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Ivan States Physical Changes Will Happen in the World

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Ivan States Physical Changes Will Happen in the World

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 June 30, 2011 A.D.

AFriend of Medjugorje wrote 30 years of Apparitions 2 months ago in April 2011. The writing begins with the the questions: 

Do you not wonder why Our Lady has been coming to us for 30 years?

Why so long? 

Why so many messages?

What is Our Lady's purpose?

A Friend of Medjugorje goes on to answer these questions clearly about the future and what Our Lady will do physically with the culture. A Friend of Medjugorje has written more on the Medjugorje messages than anyone else in the world. His writings are strongly followed, giving spiritual formation to people all over the world based in Our Lady's messages.

It is widespread reported by MaryTV, that on June 24, 2011, Ivan shared in his chapel the following. Ivan stated: 

“These apparitions of Our Lady are a great crossroads...” for mankind.

Ivan continued that the apparitions are:

“...a new call, a new way, a new future for mankind.  But how aware are we of the messages? Do they go to our heart?  Do we live them?  For thirty years we have had a message, you could say, each day from Our Lady.  Can we live these messages in one life time?”

Ivan continues: 

“For a few years we had a message every Thursday and then we had a message once a month.  Why?  Our Lady was giving us more time to understand each message.  It is important to use our time well, to live the messages.”

Speaking about the future Ivan stated:

“Many pilgrims, even priests, don’t understand why Our Lady has been coming every day, what she could be saying to me every day and what I have to say to her every day.  I have to tell you we talk a lot!! One day when things are revealed, you will understand, your eyes will be opened.  When we see the physical changes that will happen in the world, we will understand why She came every day.” 

Regarding this statement about physical changes Ivan stated:

”I am not talking about the secrets. The time before us is one of great responsibility.”

A Friend of Medjugorje's writing, 30 Years of Apparitions is not a doom and gloom writing and in light of Ivan's above comments about physical changes, A Friend of Medjugorje gives you the “why's” to the above questions that appear in the beginning of 30 Years of ApparitionsYou can download FREE, 30 Years of Apparitions or order in bulk by visiting here. 

Another writing by A Friend of Medjugorje that talks about physical changes coming, and many readers relay is prophetic, is the book It Ain't Gonna Happen. It is a must read for our times. Click here to order in bulk or to download.

30 Years of Apparitions


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Mary TV Daily Reflection 6/30/2011

Podbrdo pilgrims praying 30th


Apparition Hill during the 30th Anniversary
(c)Mary TV 2011
June 30, 2011
The First Holy Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Give thanks with me to the Most High for my presence with you. My heart is joyful watching the love and joy in the living of my messages. Many of you have responded, but I wait for, and seek, all the hearts that have fallen asleep to awaken from the sleep of unbelief. Little children, draw even closer to my Immaculate Heart so that I can lead all of you toward eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call." (June 25, 2011)

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the secret weapon of God! In these terrible times when it seems that common sense and faith have disappeared, God is sending his secret weapon to save the world. The "Woman" of Genesis 3:15 is with us these days, in the most extraordinary way! She is present in Medjugorje. You can't see her, or hear her, but you definitely can feel her. She is there. And the power of her presence changes you.

This is something I heard over and over again in Medjugorje, during the 30th Anniversary. Each pilgrim I met had a story to tell and it always revolved around their experience of Our Lady in Medjugorje, of her love, her comfort, her ability to bring about conversion, her power to change the heart. If I took the time to let the conversation deepen, I would discover a beautiful encounter with Our Lady at the heart of every story. It was amazing!

I have gathered many of those stories, and will share them as the days unfold. But one that stands out to me is the last story I received. I was standing in line in the Frankfurt airport, waiting to board the plane, when I started talking to a group of people next to me. I asked them where they had been and they said, "Medjugorje!" They began to explain to me that they were all cousins and second cousins and aunts and uncles. About 30 all together, they had gone to Medjugorje as a family trip. I dug a little further and found out that the reason they all went to Medjugorje was their grandmother! I was intrigued, so I asked to meet her. She was not far away in line, so I had a talk with her.

Her name is Ann Hodes, and she is the mother of 11, grandmother of about 55, and great grandmother of about 11 (I will have more accurate stats when I talk to her again.) She and her husband began going to Medjugorje in the 90's. They realized that it was the best place to find God. So they began taking family members to Medjugorje. After her husband's death, Ann continued to bring family members to Medjugorje, using a small inheritance from her mother to send all of her children, and many of her grandchildren to Medjugorje. She told me that it is the best investment she has ever made. It is an investment in the future! You could see the fruit of that investment on the faces of her descendants in the airport. Such a happy and beautiful group!

Ann's incredible generosity is an example for all of us! She is living life as Jesus asked us to live it, with no fear. Today is Thursday, the day we read Matthew 6:24-34. Ann serves only one master, the Lord. She has not spent time worrying about her future, what she will eat or drink or wear. She has spent her time and energy building the future, one descendant at a time, by taking them to Medjugorje, where they can experience Our Lady and be healed and filled with joy! She is an example to all of us. She seeks the Kingdom of God, not just for herself but for her whole family.

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2011


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Urgent spiritual crusade



I sent an instant e-protest message to the Beck Center for the Arts – because they’re showing Jerry Springer: The Opera, which is full of profanity, nudity and blasphemous content against Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic religion.

I hope you will too.

Click here to send your instant e-protest message.


May the Virgin Mary, with her loving Child, bless us!
"May the Lord grant all your prayers!" (Psalm 20)
Deacon John

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


From: Dominic Chiango

Father Don Stefano Gobbi, who had received 604 prophetic messages
between July 7, 1973 and December 31, 1995, and was instrumental in
bringing about 6000 worldwide prayer groups to help the world to
prepare for the return of Jesus, has passed away on this Wednesday,
June 29, 2011.

The Marian Movement of Priests

Father Stefano Gobbi was born on March 22, 1930, in Dongo, Italy, a village near Como, the lake region north of Milano. He is a member of Company of Saint Paul, the first Pontifical Secular Institute founded in 1920 by the then Archbishop of Milano, Cardinal Ferrari, recently beatified by Pope John Paul II.
Before his ordination to the priesthood in 1964, he managed an insurance agency. He holds a doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical University of the Lateran in Roma.

It was on May 8, 1972 while praying at the Chapel of the Apparitions at Fatima that the Mother of God impressed upon Father Gobbi her desire that he start the Marian Movement of Priests. Reassured by an unmistakable sign that it was God's will, and with the approval of his spiritual director, he and two other priests launched the Movement on October 13, 1972.
It was exactly 55 years since the stupendous miracle of the sun at Fatima had underlined the importance and urgency of the message Our Lady has been commissioned to bring to earth.

From a very humble beginning, the Movement has spread throughout the entire world.
Father Gobbi has been receiving "interior locutions" messages from Our Blessed Mother, since 1973. It is the instrument chosen by Our Lady to carry her voice to the hearts and souls of her beloved children, a guide for helping them to live the consecration to her Immaculate Heart. Her messages reveal her maternal plan to lead all souls back to Jesus.
The messages have been published in diary format under the name "To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons".
The messages contained in this book must be understood not as words spoken directly by Our Lady, but received, in the form of interior locutions, by Don Stefano Gobbi. Their publication is in conformity with the directives published by Pope Paul VI on the 14th of October, 1966.

The Godly coincidence is that Father Gobbi had a massive heart attack
on Sunday, June 19, the Solemnity of the feast of The Most Holy

Today, it was determined that he was brain dead resulting in the
removal of his feeding tube at 12 noon, after which time he died at 3
PM at the time of Divine Mercy. The time frame of Jesus' death.

The Eucharistic celebration of his life will be this Saturday, July 2
on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the person shown in
Genesis 3:15 who will tread on Satan's neck. and the same woman of
Revelation 12, with her prototype depicted in 2nd Kings 2:19, as all
kings of the old testament had a "Queen Mother", the highest place of
honor, where she interceded for the subjects of the king, who gladly
granted her requests.

Here is one of the end time prophecies received by Fr. Gobbi on
December 5, 1994.

"I confirm to you that, as a result of the great jubilee of the year
two thousand, there will take place the triumph of My Immaculate
Heart, of which I foretold you at Fatima, and this will come to pass
with the return of Jesus in glory, to establish His Reign in the
world. Thus, you will at last be able to see with your own eyes the
new heavens and the new earth."

Unfortunately, the above "locution" message was misinterpreted because
the Italian word "PER" was used as "BY" ...... By the great jubilee
year 2000, instead of the proper translation being "by way of" or "as
a result of" this great year of jubilation, the 2000th year of
celebrating Christ's birth as Savior of the world.



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[MaryVitamin] St. Peter


Mary Vitamin for the Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul
Giovanni Battista Salvi

Image via Wikipedia

: St. Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary
Acts of the Apostles 5:15-16
"Thus they even carried the sick out into the streets and laid them on cots and mats so that when Peter came by, at least his shadow might fall on one or another of them. A large number of people from the towns in the vicinity of Jerusalem also gathered, bringing the sick and those disturbed by unclean spirits, and they were all cured."
Rackeve05 043

Image via Wikipedia

St. Alphonsus di Liguori
 "Saint Basil of Seleucia remarks, 'that if God granted to some who were only His servants such power, that not only their touch but even their shadows healed the sick, who were placed for this purpose in the public streets, how much greater power must we suppose that He has granted to her,  who was not only His handmaid but His Mother?"
St. Alphonsus di Liguori, The Glories of Mary, (Tan Books), 95-96
Today, I will pray that my loved ones may have Our Lady's shadow fall upon them and heal them.
Marian Vow:
Is not one with the Marian Vow, constantly living in the shadow of Our Lady? I will remember my vow, and ask to be transubstantiated into the Immaculate.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.
An article by Fr. Hardon discussing the miracles of  the first disciples:


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Commiato dei santi Pietro e Paolo, Messina Mus...Image via Wikipedia

insidethevatican - Jun 29, 2011
The Shadow Over Europe
Reflections on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Read this article here:
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Pre-Apocalyptic Prison Paranoia


We need a break from the Fr. Corapi story!  The world did not end as predicted in May, but in prison the end of the world sometimes seems like a recurring event.  Visit These Stone Walls this week for a dose of pre-Apocalyptic Prison Paranoia:  

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Check out this website I found at



An Italian locutionist, Father Stefano Gobbi, 81, of Milan, reportedly died at three p.m. today after spending several days in "very critical condition" in a coma that was induced after he suffered a heart attack on June 19.

According to Tammy Ouellette, national secretary for the U.S. Marian Movement of Priests in Maine (which was founded on Father Gobbi's reputed locutions), the priest's heart has been "very damaged." He underwent a bypass operation in 1998 but doctors have been unable to operate further. The death has been officially confirmed. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Father Gobbi rose to renown in Marian circles during the late 1980s as he released messages said to come from the Blessed Mother that addressed the world and the Church, including prophetic messages. His last public one was on December 31, 1997.

Meanwhile, the Marian Movement in the U.S. is under a new director, Father Francis Geremia, following the retirement more than a year ago of longtime director Father Albert G. Roux.

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Sad Times: Irish 'Catholics"


Dear Friend in Christ,

The decline of the Church is perhaps felt nowhere more acutely than in Ireland. Once a model of holiness and apostolic zeal, its downfall is a serious wakeup call for The Church in America and other countries. Please watch this episode of The Vortex from Dublin and pass it along to as many friends and family as possible.

GOD Bless you and your loved ones,

Michael Voris
~senior executive producer,

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Mary TV Daily Reflection 6/29/2011

God the Father painting the Virgin of Guadalup...

God the Father painting the Virgin Mary. Image via Wikipedia

June 29, 2011
Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Give thanks with me to the Most High for my presence with you. My heart is joyful watching the love and joy in the living of my messages. Many of you have responded, but I wait for, and seek, all the hearts that have fallen asleep to awaken from the sleep of unbelief. Little children, draw even closer to my Immaculate Heart so that I can lead all of you toward eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call." (June 25, 2011)

Last night, I sat down to do this reflection at around 7:00 pm. I was so tired, with jet lag, and a long journey home from Medjugorje, that I thought I would lay down for a quick nap before I wrote the reflection. I woke up this morning...good grief! So sorry about that. But the sleep was great!

Let me share something brief.


"The visionary Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez had her regular annual apparition on June 25th 2011.
At Her last daily apparition on May 7, 1985, Our Lady confided to Ivanka the 10th secret and told her that she would have an apparition once a year on the anniversary of the apparitions. It was that way also this year.

"The apparition which lasted 8 minutes took place at Ivanka's family home. Only Ivanka's family was present at the apparition. After the apparition, Ivanka said: "Our Lady spoke to me about the first secret and, at the end, said: 'Dear children, receive my motherly blessing.'" ( )

Ivanka has told us she waits for June 25th each year with great anticipation and emotion. She says for weeks before her apparition, she can think of nothing else. Ivanka has carried all ten secrets since 1985. Surely it is only prayer that sustains her during her long wait. When she came to Notre Dame in 2010, she shared how hard it was for her to only see Our Lady once a year. She is a model for us all of constancy and faith. We wait with you, Ivanka, for the day when we can all see Our Lady, face to face!

More tonight!

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2011


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World Priest Day July 1, 2011

A World at Prayer for Priests 1 July 2011 in Celebration & Thanksgiving for the 60th Anniversary of Pope Benedict's Ordination to Priesthood

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 29, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- We raise our hearts in thanksgiving for the 60th Anniversary of the ordination to the Priesthood of our beloved Pope Benedict XV1. We pray that he will receive blessings in abundance and millions of prayers and good wishes from all over the world on his special day.

Worldpriest invites the world to join in the Annual Global Rosary Relay for priests for which the Holy Father has specially written a most beautiful prayer to be prayed at all times for priests but especially as each of the 48 participating shrine locations pass on the Rosary Relay prayerfully and meditatively to the next location, the connecting link will be the Holy Fathers prayer.

What a gift to offer the Holy Father on his anniversary as a spiritual bouquet! What a smile this will bring to Our Lady's face for she is the Mother of all priests and our heavenly Mother also.

The Rosary Relay idea is a simple one: the first shrine is Our Lady of the Angels ,Los Angeles USA where the Rosary will be recited. They will then pass on the relay in succeeding hours to the other locations including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka , Malta, Dubai, Lebanon, Nazareth in the Holy Land, South Africa, Bosnia, Austria, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland , Belgium, Great Britain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and ending back in the USA at The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin at (GMT) 24.00.

Smash an all time record by having over 1000 people join in a free conference call of prayer in a 30 minute time span at New York (GMT 23.00) local (19.00). Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses. Free conference # to join in conference call of Rosary Prayer: 712.432.0075 passcode: 546958#

From the Irish National Shrine of Our Lady of Knock. Co. Mayo Worldpriest is broadcasting the Rosary Relay to the World via our website Please join in and pray with those gathered at Knock shrine. Ireland .(GMT) 17.00 local (18.00).

Use Face book & Twitter to share this great news with all your friends family, parents, children where ever you live in the world let your local Radio and TV stations know about this great day and ask them to join in prayer. We all need prayer now more than ever. This is a simple and very powerful way to pray..

When this Relay is concluded we will prepare for the Annual Global Rosary Relay for priest 15 June 2012. Join us then by visiting for updates and keep praying for our priests.

Follow us on Face book, Twitter & You tube. And join us in prayer at your countries appointed time.

Contacts for further information.

Marion Mulhall

Berni Neal

Dermot Mannion

James Diroff

Monsignor Michael Curran

Niall Kennedy

Ed O'Neill

Worldpriest Inc.
15th Floor,
410 Park Avenue,
New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 231-8265
Fax: (212) 751-3500

Bloomfield Avenue
Morehampton Road
Dublin 4
Tel: 00 353 1 2314600
Fax: 00 353 1 2315202


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Quietly Celebrating Our Lady's 30th Anniversary:

Current Information

The Caritas Community Quietly Celebrates Our Lady’s 30th Anniversary

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There is always a difference felt in the community in Alabama when community members are in Medjugorje. The power of the prayers being said from Medjugorje for the community brings new strength, joy and deeper prayer to those in the community who remain in Alabama at Caritas to look after the mission. This is especially felt during the days of the anniversary of Our Lady’s apparition in June. Knowing that our founder, his family and several other community members are before Our Lady in the apparitions each day in Medjugorje adds greater depth to the prayer of the whole community. It also brings joy to have a window, through our community members in Medjugorje, into what is taking place within the village of Medjugorje as these days pass.


Those of the community that were not in Medjugorje planned their own celebration of Our Lady’s 30th Anniversary on June 24 & 25. It was an intimate gathering of community with some friends and supporters, some of whom drove long distances to be here to honor and thank Our Lady for these 30 years of apparitions. On Friday, June 24th, a rain storm suddenly came in the afternoon, with heavy winds and hail, threatening to disrupt the plans to hold an evening vigil in the Field of Apparitions to usher in Our Lady’s anniversary. But when we gathered together that evening, the sky was clearing and the fading sun began making an appearance behind the clouds. We spent the evening sharing stories and remembrances of our experiences with Our Lady over these past 30 years, singing prayers between the stories, and then finally playing soft inspirational music after darkness had fallen. Our Lady’s statue was lit up by 1,600 candles from people all over the world representing their intentions to Our Lady. The stars came out as the last rain clouds drifted away and for some, that night in the Field was too lovely a scene to leave, too much peace surrounding this little piece of earth that Our Lady has sanctified so many times in past apparitions to Marija, that they decided to spend the night with Our Lady. Little community children, already sleeping, were tucked into warm blankets while their dads and moms held a silent prayer vigil of their own beside them. Some of the young girls of the community could be heard whispering and laughing while they watched a small field mouse running around within the maze of the candles, every once in awhile poking its face outward making its presence known to anyone watching. Our young girls then settled down with their Bibles reading by candlelight, eventually falling asleep with their Rosaries in their hands. From time to time, a single solitary person would come to kneel before Our Lady’s statue bringing their hearts to Our Lady, half way in the light, and half in shadows. The music faded away to silence, except for the sound of the crickets and an occasional bellowing of a cow in the distance. The peace and the joy in our hearts were exceptional that night. It will make our book of remembrances for future anniversaries of Our Lady when we stop and celebrate Her presence in our lives. It will be a comfort to us remembering this night when Her apparitions have ended and we know She no longer is appearing. Her words given during these anniversary days will also be a comfort.

June 24, 2011

“…Thank you, dear children, also today, for having accepted me again and having accepted my messages, for living my messages.” 

June 25, 2011

“…Give thanks with me to the Most High for my presence with you. My heart is joyful watching the love and joy in the living of my messages…”


Remembering You All in our Prayers during these Special Anniversary Days,
The Community of Caritas


The sky slowly transformed from threatening dark rain clouds… to brilliant colors of the sunset…and finally to a crystal clear star-strewn night sky during the vigil of Our Lady’s 30th Anniversary of Her apparitions on June 24, 2011, in the Field of Apparitions at Caritas.


Caritas community members look up to see a rainbow that has just appeared while praying the Rosary the evening of June 24, 2011. A perfect touch to an already beautiful night with Our Lady.


With the rainbow in front of us, the sky behind us was breathtakingly beautiful, casting a gold light on everyone in the Field.


A soft mist slowly began to cover the Field as the evening ended in silent prayer. It surrounded us and created the feeling of being in a cocoon of peace with Our Lady, the light surrounding Her overpowering the darkness.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Finest Set of Catholic Classics Ever Made: Let's Help the Poor Clare Nuns Find a Home!


The Cor Amoris Collection is comprised of five great Catholic Classics, each title specifically chosen by the Poor Clares. The deluxe leather set includes:

Abandonment to Divine Providence

Are you anxious about the trials of life? Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade teaches how to practice complete submission to the will of God in every situation.

The Imitation of Christ

The guide of saints since it first appeared in 1418. It was the sole spiritual reading of St. Therese of Lisieux, who loved it and knew it by heart.

The Interior Castle or Mansions

A remarkable description of the entire spiritual life from the first release from mortal sin into Sanctifying Grace through the Mystical Marriage of the soul with Christ.

Introduction to the Devout Life

Teaches how to lead a devout life, how we should approach God in prayer and the Sacraments, the practice of 16 important virtues, and more.

Story of a Soul

Details St Therese of Liseux's "Little Way" of spiritual childhood - her "elevator" to Heaven, as she called it.
Dear Friends,

I've long dreamed of publishing the Catholic Classics in the finest editions ever made.

The Poor Clares pray before
the Blessed Sacrament Daily
When the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration turned to me to help build their new monastery, I felt called to make this dream a reality. Deep in my soul, I knew it was time to launch our TAN Limited Editions, with the first fruits reserved for the Poor Clares.

Thus was born the Cor Amoris Collection - a deluxe library of Catholic Classics that will grace your home, nourish your soul, and help build a holy place of Eucharistic Adoration and prayer.
These five volumes - The Imitation of Christ, An Introduction to the Devout Life, Abandonment to Divine Providence, The Interior Castle, and The Story of a Soul - have inspired and encouraged generations of Saints with their beauty, wisdom, and spiritual power. Each title was hand-selected by the Poor Clares to deepen your prayer life and draw you closer to the “Heart of Love,” God.

For the first time ever I am making these five Classics available as a deluxe limited edition library. We've crafted each volume from the highest quality leather, with luxurious gilded edges, original prefaces and exquisite art.

Pre-order your Cor Amoris Collection today for delivery before Christmas 2011. Join me in bringing this work of beauty and love into your home. I'll reserve all net proceeds from your order for the Poor Clares, to build them the home they need, and to raise a Eucharistic throne for Our Lord.

Conor Gallagher
Vice President of Publishing
Order here:


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What Other Denomination Has Our Eucharistic Lord?

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Parents,Siblings,Cousins Or Friends Abandon
Our Eucharistic Lord For Greener Pastures!

My Dear People,

Why Our Lord would be so merciful and so generous as to leave us His Body,Blood,Soul and Divinity for our ongoing sanctification is a complete mystery. When Jesus first taught His disciples,“Unless you eat my Body and drink my Blood,you will have NO life in you”many left Him. He turned to Peter and the Apostles and asked if they were leaving as well. Peter speaks up and says,“Lord to whom shall we go;You have the words of everlasting life.”
O Salutaris Hostia

The Holy Eucharist,Our Bread Of Life

Our first Pope speaks for all of us in the declaration. What other denomination,what other faith can we go to,to find our Eucharistic Lord? And yet today,in all of our families we find parents,siblings,cousins and friends abandoning the Eucharist in search of something better. These apostates are no different than the first disciples who abandoned Our Eucharistic Lord in search for “greener”pastures.

Do not stop praying for the lost sheep. Jesus longs for their return. Pray for your conversion and theirs that we might always seek Him in the Holy Eucharist!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we always be merciful and generous to His Body and Blood.

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Mary TV Daily Reflection 6/28/2011



Ivan's apparition on June 26, 2011
courtesy of Mary Matasso 2011, used with permission

June 28, 2011
St. Irenaeus

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Give thanks with me to the Most High for my presence with you. My heart is joyful watching the love and joy in the living of my messages.  Many of you have responded, but I wait for, and seek, all the hearts that have fallen asleep to awaken from the sleep of unbelief. Little children, draw even closer to my Immaculate Heart so that I can lead all of you toward eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call." (June 25, 2011)

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart by Antonio Ciseri.

Image via Wikipedia

In these simple and beautiful words Our Lady draws us into the future.  She leads us into our future which is eternity with God.  Isn't it a great comfort to us that she wants to accompany us on our journey towards the Father and actually lead us on that journey?  It is a comfort to me!  

As I experienced the 30th Anniversary in Medjugorje, surrounded by many thousands of people, it was clear to me that each of us present there somehow felt Our Lady's comforting presence, and that was why we were there.  We all came to Medjugorje in order to enter into her Immaculate Heart so that she could lead us to eternity.  I met many pilgrims during my stay, and heard wonderful stories of their encounters with Our Lady in Medjugorje.  Each person's witness increased for me the evidence of the power of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.  Each person who shared with me showed me how personally and uniquely she understood them and their needs.  Each story was completely unique, and astounding!  I wish I could tell them all now, but I am too tired tonight!  

Let me share briefly what Ivan told us about his apparition on June 26, 2011.  This was his first apparition after the Anniversary!  He was so tired from the busy-ness of the celebration, that he kept yawning and yawning during the rosary!  Poor Ivan.


After the apparition, Ivan shared that Our Lady came with her motherly greeting, "Praised be Jesus, my dear children!"  Then she extended her hands over all present and prayed over us, especially the sick.  She gave us all her motherly blessing and blessed our religious articles.  She prayed for all the personal intentions in our hearts.  Ivan reminded us that Our Lady knows those intentions, even better than we do.  She especially prayed for the families present.  

Then Ivan recommended to her all of our intentions and our travels home, and asked Our Lady and Our Lord to be with us.  Our Lady prayed for Medjugorje and for the Parish and the Priests of Medjugorje.  Then she had a private conversation with Ivan, and left in prayer in the light of the Cross and said, "God in peace, my dear children!"

Ivan finally encouraged us to read the June 25, 2011 message and try to live it so that Our Lady can give us new messages!

This beautiful encounter describes well what it is like to enter the Immaculate Heart of Mary!  It is to receive her blessings, her peace, her love, and her motherly care.  It is to entrust everything to her.  It is to live her messages so that we can continue on the road to holiness.


Thanks be to God for 30 years of being led by Our Lady to eternity!

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan

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New Alaska priest trades bulletproof vest for vestments


OLYMPIA, WA — It started out as just another routine day on patrol for Officer Steve Gallagher cruising the streets of Olympia, Wash. At an imposing 6’ 4” and 240 pounds, armed with a .45 caliber Heckler and Koch semiautomatic pistol, handcuffs and pepper spray, he was always ready to respond to the call. Like all cops, his goal at the end of his shift was to make it safely home, which for Steve meant being with the love of his life, his teenage daughter Molly. What would the call be on this particular day back in 2004? Shots fired? Burglary in progress? Domestic violence? Drug dealing?

Looking back at that event today, 58-year-old Father Steve Gallagher can’t even remember. That’s because the call he’ll never forget that day came from a higher authority, so to speak.

“One day I received an emergency call and was running lights and siren to it,” Gallagher recalled. “En route to the call the phone in my patrol car rang — it was Alaska calling.”

Gallagher answered, “Officer Gallagher.” It was not his dispatcher, but a priest from the Diocese of Juneau Alaska.

With sirens blaring, Gallagher politely but in a Joe-Friday-firm manner, asked the priest to call back in 20 minutes. The clergyman did as the cop requested and they discussed Gallagher’s inquiry about turning in his bullet proof vest for the vestments of a priest. Thus began the final leg of Gallagher’s response to the most important call of his life, the Catholic priesthood.


Fast forward now to the weekend of Divine Mercy Sunday, 2011 – also the weekend of the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Officer Gallagher’s inimitable faith journey, which began in the Pacific Northwest, was also being followed closely in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. He had spent the last four years at Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, Wis., earning his Master of Divinity degree. As part of his formation and to get some hands-on parish experience, Gallagher also spent three months in fall of 2010 as a deacon at St. Jerome in Oconomowoc, Wis.

The vineyard of Gallagher’s call, watered in Wisconsin, bore great fruit this spring. As he describes it, “nothing short of a miracle” took place on Saturday, April 30, 2011, when he received the Sacrament of Holy Orders from Juneau Bishop Edward Burns, followed by his first Mass on the day Pope John Paul II came one step closer to sainthood. The ordination and first Mass took place at St. Michael Church in Olympia, Wash., with representation of the faithful from not only the Pacific Northwest, but Alaska, Milwaukee and Oconomowoc.


St. Michael was chosen by Father Gallagher in part because of his daughter Molly. This is where she attended grade school for nine years, and received her First Holy Communion.

Molly, 22, was front and center, along with Steve’s 90-year-old mom, Mary Helen, among about 300 people in attendance.

But how can a Roman Catholic priest have a daughter?

Molly, a junior at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, is part of a small fraternity of Catholics whose biological fathers are also Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church, and she is overjoyed about it.

“He had to wait his entire life to get what he’s wanted since he was a child and now finally God has given that gift,” she said. “God has given him his own little heaven on earth.”

That little heaven was preceded by a little purgatory, too. Gallagher’s marriage did not work out, resulting in a civil divorce in 1994. He also requested and received an annulment from the Catholic Church. An annulment, described by Sacred Heart School of Theology Vice-Rector Father Thomas L. Knoebel, is a finding by the church that Gallagher’s marriage was not sacramental. In fact, Father Knoebel says that it is not uncommon for seminarians at Sacred Heart to have been married and divorced. However, “They are not even considered as possible students unless they request and are granted an annulment.”

Father Knoebel points out that Sacred Heart, which is known nationwide for its program for second-career candidates for the priesthood, also has many older seminarians who are widowers or men who have never been married. He’s also pleased with the diversity of age in the school’s enrollment, currently at 109, with about 15 to 20 seminarians in their 20s preparing to join the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

The annulment process took about a year, but Gallagher had no idea that a divorced man could ever become a priest. It was not until many years later when a priest told him during confession. The news opened the door for Gallagher to eventually pursue a dream that went back to 1962.


The first whisper of the call to the priesthood came when he was in elementary school on a religious retreat, led by a Franciscan friar in his hometown of Port Angeles, Wash.

Gallagher later spent four years at a high school run by the Benedictines of St. Martin’s. The call still remained unanswered after graduation in 1971. He tried a variety of jobs over the next several years, including as a tug boat worker, logger and finally a police officer in Port Angeles, where he stayed for nearly 10 years. The call, however, started getting louder, and he decided to go back to St. Martin’s Abbey. He became a novice monk, but after 18 months of discernment, opted instead for roll call at the Olympia Police Department.

Father Gallagher says his faith journey was much like his days as a traffic cop.

“Like other police officers all over the world, we do not like to direct traffic,” he said. “We know how hard it is to get someone’s attention and make them go in a direction other than the one they have chosen. Imagine how much harder it was for God to give direction to me – not because I didn’t want to go in the direction he had chosen – but because I thought I was driving.”

The next traffic detour was the longest. For 21 years, Officer Gallagher’s vocation was to protect and serve the citizens of Olympia, which he did with distinction. The road was made even more difficult for a stretch in which Gallagher won a bout with cancer. His former police partner and longtime friend, Police Chief Jim Pryde of Gladstone, Oregon, could not be more proud of his accomplishments.


“I know his heart and his gifts,” he said. “Steve was a cutting edge police officer, meaning he understood the importance of relationships and connecting with people.”

The evidence here is much more than circumstantial, found no further than Gallagher’s personnel file. For example, the mother of a child seriously injured in a bicycle-car accident wrote, “What particularly struck me was that when Steve walked into the emergency room and realized I was (the boy’s) mother, he fixed his gaze upon me and really searched for signs of peace or troubling in me, and gently, yet with a firm sense that he could handle my answer no matter how I responded … I was amazed at his presence of mind, empathy and compassion …”

In 1992, Gallagher was honored as the Olympia Officer of the Year, particularly for his work with children. His chief of police cited him for outstanding service in Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE), noting he also “volunteered his off-duty time to help troubled kids and their families deal with the loss of loved ones, sexual/physical abuse and anger control.”

One of Father Gallagher’s former classmates and current seminarian for the Salvatorian order, Michael Hopper, says, “He’s always been protecting and serving people. First as a police officer, now he’s taking it to the next level.”

Hopper also noted that seminarians could guess what Gallagher did in his former career, even if he never said a word about it. Hopper explained that Gallagher often put his cop skills to work at the seminary itself, making sure doors were locked and the building was secure, or intervening as a peacemaker if students got into a heated dispute.

Milwaukee area resident Trish Szalacinski drove with a friend more than 2,000 miles to see Father Gallagher’s ordination. As receptionist at Sacred Heart for the past 3 years, she first got to know him through his gregarious personality and not-so-subtle sense of humor.

“There were many times when I was on the phone, trying to be professional, and Steve would come up to me and make silly faces to try to get me to laugh,” she recalled.

Szalacinski believes that sense of humor will work beautifully with Father Gallagher’s experience as a police officer.

“He’s seen the world for what it is. He’ll make a wonderful priest taking care of people on all sides of the flock,” she said.


For Father Gallagher, the flock he is now shepherding, as associate pastor at Holy Name Parish, is in Ketchikan, Alaska. Holy Name is part of the Diocese of Juneau, which sponsored him at the Sacred Heart School of Theology. The appointment of Father Gallagher to this diocese is an answer to the prayers of many of the faithful, since there are only nine priests (including Father Gallagher) to serve an area the size of Florida.

Angie DelMoral and her husband Tony of St. Gregory Parish in Sitka first met Gallagher when he visited during Christmas break in 2008. They are positively thrilled he is now ordained.

Angie says, “As Catholics living in southeast Alaska, it seems we’ve developed a deeper understanding of the term, ‘Advent,’ since many of us live in a constant state of waiting for the arrival of our shepherds. It was with this same, truly joyful hope that we awaited Steve’s ordination and arrival to our diocese.”


With that arrival, Father Gallagher has completed the police-to-priest transition, on duty in a precinct of such size that would humble any cop. Even though his police work is now behind him, he will always have a special place in his heart for his brothers and sisters in blue. He’s hoping that his own faith journey might be an inspiration to other officers to deepen their relationships with Jesus Christ.

Father Gallagher knows that while there are other cops out there who have made the same transition he did, the vast majority of Catholic lawmen will not go from getting confessions of suspects to hearing confessions of sinners. Nevertheless, he reminds all Catholic cops, whether on the job or retired, of the importance of using spiritual weapons of prayer and receiving the sacraments to complement their calling to protect and serve.

Father Gallagher is ready to help out, too. He said those who have questions or want to see how they can “Catholic-up” in their law enforcement lives, can reach him at

As Father Gallagher recommends, “Stay connected or re-connect to your faith. There’s a lot of evil out there that cops have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, and we’ve got the best partner to team up with. When the Lord says, ‘Come, follow me,’ there is no desperation; it is simply hope. Be not afraid.”

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From New Oxford Review: Vital Works Reconsidered


Advice to Hell-Raisers

C.S. Lewis and Peter Kreeft, both superb apologists for the Christian faith, have made it possible for us to realize how cleverly the devil mocks us.

Read all about it...


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Mary TV Update 6/27/2011



30th Anniversary Crowd
courtesy of Mary Matasso 2011, used with permission

June 27, 2011

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Give thanks with me to the Most High for my presence with you. My heart is joyful watching the love and joy in the living of my messages.  Many of you have responded, but I wait for, and seek, all the hearts that have fallen asleep to awaken from the sleep of unbelief. Little children, draw even closer to my Immaculate Heart so that I can lead all of you toward eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call." (June 25, 2011)

Praise be to God for Medjugorje!  On Saturday, June 25th, many thousands of people joined together to praise God for Medjugorje, to thank Him for the gift of 30 years of apparitions, for 30 years of Our Lady's presence with us in this special way, for 30 years of this oasis of peace.  The huge plaza behind St. James Church was completely filled with people, shoulder to shoulder, gathered around the altar to celebrate Holy Mass, to receive their Lord in the Eucharist, to worship the Son of Mary, and to give thanks to the Father for the salvation which was given to us through Mary's 'yes' so many years ago. 


Later that same crowd of people became silent, adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and then sang songs of love to Him, opening their hearts to His love outpoured so freely upon Him.  Then, in an outburst of joy, fireworks went off!  The whole village was awake to the sound of joyful thanksgiving.  I am sure that this awesome gathering of love and joy made Our Lady's heart fill with joy!  

Through her messages, Our Lady has been schooling us on the way of love and peace.  She has been teaching us the joy of living only for Jesus.  How many stories have I heard this week alone, stories of resurrection, restoration, healing and regeneration!  Our Lady has rescued heart after heart from the brokenness of unbelief and sin.  By encountering her love, countless pilgrims have learned to know the love of God, their source and destiny.  And countless lives have been transformed. This is the incredible gift of Medjugorje.  The raising up of souls to God!  

I have to pack and catch a plane, so this reflection will be short.  So much to share!  More to come when I get home.


God bless you!  
In Jesus and Mary!   

Cathy Nolan   


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Monday, June 27, 2011




VATICAN CITY, 26 JUN 2011 (VIS) - Before praying the Angelus today, Benedict XVI made some remarks about the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the "Feast of the Eucharist", which is being celebrated today in many countries around the world and which represents "the Church's most valuable treasure".


Pope Benedict XVI celebrates the Eucharist, a ...

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  The Pope explained how "the Eucharist is like a beating heart giving life to the mystical Body of the Church, which is a social organisation entirely founded on its spiritual yet tangible bond with Christ. ... Without the Eucharist the Church would simply cease to exist. In fact, it is the Eucharist which renders a human community a mystery of communion, capable of bringing God to the world and the world to God. The Holy Spirit, which transforms the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, also transforms those who receive it with faith into limbs of Christ's Body, thus the Church truly is a Sacrament of men's unity, with God and with one another.


  "In an increasingly individualistic culture", Benedict XVI added, "such as that in which we live in western societies and which is tending to spread throughout the world, the Eucharist constitutes a kind of 'antidote', working on the hearts and minds of believers and continually infusing them with the logic of communion, service and sharing, the logic of the Gospel. The first Christians in Jerusalem were an evident sign of this new lifestyle because they lived in fraternity and shared all their worldly goods, so that no one should be left in want. ... In later generations too, the Church, despite human limitations and errors, has continued to be a force for communion in the world. We think particularly of the times of greatest difficulty, times of trial: for example, what could the chance of coming together at Sunday Mass have meant in countries ruled by totalitarian regimes? ... Yet the vacuum produced by false freedoms can be equally dangerous; thus communion with the Body of Christ is like a medicine for the mind and the will, helping us rediscover our taste for truth and for the common good".


  After the Marian prayer, the Holy Father turned his attention to last Saturday's beatification in the German city of Lubeck of Frs. Johannes Prassek, Eduard Muller and Hermann Lange, killed by the Nazis in Hamburg in 1943. He also mentioned today's beatification in Milan, Italy, of Fr. Serafino Morazzone, an "exemplary pastor" from the area of Lecco who lived between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; Fr. Clemente Vismara, a "heroic missionary" of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in Burma, and Sr. Enrica Alfieri of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity, known as the "angel" of the Milanese prison of San Vittore.


  "In Italy, this Sunday preceding the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, marks the Day of the Pope's Charity", said the Holy Father. "I wish to thank everyone who, with prayer and offerings, supports my apostolic and charitable activities".


  Finally the Pope had words of greeting for "all the people of Poland and, in particular, Polish bishops and faithful who are participating in celebrations to mark the 600th anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral of Wroclawek".

ANG/                                                                                                VIS 20110627 (550)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Padre Pio Newsletter #48

Padre Pio Newsletter #48
My heart is filled with a fire of love....It is a delicate and very gentle flame which consumes without causing any pain....this is a wonderful thing for me, something I will perhaps never understand until I get to Heaven. 
   - St. Pio of Pietrelcina

Dear Friend of Padre Pio,

We are happy to let you know that Issue #48 of the Pray, Hope, and Don'tWorry quarterly Padre Pio publication is now available on the Padre Pio website. It is titled Padre Pio's Prophetic Spirit. You can read the newsletter online at this link:

After opening Issue #48, be sure to click on the small red icon at the top of the page which says, "Download Newsletter," in order to read and/or print out a copy in newsletter format (four pages) complete with photographs.

I am also excited to tell you that my second book on Padre Pio,which I have been working on for almost three years, will be available in late August or early September of this year. Keep checking back at our website for further information regarding the exact date of availabilityYou can learn more about the book by clicking on this link:

Recently, Jorge Contreras of Florida wrote to us at Padre Pio Devotions regarding a grace he received from Padre Pio. We were deeply inspired by his testimony and want to share it with you. Jorge wrote:
      "About 20 years ago I attended a seminar given by a priest who had returned from a trip to San Giovanni Rotondo. His testimony about Padre Pio was very inspiring and since that time I have developed a very close relationship with Padre Pio. I keep a small Padre Pio prayer card in the left pocket of my shirt at all times. Every night I  place it on my night table before I go to bed.

  I obtained a Master’s Degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry from Barry University and I am also a Certified Public Accountant. My wife and I have been active parishioners at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Miami where we head the Evangelization Ministry. I also teach Bible classes on Tues
Image of the heart showing the coronary arteri...

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      In 2010, I was diagnosed with severe aorta stenosis. My aorta valve should have had an opening of 3 cms. and mine showed only .75. To confirm the findings, my cardiologist, Dr. Hugo Garcia ordered a transesophageal echo test. The test showed the same results. My doctor explained to me that I was going to have to have open heart surgery. I met the doctor who was going to perform the surgery, Dr. Nirberto Moreno, at Baptist Hospital of Miami. When he saw the results of the echo test, he characterized the aorta stenosis as "critical.”
      Before the surgery, I had to have one other procedure, a heart catheterization. The procedure would take a close look at my arteries in order to determine the entry point for the open heart surgery. It my arteries were in good shape, the surgeon would go through the side of my chest. If the coronary arteries were obstructed, the center of my chest would have to be opened for the surgery. 
     The heart catheterization procedure was performed at South Miami Hospital on April 12, 2011. As I was coming out of the sedation, my cardiologist, Dr. Garcia, said to me, "Mr. Contreras, what have you done?" I did not understand what he meant and was afraid that he had bad news for me. "I have not done anything. But I have prayed a lot," I replied. "Well, keep praying,” my doctor said. “Your aorta valve now shows a 1.44 cm. opening. You do not need heart surgery.” I had been praying to Padre Pio since January, asking only that my coronary arteries would be healthy. Well, Padre Pio went all the way for me!"
-Jorge Contreras

Please pray for us as we pray for you, 

Your friends in Padre Pio,

Diane and Deacon Ron Allen


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Shock Wave: Diocese in Arizona suspends ex-TV priest who was at 'apparition' church for alleged misconduct


One of the Valley’s most prominent priests, the Rev. John D. “Jack” Spaulding, pastor of St. Timothy’s Catholic Community in Mesa, was placed on administrative leave Friday after a Diocesan Review Board Thursday night determined there was a “credible” allegation of his involvement in sexual misconduct with a minor. It allegedly took place more than 25 years ago when he was pastor at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Parish in Scottsdale.

A diocese spokeswoman said police were notified of the allegation, but the church has no knowledge of a criminal investigation being under way.

Read the story here:

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