic object of faith, namely the truth of God revealed in Christ Jesus. Generally speaking, connaturality refers to a situation in which an entity A has a relationship with another entity B so intimate that A shares in the natural dispositions of B as if they were its own. Connaturality permits a particular and profound form of knowledge. For example, to the extent that one friend is united to another, he or she becomes capable of judging spontaneously what suits the other because he or she shares the very inclinations of the other and so understands by connaturality what is good or bad for the other. This is a knowledge, in other words, of a different order than objective knowledge, which proceeds by way of conceptualisation and reasoning. It is a knowledge by empathy, or a knowledge of the heart.

We see that the sensus fidei is more of a feeling or perception than it is a rational deliberation. Exactly what Our Lady meant when she said: "even if sometimes you do not understand the words..." This sense of the faithful comes rather from some other kind of knowing than intellectual discovery. It is not through verbal discourse but through a language of the heart that the simple and pure come to the truth. Why? Because through prayer and the simple reading of Scripture, they come to know Jesus as one would know his best friend. They know how Jesus thinks, what He finds important, what pleases Him. And in that knowing they come to know everything good, because Jesus is all goodness, all truth. They know Him, and so they can just intuit or feel what Jesus would do or say in a situation.

This is what the document expresses as "connaturality". It is the knowledge that comes from being with and loving someone so much that you just know their inclinations and desires as you do your own. You just know them. And when it is Jesus we know, then we have a deep sense of what is true, because Jesus is Truth.
I love this whole idea. No wonder Our Lady has urged us to pray, pray, pray. No wonder she has called us to Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. No wonder she has counseled us to read Holy Scripture. These are the ways that we come into a deep relationship with her Son. And once we have come to know him intimately, we will feel the truth.
This poor, confused world we live in needs to encounter the Truth now more than ever. If we follow Our Lady, we will become living signs of the Truth through our deep relationship with He who is the Truth. It is a gift we can give to others.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mary TV: July 11, 2018 - Update from Denis - We're getting ready!

Our Tower at Mary TV's station in Texas!

July 11, 2018 
Dear Mary TV team:
The tower at Mary TV's station just went up 50 feet - at no cost to Mary TV!   It's now 90 feet tall!  I can't wait to tell you what's happened! 
When Providence brought Fiber Optics to Mary TV's studios in Medjugorje Tom Matasso couldn't believe it.  Mary TV had been at the mercy of that one little cell tower on the mountain - everyone with a phone in Medjugorje was at its mercy.  I remember telling you that when he heard of the Fiber Optics being laid to our station in Medjugorje, Tom was so excited he could hardly contain himself!
But we still had a problem.  From Medjugorje our team streams to Mary TV's station in rural Texas - and it's from Texas that our Medjugorje programming goes out to the world.  The problem is that the only internet available in our remote location in Texas is a satellite dish.  From that station in Texas Mary TV's Medjugorje internet TV channel broadcasts 24/7.  And we're streaming HD, broadcast quality!    
Now I'm the one who can hardly contain himself!
Just last month a company in Texas decided to start laying Fiber Optics underground to Mary TV's station in Texas, a distance of over 30 miles, at their own expense!  And they're giving Fiber Optics to Mary TV for free - in exchange for being allowed to put an Omni transmitter on Mary TV's tower, which they just raised 50 feet (again, at no cost to Mary TV)!   Its height is now 90 feet (see photo at top)!
Fiber Optics is the best connection in the world!
I believe Our Lady is able to pull off these miracles because of your faith - the faith and prayers of Mary TV's shipmates!  Tom always said you are the most important part of the team! 
...Mary TV is becoming a more and more trusted news source.  The Papal Envoy's April 5, 2017 Press Conference in Medjugorje didn't escape notice by the world's media (who weren't present) because it was streamed Live by Mary TV!  Also, when the President of Croatia, (who has been in the news recently because of Croatia's Soccer team advancing in the World Cup) came to Medjugorje during the Summer of 2016, all requests by news media for interviews were turned down, except for one: the president said she was happy to give an interview to Mary TV! (see Tea with Rosie # 173). 
...We're installing a "Continuous Solar Power System" in Medjugorje we can stream Live from anywhere at any time direct to the Fiber Optics in our studio....
...We've also just set up a new radio internet connection system in Medjugorje that will allow us to do the same - connect to our Fiber Optics - from anywhere in the village....
.... We're beginning to install a Search Function on the web page, so programs and topics can easily be located (it will take a little time to log the thousands of hours of programming Mary TV has archived) ...
...Today the web page was moved to a new, more powerful cluster of servers.  Just wait and see! We expect everything to be fine-tuned in time for the Youth Festival!
...Today a company from Zagreb started fixing the leak in the basement of our facility in Medjugorje.... constructed for Mary TV's main studios, engineering rooms, control rooms, etc.....  I'm told the job will take two weeks (so keep praying) ....  We've been waiting 15 years to start using these facilities!!!! 
And it's coming just in time!

Satanists, occultists and witches are gathering during solar eclipses and waning crescent moons to cast spells, curses and incantations to protect the sacrament to Satan, abortion.  July 27, 28, 2018 will see the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st
Our Lady tells us that it's by keeping our gaze and hearts always directed towards heaven and eternity that we will be open to God and to His plans - we will be helping facilitate them.  
Mary TV is an important help to Our Lady's family right now...a daily portal for Our Lady's children around the world to keep their gaze and heart directed towards Heaven and eternity by staying connected to Medjugorje!  "My Son promised me that evil will never win, because you, the souls of the just, are here!"
Thank you for your continued financial support.  It's because of your generosity that we're able to continue...  Monthly donations are down.... Yes, your help is needed.  (You can become a monthly donor on line at )  We thank the Lord for you!

Make your donations on line here!
"Dear children! This is the day that the Lord gave me to give Him thanks for each of you...Rejoice, little children, because God is merciful and loves you all with His immeasurable love and leads you to the way of salvation through my coming here."  Our Mother's June 25, 2018 message, the 37th Anniversary of her apparitions in Medjugorje!
Thank you and God bless you,
Denis Nolan
Mary TV

PS. Mary TV's station has numerous back-up systems set in place, including energy by solar power in case the electricity was ever to fail.  We are working hard to be ready for anything!!

Solar Power for the Channel!!

Battery storage for emergencies!!

Channel control center in Texas

Control center in Medjugorje

Mary TV: July 11, 2018 Reflection - You are given the freedom to choose...P.5

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2017

July 11, 2018
St. Benedict

Dear Family of Mary!

"...My children, you are given the freedom to choose, but, as a mother, I implore you to choose the freedom for the good..." (July 2, 2018)
Our final virtue, and the most important of all is Charity (love)! As you can tell from the Catechism, love is the essence of God and our goal in life. All our actions must be motivated by and imbued with love. Because love is God and God is love.
1822 Charity is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God.
1823 Jesus makes charity the new commandment. (Jn 13:34) By loving his own "to the end," (Jn 13:1) he makes manifest the Father's love which he receives. By loving one another, the disciples imitate the love of Jesus which they themselves receive. Whence Jesus says: "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love." and again: "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." (Jn 15:9)

1824 Fruit of the Spirit and fullness of the Law, charity keeps the commandments of God and his Christ: "Abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love." (Jn 15:9-10)

1825 Christ died out of love for us, while we were still "enemies." (Rom 5:10) The Lord asks us to love as he does, even our enemies, to make ourselves the neighbor of those farthest away, and to love children and the poor as Christ himself. (Mt 5:44)
The Apostle Paul has given an incomparable depiction of charity: "charity is patient and kind, charity is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Charity does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Charity bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." (1 Cor 13:4-7)
1826 "If I . . . have not charity," says the Apostle, "I am nothing." Whatever my privilege, service, or even virtue, "if I . . . have not charity, I gain nothing." (1 Cor 13:1-). Charity is superior to all the virtues. It is the first of the theological virtues: "So faith, hope, charity abide, these three. But the greatest of these is charity." (1 Cor 13:13)

1827 The practice of all the virtues is animated and inspired by charity, which "binds everything together in perfect harmony"; (1 Cor 13:13) it is the form of the virtues; it articulates and orders them among themselves; it is the source and the goal of their Christian practice. Charity upholds and purifies our human ability to love, and raises it to the supernatural perfection of divine love.
1828 The practice of the moral life animated by charity gives to the Christian the spiritual freedom of the children of God. He no longer stands before God as a slave, in servile fear, or as a mercenary looking for wages, but as a son responding to the love of him who "first loved us": (Col 3:14)
If we turn away from evil out of fear of punishment, we are in the position of slaves. If we pursue the enticement of wages, . . . we resemble mercenaries. Finally if we obey for the sake of the good itself and out of love for him who commands . . . we are in the position of children. (Jn 4:19)
1829 The fruits of charity are joy, peace, and mercy; charity demands beneficence and fraternal correction; it is benevolence; it fosters reciprocity and remains disinterested and generous; it is friendship and communion: Love is itself the fulfillment of all our works. There is the goal; that is why we run: we run toward it, and once we reach it, in it we shall find rest.
Our Lady calls us to love in this message:
"Dear children! Today I call you to love with all your heart and with all your soul. Pray for the gift of love, because when the soul loves it calls my Son to itself. My Son does not refuse those who call Him and who desire to live according to Him. Pray for those who do not comprehend love, who do not understand what it means to love. Pray that God may be their Father and not their Judge. My children, you be my apostles, be my river of love. I need you. Thank you." (March 18, 2010)

"Be my river of love." Oh how much we want to respond to this call from Our Lady. May we become rivers of love, rivers of hope, and rivers of faith. May we become true Apostles of Our Lady!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mary TV: July 10, 2018 Reflection - You are given the freedom to choose...P.4


(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2017

July 10, 2018
Dear Family of Mary!
"...My children, you are given the freedom to choose, but, as a mother, I implore you to choose the freedom for the good..." (July 2, 2018)

Today we reflect on the Theological Virtue of Hope! This wonderful virtue powers us through the most difficult trials and keeps our eyes fixed on Heaven. It helps us to endure our troubles and choose the good, because of the joy that is set before us in Christ. Here is the Catechism's description of Hope:
1817 Hope is the theological virtue by which we desire the kingdom of heaven and eternal life as our happiness, placing our trust in Christ's promises and relying not on our own strength, but on the help of the grace of the Holy Spirit. "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. (Heb 10:32-32) "The Holy Spirit . . . he poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that we might be justified by his grace and become heirs in hope of eternal life." (Titus 3:6-7.)
1818 The virtue of hope responds to the aspiration to happiness which God has placed in the heart of every man; it takes up the hopes that inspire men's activities and purifies them so as to order them to the Kingdom of heaven; it keeps man from discouragement; it sustains him during times of abandonment; it opens up his heart in expectation of eternal beatitude. Buoyed up by hope, he is preserved from selfishness and led to the happiness that flows from charity.
1819 Christian hope takes up and fulfills the hope of the chosen people which has its origin and model in the hope of Abraham, who was blessed abundantly by the promises of God fulfilled in Isaac, and who was purified by the test of the sacrifice. (Gen 17:4-8) Hoping against hope, he believed, and thus became the father of many nations." (Rom 4:18)
1820 Christian hope unfolds from the beginning of Jesus' preaching in the proclamation of the beatitudes. the beatitudes raise our hope toward heaven as the new Promised Land; they trace the path that leads through the trials that await the disciples of Jesus. But through the merits of Jesus Christ and of his Passion, God keeps us in the "hope that does not disappoint." (Rom 5:5.) Hope is the "sure and steadfast anchor of the soul . . . that enters . . . where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf." (Heb 6:19-20) Hope is also a weapon that protects us in the struggle of salvation: "Let us . . . put on the breastplate of faith and charity, and for a helmet the hope of salvation." (1 Thess 5:8.) It affords us joy even under trial: "Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation." (Rom 12:12.) Hope is expressed and nourished in prayer, especially in the Our Father, the summary of everything that hope leads us to desire.
1821 We can therefore hope in the glory of heaven promised by God to those who love him and do his will. (Cf. Rom 8:28-30; Mt 7:21.) In every circumstance, each one of us should hope, with the grace of God, to persevere "to the end" (Mt 10:22) and to obtain the joy of heaven, as God's eternal reward for the good works accomplished with the grace of Christ. In hope, the Church prays for "all men to be saved." (1 Tim 2:4) She longs to be united with Christ, her Bridegroom, in the glory of heaven:
Hope, O my soul, hope. You know neither the day nor the hour. Watch carefully, for everything passes quickly, even though your impatience makes doubtful what is certain, and turns a very short time into a long one. Dream that the more you struggle, the more you prove the love that you bear your God, and the more you will rejoice one day with your Beloved, in a happiness and rapture that can never end. (St. Teresa of Avila, Eccl. 15:3)

Our Lady calls us to accept Jesus in our hearts, and carry hope to the world:
November 25, 2008 "Dear children! Also today I call you, in this time of grace, to pray for little Jesus to be born in your heart. May He, who is peace itself, give peace to the entire world through you. Therefore, little children, pray without ceasing for this turbulent world without hope, so that you may become witnesses of peace for all. May hope begin to flow through your hearts as a river of grace. Thank you for having responded to my call."

May hope begin to flow through our hearts as a river of grace!!!!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Monday, July 09, 2018

Sister Emmanuel's Report from Medjugorje for July 2018

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 Medjugorje, July 10, 2018
Dear children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!
1. On July 2, 2018 Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, surrounded by a large crowd of pilgrims. Here is the message that Mary addresses to everyone:
"Dear children, I am the mother of all of you and, therefore, do not be afraid because I hear your prayers. I know that you seek me and that is why I am praying to my Son for you, my Son who is united with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit - the Paraclete - my Son who leads souls to the Kingdom from where He came, the Kingdom of peace and light. My children, you are given the freedom to choose, but, as a mother, I implore you to choose the freedom for the good. You, with pure and simple souls comprehend-even if sometimes you do not understand the words-and within yourselves you feel what the truth is. 
 My children, do not lose the truth and true life so as to follow the false one. By life in truth, the Kingdom of Heaven enters into your hearts, and that is the Kingdom of peace, love and harmony.
Then, my children, there will not be the selfishness which distances you from my Son. There will be love and understanding for your neighbors. Because, remember, again I repeat to you, to pray also means to love others, your neighbors, and to give yourself to them. Love and give in my Son, and then He will work in you and for you. My children, ceaselessly think of my Son and love Him immeasurably and you will have true life, and that will be for eternity. Thank you, apostles of my love."

You may watch the apparition on:

2. The Anointing of the Sick. During a mission in Asia in 2011, I participated in a Mass during which the priest offered us the Sacrament of the Sick. As I had a problem with my cervical vertebra (upper spine) so I went forward, and after I received the Sacrament, I was healed. This pain never came back.
Many people come to Medjugorje or Lourdes to ask Heaven for a healing. Many also pray for this intention. They are often willing to travel thousands of miles in order to meet a priest with a special gift, or even a "healer", to have their prayers answered.
They forget that Christ Himself has left us a special Sacrament for the sick in which all His power unfolds, as it did in the time of His preaching: the Anointing of the Sick. Some are healed after receiving this Sacrament, others are given the strength to bear their suffering with Jesus.
This Sacrament, which for a long time was called the Last Rights, is not just for the dying! Given its rightful place after the Second Vatican Council, it is offered to all those who suffer from a physical or psychic illness. This Sacrament is given along with the Sacrament of Reconciliation - a good confession with renunciation of sin - and the Eucharist, two Sacraments that can also bring healing.
To anoint the sick, priests use the Oil of the Sick. All parishes have the in store this Oil of the Sick and it is desirable for this Sacrament to become better known to the faithful, and received more often. Let's not wait for the patient to be dying in agony before we offer it! Of course, the Blessed Mother willingly prays to her Son to heal us, but why not ask first for the Sacrament that He Himself offers us through His Church?  (See PS1)

3. Head-on clash between a Buddhist and the Living God
Who is Mike Lim? Of Chinese origin, this man lived in Singapore. His faith was that of a convinced Buddhist, and he was fiercely anti-Catholic. Despite this, he had a good heart and loved his family dearly.
His older sister, Violet, had been severely ill since her teenage years and her illness was incurable. Violet had to undergo a large number of operations. This was all done in vain as the illness and the pain were only getting worse: a real family nightmare. Mike could no longer stand to see her suffer like that, stuck in her wheelchair, without being able to help her. He had tried everything and was desperate.
In June 1995, moved by so much suffering, a Catholic friend, Rose, dared to suggest to him that he take his sister to a Mass followed by a charismatic prayer of healing. After first refusing categorically, Mike felt he had nothing to lose and relented. Once in the church, he felt uncomfortable, as this kind of prayer seemed ridiculous to him. But during the prayer that followed the Mass, Rose, moved by the Spirit, whispered in his ear, "Come on, Mike! Ask Jesus to heal your sister!"
Willing to 'play the game' for the sake of his sister, Mike went for it, and, for the first time in his life he addressed this unknown God: "Jesus, if you make her walk, I will believe in you!"
Then, out of the blue, he saw the priest heading straight to Violet, laying his hands on her for a moment, in prayer. Then, with authority, out loud, the priest told her, "Now stand up!" And that was the moment when the impossible became reality... Mike's eyes opened wide! He saw Violet slowly getting up from her wheelchair, then walking, then running, and finally dancing in the church! Mike was absolutely stunned and moved to the very depths of his being! He couldn't help crying out, "My Goodness! He is alive! He is real!" Then he began to weep and sob, as he kept on repeating the same words: "He is alive! He's real!" 
On that day his entire life turned upside down. This anti-Catholic was now eager to know everything about Jesus and the Catholic faith. He discovered the Bible and devoured it from A to Z in two months. He would read it for hours a day, like a thirsty man who has finally found the living water that quenches his thirst. His soul wanted the living God so much!
He was baptized, as was his whole family. He entered seminary at the age of 38, and is now a priest of Jesus Christ in an Australian Catholic parish. He always says to his parishioners: "It took me 35 years to find the Living God, but you received Him from your childhood! And you want to get rid of Him? Listen to me: "Never abandon Him!"
This same Mike Lim, who became Father Mikael, visited us recently in Medjugorje. He is also the one who gave us the Anointing of the Sick in Singapore in 2011, this Sacrament that allowed me to receive the important healing that I mentioned above.
Yes, Jesus is alive! Our God is not a statue made by human hands, powerless to save anyone. He is real and alive, and His name is love! His name is "God saves", Yeshua!
4. A great disciple of Christ, Father Kevin Scallon, left to join the Father on June 25th, during the 37th anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions. Throughout his life as a priest, he tirelessly travelled the world to draw souls to God, especially to His Eucharistic presence. Endowed with inspired words and often the gift of healing, he frequently accompanied Sister Briege McKenna in her missions, thus saving a large number of priests, releasing them from all kinds of torments that the enemy can inflict upon "God's Chosen ones". 

Father Kevin would stay with us for a few days almost every year in Medjugorje with Sr. Briege, counselling us and telling us stories. We loved him very much. To us he was a real father, radiating the face and the tender love of the Heavenly Father. One of our sisters said, "If I were to imagine the love of the Heavenly Father, I would compare him to Father Kevin's heart."
Here is one of the most beautiful stories from his life, which describes so well his special closeness to God:
5. Christmas Eve. While Father Kevin was driving to his nephew's house to celebrate Christmas, his car broke down at 9pm. The car just would not start again but he was still an hour away from his nephew. It was Christmas Eve, and since he had left Dublin, he had not seen a single car or a living soul. In the glow of the moon, he saw a small house right in front of the place where the car was stuck. A light shone at the window. He decided to ask to use the phone to call his nephew. He opened the little white wooden fence, followed the path and knocked at the door, as there was no doorbell. A man looking rather young opened the door and greeted him warmly. Looking inside the house, he saw a young woman with a baby in her arms. She was holding the baby's head against her cheek. She smiled at Father Kevin who asked her husband if he could make a call. The young man replied, "We do not have a telephone, but if you walk back to the city, there is a bicycle salesman to the right of the supermarket, he will let you use the phone." "May I leave the car in front of your house?" asked Fr Kevin. "Of course, I will keep an eye on it," replied the man.  He thanked the couple and wished them a merry Christmas.
So, on this beautiful night, in the moonlight, Fr Kevin walked all the way to the city to the bicycle shop. On the way, he kept thinking about his meeting with the couple and their baby, especially with that strange smell in the house. It did not smell like Ireland. Why did it remind him of his recent trip to the Holy Land? And why was the house only lit by candles?
From the bicycle shop, Father Kevin was able to call his nephew who came to pick him up. The next day, they fixed the car with a local mechanic. When the work was done, Fr Kevin wanted to say hello to the young family living opposite, and walked to the little white wooden fence but he couldn't find it. There was only a hedge, and farther on, just a field, and no house as far as the eye could see. On the return trip, his nephew kept talking. Father Kevin, meanwhile, remained silent. It was the feast of the Holy Family... Hadn't he seen it with his own eyes?!
6. Mgr. Hoser arrived in Sarajevo on the 5th of July. He was able to meet several members of the local Church hierarchy, including Cardinal Pulic. He arrived in Medjugorje on the 6th. We are overjoyed by his blessed presence among us. Let us pray for him, and for the important task with which he has been entrusted by Pope Francis. May Our Lady and the Holy Spirit guide him!

7. After the summer break in July and August, the next Live Broadcast of my reflections on the message of the second of the month will be on September 3rd at 9pm. 
Dearest Gospa, the day of your Triumph is getting closer, and already we rejoice with you! Please give us the strength to live the time that remains in defiance against the enemy's tricks, and help us shorten this difficult time by living your messages, especially with your dear "twin weapons" that are prayer and fasting with the heart!

Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

PS1. All explanations about this Sacrament can be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, §1499.
PS2. The parish has just experienced a wonderful retreat for priests, with more than 300 priests coming from all over the world. 
Priests! Do not forget this powerful message that Mary gave to encourage you: "Dear Children, once again, I invite you to pray for your shepherds. By their side, I will triumph!" (Oct 2, 2010).
PS3. Since the Holy Father's intention for this month is to pray for priests, here is a beautiful prayer that we can all offer to God:
"God Almighty and eternal, by the merits of your Son Jesus and because of your love for Him, have mercy on the priests of the Holy Church. Despite their sublime dignity, they are weak and are like your other creatures. Deign in your infinite mercy to give them the fire of holy love and ignite their hearts. Please rescue them: do not let them fall or lose their vocation. O Jesus, we beseech you: have pity on the priests of your church, of those who serve you faithfully, take care of your flock and let them glorify you... Have pity on the priests who are persecuted, in prison, abandoned, burdened with suffering... Have pity on the priests who are lukewarm and those who waver in their faith... Have pity on the sick or moribund priests... Have pity on the priests who are in purgatory. Lord Jesus, we beg you, grant our prayers, have mercy on the priests, they are yours; deign to enlighten them, to fortify them, to comfort them!
O Jesus, we entrust to you the priests of the whole world, but please take special care of those priests who baptized and absolved me; of those who, for me, offered the Holy Sacrifice and consecrated the host to nourish my soul.
I entrust to you the priests who have dispelled my doubts, straightened my weaknesses, directed my efforts, and comforted my sorrows: For them all, in remembrance of these blessings I implore your help and your mercy. Amen.                            
Mgr. Kiung + Former bishop of Shanghai
PS4. "Truly Sister Emmanuel's Best Work Yet!"

PS5. Our next missions, the fruit of which will depend a lot on your intercession: Asia in July, Spain in September, South America in November, Dubai in January, God willing!

PS6. Come or send a young person to the most beautiful Youth Festival, from 1 to 6 August in Medjugorje!
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