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Heaven Speaks About Depression

Written by "Anne," a Lay Apostle   

We would like to offer these words of encouragement and comfort from Heaven for those suffering from depression, given through "Anne," a lay apostle. "Anne" has received permission from her local ordinary, Bishop Leo O'Reilly, Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland, for the spreading of her messages, and has also submitted all her writings to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

August 8, 2005


I send the greatest graces of courage to all who read these words. My children in the world can become discouraged and sad. Dearest little ones, if you are this way you must come to Me and rest your worries in My heart. I do not like to see you sad, even though life can be difficult. You feel you are alone and that is part of the reason why you feel such sadness. But you are never alone because I never leave you. To leave you would be acting against My very nature and such a thing is impossible. I am with you now, as you read these words, and I minister to your wounded heart with graces of love and courage. Continue on and I will send you relief. I have told you this and you must believe Me. It would also be acting against My nature to tell an untruth so you may believe Me and trust Me when I say this to you. I will send you relief. Bring all of your sadness to Me. Pour it out to Me. I will listen and I will continue to listen for days and days and on into eternity if necessary. I have the time, My beloved apostle. I am not too busy to listen to you.

On the Threshold of Eternity

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You may cry if you wish because I assure you, when I lived upon the earth, I also cried. Pain is unavoidable until you arrive in heaven. You are not the only one who suffers in this way. There are many souls in your world today who are suffering the sadness that you are feeling. Your world does not always nourish souls. Only I, the Divine Healer, can heal you. I can give you nourishment that will set your soul alight again. Come to Me in all trust. Be patient while I see to your wounds and hurts. You did not become sad like this in a moment. Come to Me all throughout your day and allow Me to help you carry this heavy cross of sadness.

St. Dymphna

My most loving greetings flow down to you. I am asking Jesus to send you a glimpse of heavenly joy. If you have this glimpse, even the smallest bit, you will proceed in great hope because you will know that you will not feel this way forever. And that is your fear, is it not? That you will be sad and downhearted forever? I am going to ask you to look at things a little differently. If you do, I feel sure you will find strength. You are only on the earth for a short time. There are many souls on earth today who do not see with clarity. They, these poor mistaken souls, think that the world and the time spent on earth are all that matter. They think you are on the earth to have fun. Well, this is not the case. Jesus is joyful, of course. Apostles who are serving Jesus are joyful. But your life on earth is not play time. It is time for service to heaven. Many beloved servants of Jesus suffer from great sadness and loneliness. You might say that this condition is common. Let me explain it another way.

While I was on the earth, I knew that I was separated from Jesus. I did not want to be separated from Jesus. This made my heart terribly heavy and sad. But I also knew that Jesus needed me to serve cheerfully, so this is what I did. I served as cheerfully as possible and allowed Jesus to use my sadness to console others. I traded my sadness for graces to heal others and bring others to His heart. This made me feel better because I knew that I was helping Jesus and working with heaven. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment, even in my depression. I am going to ask you to do the same thing. First, though, we will ask Jesus to heal you. It is always the right thing to do to ask for healing. If Jesus heals you, you will serve Him, of course. If Jesus wills that you carry the cross of sadness for a time longer, will you allow me, Dymphna, to assist you? I am going to obtain graces for you that will give you fresh strength. The Kingdom needs you. Jesus needs you. We will work together, you and I, to insure that souls are benefiting from any sadness that is yours.

St. Dymphna

Dear soul, how you suffer because you do not feel understood. Others make your cross heavier through their judgments and impatience. I want to tell you that I understand. I understand completely. And more important than my understanding is the total understanding that comes from Jesus Christ. Jesus knows your every hurt. He loves you so tenderly and wants to help you. Do you allow Him into your pain? Do not keep this pain from Him because if you do, you make it worse. Constantly give Him your pain. There are few souls on earth who use heaven as completely as heaven would like to be used. Trust heaven for everything.

You worry that you are not pleasing to heaven because of your sadness and heavy heart. I assure you, heaven is pleased right now that you are taking the time to read these words and work with us. You are not a burden to heaven. You are heaven's joy and you are a gift to the world in which you live. You may feel you are not treated like a gift in the world. That may be very true. But most of heaven's greatest gifts to the world are treated badly so do not let this worry you. Look what they did to our Jesus. The world does not always recognize heaven's little treasures. But you are different because you are going to trade earthly eyes for heavenly eyes. Look with the eyes of heaven now and view your suffering as temporary and valuable. Soft little hearts are wounded easily but that does not mean you should desire to have a hard heart. I shudder at the thought. Be happy with the heart that Jesus has given you. Seek understanding from the angels and saints and you will find it. Be patient with those around you because perhaps they are in their own pain and it makes them unable to minister to you. This is the state in much of the world, my dear friend. That is why there is so much sadness. But we will deal with your sadness first, and then you will help others to find heavens joy.

St. Dymphna

Do not be afraid. There is nothing that should make you be afraid. Jesus will care for your needs and you will care for His. Fear is paralyzing many on earth at this time. This brings us back to the need for the heavenly eyes. If you look at your situation and view it as heaven views it, you will understand that there is nothing on the earth that should make you fearful. You will serve for a time and then you will die in your body. This is the way it has always been. This is heaven's plan. This is not a bad thing but a good thing. Imagine living on earth indefinitely. That would make you sad because it would take away your hope that your time of service will end and your time in heaven will begin. If souls on earth do not think well of you and they ridicule you, well, my friend, that puts you in the greatest company you could find. They did not think well of Jesus. They ridiculed Jesus. They put Him to death. He was the greatest gift of God, the gift of Himself, and they killed Him. Did this make Him any less a King? No. He is the King. So the treatment of the world does not dictate the treatment you will receive in heaven, where the first shall be last.

Never fear the opinions of others on earth. Good and holy people understand your value and the value of your suffering. Step away from the opinions of others. Confess your sins. Let Jesus fill your soul and you will then reflect Jesus in the world, even in your suffering, or shall I say, especially in your suffering. As Jesus flowed through me, He will flow through you. All you have to do is agree to cooperate with Him. Offer Him each day in the spirit of love and patience. He will get you through another day, yes, which is another one of your fears, is it not? That you cannot get through a day? He will get you through that day and preserve each moment for eternity by using each moment for the salvation of others, who may be suffering even more than you. This is the Truth. This is where you are needed at this moment, perhaps. Will you make the most use of it?

St. Paul

Artist's depiction of Saint Paul Writing His E...

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My brothers and sisters suffering from sadness should take heart. The time for sadness is ending quickly. The darkness is lifting. Are these words not proof of that? You feel the great graces that flow from these words and from this mission. Ask for these graces and continue asking for each soul you meet, because Jesus is not limiting the amount of love and healing He is sending during this time. Do you hear me? Jesus is not limiting graces. We should celebrate. You are thinking that perhaps St. Paul has gotten the wrong topic. How can I talk about joy when you feel so sad? Well, it is exactly then that I need to talk about joy and all of the saints will agree with me. You see, we had joy in hope but we did not always have joyful experiences on the earth. The very thought would make us shake our heads. We marvel sometimes at the depth of suffering that is possible while you are in exile, away from heaven. Our joy came in Christ and in the hope, well placed, that Jesus Christ lived and died and rose from the dead. Do not hope in earthly souls. They will let you down hard. They cannot help it. They have their own pains and struggles. Hope in Jesus only. If you do this, you will not be disappointed.

So look at your sadness and say, "Jesus, I carry this sadness for You. I look up at Your figure on the cross and I offer You my own anguish." Together, you and Jesus will walk through your Calvary until He lifts it or He comes to take you home. You have a whole army of helpers in heaven who love you. We look at your struggle and we understand. Many of us carried that cross also. You are not alone. And you can be joyful because Jesus Christ lives and He will return to reclaim what is His. Now be brave a little while longer. Dymphna is right when she tells you to ask for healing. I, Paul, will join you and Dymphna in asking for your healing. We will all ask together. And if you receive healing, we will celebrate. And if you do not receive healing, we will celebrate, because all of Gods will is good.

St. Paul

Now, my friends, please understand that great sadness is not always a tragedy. If you never felt sad you would have difficulty in comforting others who feel sad. This would be the real tragedy, would it not? To see another soul in pain and not be able to offer consolation? It is better to receive consolation from a soul who has experience with the trial you are enduring. You understand this, I know. So do not begrudge Jesus this time of sadness in your life. Through it He will bring the greatest benefit to your soul.

I know that you might not agree with me but that is because you do not see what I see. I am in heaven and I see far more than you are capable of understanding. So perhaps you will trust me, and respect that I have the greater vision. If you walk through your dark period with Jesus, He will sow seeds of the greatest holiness in your soul. He will nourish your soul and tend to it lovingly. At the end of the trial, you will be a different person in that you will have a far greater capacity to house heaven in your soul and allow heaven to flow through you. You will benefit from this trial. This is Truth. You will benefit.

Will you benefit from an earthly perspective? No, my friend, not unless it is a Christian earthly perspective and then the benefits will be recognized. But generally, your world sees suffering as bad and to be avoided. We, on the other hand, see suffering as heavenly exercising or training, which conditions a soul to detach from the world. If Jesus needs you at a higher level of holiness and He seeks to do this through suffering, can you really object? I hear that you are saying, "Yes, Paul, but enough, I need relief." Jesus knows what you can bear. Again I say that you should ask Him for relief. But do understand that there are benefits to your suffering that you cannot see. I love you and send my courage to you. I am asking Jesus to send you my joy, also, because despite my great sufferings on earth, I had great joy. God's peace be with you always.

The Blessed Mother

My dearest little child, you need not be so sad. I am with you and I will take care of you. When you do not feel heaven's presence, it is only because you have turned away. It does not mean we are not there with you, interceding for you, watching you closely, and protecting you as you suffer. I love you most tenderly and I see that your heart is heavy and burdened. I do not like to see anyone suffering, ever, but I understand that it can be heaven's will. I watched my poor little Son suffer terribly, and while I objected through my entire soul, I understood that heaven's plan was more important and more productive than a mother's plan. God's plans must always come first, of course, if we are followers of God. And there is no other way to happiness.

Please, dear child of heaven, trust me that I will remain with you through your cross and that I will obtain all that you need to persevere through this trial. I will help you in many quiet ways that you cannot see. I will always be there with you. Seek out my assistance. I will go to the Throne of God and bring you with me. I will say, God, our good Father, please grant this treasured little soul everything needed for peace and calm. God is so softhearted. He will not refuse us. I am your mother and I understand your pain. I am here to help you and you must believe that you are cherished by heaven. I trust my Son in everything. So must you. You cannot know the totality of His goodness or the totality of His love for you, but you will believe your mother when she tells you that you should place all of your hope in Him.

For further information regarding the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King, or to purchase Heaven Speaks booklets, please contact Direction for Our Times on the Web at, or mail inquiries to the following address: 9000 West 81st St., Justice, IL 60458, U.S.A.

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Homily for the Second Sunday of Lent - 02-28-10

A Reading According to the Gospel of Luke - Lk. 9:28-36

" Now about eight days after these sayings he took with him Peter and John
and James, and went up on the mountain to pray. And as he was praying,
the appearance of his countenance was altered, and his raiment became
dazzling white. And behold, two men talked with him, Moses and Elijah,
who appeared in glory and spoke of his departure, which he was to
accomplish at Jerusalem. Now Peter and those who were with him were heavy
with sleep, and when they wakened they saw his glory and the two men who
stood with him. And as the men were parting from him, Peter said to
Jesus, «Master, it is well that we are here; let us make three booths,
one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah» -- not knowing what he
said. As he said this, a cloud came and overshadowed them; and they were
afraid as they entered the cloud. And a voice came out of the cloud,
saying, «This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!» And when the voice
had spoken, Jesus was found alone. And they kept silence and told no one
in those days anything of what they had seen. "


 A few days after having confirmed Peter in his mission as the "rock" (Mt.
16:18) and foundation upon which he would build his Church, Jesus takes
Peter, John and James up on a mountain, Mount Tabor in Galilee. Jesus
certainly could have taken with him the twelve apostles, and invited them
all to contemplate his glory in the Mystery of his Transfiguration. But
he did not do so. For he wanted to give us a sign: that of divine election.

What the Mystery of the Transfiguration realizes in Jesus is the
glorification of human nature, elevated by God to the most profound
intimacy, in limitless charity, with divine nature itself. Jesus-Man is
truly transfigured: the glory of divinity is reflected in a dazzling way
on his face and on his entire being. But this is also, and especially, a
sign for the men and women who are called by God to share in his infinite

Saint Luke tells us that Jesus prayed. Now, Jesus did not pray as if he
had to ask his Father for some power he did not have: Jesus is both God
and Man, and he is the Almighty. Thus, if Jesus prayed, and he did do
so, it was to give us an example to follow, it was to be the sign of
humanity glorified by the Father, in the Spirit. Thus, when Jesus prays
with the three apostles Peter, John and James, he does so in order to
tell us, by way of a sign, that only a few men (or women) respond to the
call of God.

Of course, among the apostles, it was not only Peter, John and James who
were among the elect of God. But, in the group of the nine other
apostles that Jesus did not take with him, there was Judas, the traitor,
the "son of perdition" (Jn. 17:12). This clearly shows that these nine
others signified those men and women who, unfortunately, would be lost
forever, not benefiting from the bliss of Heaven and the glory of God.
Jesus never ceased repeating this in his discourses: "Many are called,
but few are chosen." (Mt. 22:14)

 God desires the salvation of all the men and women he created in his Love.
This is true, and it will always remain true until the end of the world.
But who wants to make the effort to attain Salvation in Jesus Christ?
Who wants to follow the Lord in the ignominy of the Cross of Calvary in
order that he might thus receive, from the Father, the Glory of the
Resurrection in the Holy Spirit? Who is the man or woman who speaks with
Jesus in Holy Communion, asking him, in the silence of the heart, for the
graces necessary for him or her to carry each day's cross?

For this is our daily Transfiguration: Communion of the Body and Blood of
Christ! Through it, we are already glorified and transfigured with
Christ, going step by step on the sometimes smooth, sometimes difficult
road of this earthly life. Through the Mystery of his Transfiguration in
the presence of Moses and Elijah, Jesus wanted to show his apostles,
ahead of time, the Glory of his Resurrection. They would thus be better
able to undergo the trial of the Cross and the Passion of their Master.
We, too, can receive within us the risen Jesus in order to be better able
to carry our daily cross.

 Peter is filled with the joy of the Spirit! Peter is happy! Are we not
just as happy when Jesus comes to visit us through his grace? Or when we
approach the altar to receive the Body of Christ? Truly, Peter is at the
summit of happiness, to the point that he no longer knows what he says:
"... not knowing what he said." On the day of Pentecost, during the
feast of Tabernacles, Peter will once again seem almost insane with joy
through the anointing of the Holy Spirit who will have just entered him.
People will even think that Peter and the apostles are drunk: "They are
filled with new wine." (Acts 2:13) Indeed, they had drunk of the wine of
the Spirit!

 Jesus, Moses and Elijah disappear in the cloud that covered them. Peter,
John and James are frightened. But of what are the apostles really
afraid? Of the cloud, or of the voice of the Father? In fact, both of
these are a single Mystery: that of the New Covenant in Jesus the Son of
God. The cloud makes the representatives of the Old Law - Moses and
Elijah - disappear, in order to make way for the New Law in Jesus Christ.
When the Father speaks, this is nothing other than the proclamation of
the Good News, the Good News that lives in Jesus the Son of God. The
cloud and the voice of the Father both lead to Jesus, and Jesus alone:
"When the voice had spoken, Jesus was found alone."

The new has a certain attraction: it changes! But, the new also causes
fear, for what is new to us is unknown. The same applies to the new life
in Jesus Christ: it attracts us, but in a sense it also frightens us.
Who is not afraid of death? And yet, it is the only thing that can bring
us this new life in Jesus the Son of God. All the men and women of the
earth are called by God to share in his life for all eternity, but which
of them will be the elect of God? Happiness and fear, love and justice:
an inseparable couple!

 Even if the Spirit of God were to give someone the inner conviction that
he is one of the elect of the Lord, why would this person shout it out
from the rooftops? First of all, due to humility, he would fear the
possibility that he is mistaken: "errare humanum est"! Also, if he did
act in this way, it would be extremely likely to cause jealousy in other
people, a jealousy that the devil would not fail to stir up. It would be
better to wait until the day of the Resurrection of the dead to speak of
it! So this is what the apostles did, and particularly Peter, who
awaited the Resurrection of his Master, and even beyond, to speak of the
Transfiguration of the Lord, as he did in his second epistle (cf. 2 P. 1:17).

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary lived this Mystery of the Transfiguration in
a very special way: for nine months, she carried Jesus within her and
enjoyed a unique intimacy with her Divine Son. Let us ask her to allow
us to share a little in that happiness each time we communicate of Jesus
in his Eucharist, he who comes into us to transfigure us in him!

Canon Dr. Daniel Meynen

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Update - Thousands Respond

Updated - 5:58 PM Central Time USA - Thousands of Our Lady of Medjugorje's children respond to call for prayer in anticipation of tsunami to strike Hawaii.

A spokesman for Caritas/ said,

"We heard from people all over who were offering this intention to Our Lady today. The Community of Caritas also offered this intention in prayer to Our Lady during the time She appears in Medjugorje."

Gerald Fryer, a geophysicist with the Pacific Tsunami
Warning Center said after the tsunami hit the Hawaiian islands:

"t’s almost the best sort of tsunami you can possible have, one that’s big enough that everyone sees that something happened, but not big enough to cause any damage.” It was much smaller than what had been expected. Fryer also said, “It’s beginning to look like we escaped sort of with the skin of our teeth."

Our Lady of Medjugorje said before December 26, 1982,


"You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can... suspend the laws of nature


Is this an answer to prayer or not? You decide…

Tell us what your decision is in comments at the end of this page below.


altHilo Bay, Hawaii

Notice the above picture before effects of tsunami and below dirty discolored water as it is being dragged out.  Typically water withdraws by the actions of the oncoming tsunami.
Image Courtesy MSNBC




Image Courtesy Reuters

A man in Santiago carries a statue of Our Lady after the earthquake. The release of the secrets of Our Lady of Medjugorje, whatever they may be, will have the same effect drawing hundreds of millions towards God.

Thank you from Our Lady, and please continue to keep this in your prayers. Spread this to all you family and friends:

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The Simple Faith of Blessed Andre Bessette:

The Story of Blessed Andre Bessette (1845 - 1937)

A Simple Faith

“I am only a man, just like you,” time after time Brother AndrĂ© Bessette reminded petitioners who came to him. Known as a miracle worker of healing during his lifetime, this humble lay brother insisted on giving all the credit to God, the faith of those healed, and the intercession of St. Joseph. Quietly, he said, “I will pray for you.” Time after time, healing came.

Read this here: 

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We Were Warned

We Were Warned from Mark Mallett on Vimeo.

Watch it now: Click the Play button THE world and the Church have not arrived at this decisive moment in time without warning. In Episode 15 of Embracing Hope, Mark addresses a topic he has neither written or spoken of before… of a secret agenda to undermine the Church. But it wasn’t so secret, as several pontiffs over the past two centuries have been warning the faithful about it… but has anyone listened? Watch Episode 15 to understand how a diabolical plan has been unfolding for centuries and is now ready to be fully implemented… but also how God is in complete control, and nothing comes about without His sovereign hand guiding it. Don’t miss this eye-opening webcast that will help prepare you for the Great Storm of our times. Due to technical difficulties, the webcast is not available yet on Embracing Hope. However, you can watch it in the viewer above, or click here. PUBLISHED IN: DAILY JOURNAL, WEBCAST & VIDEOS | ON FEBRUARY 26TH, 2010 | NO COMMENTS »

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The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: "Live Our Lives In The Rosary. Experience Our Sufferings." by Rita Ring, July 5, 1994

July 5, 1994

Madonna del Granduca, Raphael, 1505

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Live Our Lives In The Rosary. Experience Our Sufferings.

Mary speaks: My anguish I felt to watch them persecute my beloved Jesus! He Whom I loved so dearly, my own, very own Child and they stripped Him, beat Him, hated Him, tore His tender beautiful flesh, everything that they did,...

This was my beloved Son. My heart was torn in my chest, my sorrow so great! No yelling or other human expressions could capture the torments of my heart.

My little Baby, to watch such brutality DONE to my precious Child.

Do you know the torments of the heart?

Do you know the pain to behold such vileness done to your own child?

Pain in the heart, I know, I know His love for you, my dear children. I know what He suffered for you. Put yourself there during the Passion. Meditate on His suffering for love of you. Meditate on His love. This is love, to suffer as He did for you. It is so simple, He loved you to His very own death. This is what He would give for you this very day, my little ones. Go to Him and be alone with Him. Turn to Him, love Him. He waits for your love. Praise this good God Who loves you so much to shed His very own Blood for you. Oh children, be present to Him. Live His life, pray the rosary, meditate on His sufferings for you. This will draw you close to Our Hearts. Live Our lives in the rosary. Experience Our sufferings.

Love one another, do not give in to Satan. You cannot accomplish my Son’s tasks if you do not put your differences aside. You must love each other.

Go to Him in the Eucharist. Give your whole hearts to Him. Consecrate yourselves to Us. We will be ever with you, guiding your every step. I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I love you as the most loving Mother. Come and find refuge in Our Hearts. We will protect you from the scorching sun. We will hold tight to you and you will never lose your peace.

A depiction of Jesus and His Most Sacred Heart

Image via Wikipedia

Jesus speaks: Oh My child, peace I give to you, not as the world gives you peace, but as only I can give you peace. Come and let Me hold you in My Heart, deeply placed there by My loving Mother. You will find your joy inside of My Heart.

I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I want to be united to you, My little babies. Become as the baby at the breast, total submission, total trust, total yielding to Our ways. Yield to Me. My time is perfect. My ways are set. Yield to Me and I will handle your cares. I love you My sweet ones. Yield. Pray constantly, consecrate yourselves to My Heart and My Mother’s heart.

Let go! Surrender to Me. Let go and come to My Heart. You have been experiencing such turmoil, let go and let Me bring it to you. I have not forgotten you. You need peace. Do not be worried, I will tend to My letters, My sweet one. I want them published. I want the second Blue Book out. Surrender to Me.

  I am God. I will handle My work. You love Me. Read My letters and obey them. Obey them. You know your job.  Dealing with others is My job. Be at peace and let Me work around you. I love you so. I thank you for this work. Feel joy. My joy I give to you. Let Me work, no matter how hard it is. Stay off the phone, be with your children.

  My job is easy, My burden light. Let go now and be at peace. Be my spouse. I miss your attentiveness to Me. Let go of all this foolishness. Let Me work. I am the Lord, your God. I will do My work. I am God. I have spoken.

Be united to the one, true God, for He is truly present and lives in your hearts.

(Blue Book August 31st, I Died in Peace)

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“We want justice,” Syro-Catholic Archbishop of Mosul

ASIA/IRAQ - Christians conduct peaceful march, Masses in the afternoon as a sign of protest: “We want justice,” Syro-Catholic Archbishop of Mosul tells Fides

Mosul (Agenzia Fides) – Sunday, February 28th, will be a special day for the Christian community of Mosul: "Bishops, priests, religious, and lay people will be marching in a peaceful and silent march, in protest against the daily massacre suffered by the Christian community and is met with indifference from the authorities," Fides is told by Archbishop Georges Casmoussa, Syrian-Catholic Archbishop of Mosul.
"The march will take place in Mosul and in a dozen Christian towns and villages of the surrounding territory. The community is shocked and wants to draw the attention of the authorities who so far have done nothing to stop this killing," notes the Archbishop. "The march has no political or electoral motives, only religious ones" emphasizes the Prelate. "The Christians want to stay in Iraq and live their faith in peace."
Furthermore, the date of February 28 marks the second anniversary of the kidnapping of Archbishop Faraj P. Rahho, the Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul who was abducted and killed and who will be remembered as a martyr of faith and dialogue.
"For the same reason, in Mosul, on Sunday, February 28th there will be no Mass in the morning as it will be entirely devoted to this act of protest and silent prayer. The Eucharist will be celebrated in churches in the afternoon. We will be fasting and praying for peace and for the survival of Christians." The Council of the Bishops of Nineveh has published a document that will be read in every church, explaining the reasons for the protest. "In this season of Lent, the people pray, fast, and celebrate the Way of the Cross with faith, imploring the protection of the Most High,” the Prelate said.
"Many Christian families left the city last week," the Archbishop comments, expressing his concern: "Security is not guaranteed. There are soldiers in front of the church, and this helps to prevent terrorist attacks. But today's Christian families are being killed on the streets or in their homes. More protection is needed. We ask authorities that the culprits be arrested and prosecuted according to law. We want justice to be done."
The Archbishop also expressed the "consolation and affection" that came to Mosul with the visit of the Patriarch of the Chaldean Church, Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly. The Patriarch, who arrived in town yesterday on a private visit, met with representatives of local government, highlighting the urgent need to protect the Christian communities and establish their role in rebuilding the country. "The gesture of the Patriarch is a great sign of encouragement and support for all of us," notes Archbishop Casmosussa. "We hope it will help motivate the civil authorities." (PA)

(Agenzia Fides 27/2/2010)

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Tsunami - Urgent Call to Prayer Now


 "Tsunami sirens went off in Hawaii...
People are rushing to the mountains"


Medjugorje brings us to conversion. All events of Medjugorje should lead the world to conversion. We live in incredible times. An earthquake 1,000 times stronger than what struck Haiti, hit Chile, Saturday, February 27, 2010. Haiti and Chile are both Roman Catholic countries. The epicenter hit near the city of Conception*. Our Lady said,

March 25, 1990

"… God wants to save you and sends you messages through men, nature, and so many things which can only help you to understand that you must change the direction of your life..."


A most incredible aspect of the earthquake is the reports of possible tsunamis hitting Hawaii and other islands. The predicted time for the possible series of tsunamis to hit is 4:19 EST, Hawaii coast time, 11:19 a.m. In these next hours of the possible tsunami, people are in need of prayer for salvation and conversion. We encourage you to join us in prayer to Our Lady.


People in Chile are in need of Our Lady and the city of Conception*, close to the epicenter, tells us who they need as an intercessory at this moment. Undoubtedly, stories will come out of miraculous savings, people found days later under rubble who survived. So, your prayers are interceding for someone buried alive, or another dying who needs salvation at this moment. What then of your prayers interceding for miracles in waiting of people being saved in different circumstances of a tsunami strike?


Your and our prayers can add to the grace of protection in the next moments until 4:19 p.m. EST. Our Lady says,


"…pray for your brothers. Today many people need lots of prayer…"


These times in which we live Our Lady speaks to us and is comforting in the midst of disasters and looming disasters. We should use these moments to convert and to pray for further conversion for ourselves and other souls faced with this crisis. It’s at these moments people go to their knees.


Therefore, pray for others to convert, that every situation be a cause for conversion of souls. Our Lady said on April 25, 1983:


"… Be converted! It will be too late when the sign comes. Beforehand, several warnings will be given to the world. Hurry to be converted. I need your prayers and your penances…"


Oh, Mary, we will do so.


Pray, pray, pray,

A Friend of Medjugorje

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*Which means “concepcion” in spanish and is a name given in reference to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

Medjugorje - Tsunami

Japan Meteorological Agency's official Yasuo Sekita discusses supposed impact of tsunami triggered by an earthquake in Chile during a news conference at the agency in Tokyo.

The first waves were expected to arrive in Hawaii at 11:19 a.m. Saturday (4:19 p.m. EST). The Ewa Beach, Hawaii-based center called for "urgent action to protect lives and property" in Hawaii, which is among 53 nations and territories subject to tsunami warnings."The main thing is we want everyone to take this event seriously," said Charles McCreery, director of the center. McCreery said he didn't know how big the waves will be, but he expected them to be the largest to hit Hawaii since 1964.

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To read this important article on visit this link:

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The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: "The Father, Son And Holy Spirit And Mary Love You" by Rita Ring, July 4, 1994

July 4, 1994

The Father, Son And Holy Spirit And Mary Love You

Jesus speaks: I am the Lord, thy God, I am Jesus, Son of God. I came that you might have life and have it abundantly. I will hold your hand and be forever with you.

My Mother is your very own Mother. She loves you and Mothers you as she Mothered Me.

My Father is your very own Father. He created you and loves you so much He sent His only Son to be a living Sacrifice so you might partake in His life.

I give Myself to you totally in the Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. I wait for you to come to the tabernacle, I love you so.

The Spirit loves you so and in Him you have the life you need to be united to God. Pray to Him for this life, beg Him for the gifts whereby you will grow in your love and union with God.

This is My Commandment to you: Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself.

Be united to the one, true God, for He is truly present and lives in your hearts.

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[MaryVitamin] Second Station:


Mary Vitamin for February 26th

Topic: Second Station - Jesus Accepts the Cross

Mary of Agreda
The image of [Mary's] divine Son, thus wounded, defiled and bound, remained so firmly fixed and imprinted in the soul of our Queen, that during her life it was never effaced, and remained in her mind as distinctly, as if She were continually beholding Him with her own eyes.
 City of God, Volume III  (Tan Books: 2006), 573.

Pontius Pilate,
Behold the Man!

Father Faber
[V]erily there was need that some one should testify that He was man, who, if He had been only Man could never have survived the crushing of the winepress which the threefold pressure of His Father, of demons, and of men had inflicted upon Him. Then rose over the crowded piazza that wild yell of blasphemous rejection by His own people, which still rings in our ears, still echoes in history, still dwells even in the savage frightfulness of its reality.
The Foot of the Cross, (Tan Books: 1978), 206.

One time today, when presented with a difficulty or with my Lenten resolution, I will try to be like Our Lady who silently and courageously accepted the Cross of Her Son and united Her heart to it.

Marian Vow:
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
No other grace can be compared with that of carrying the cross out of love for our Lord.
The Thoughts and Saying of Saint Margaret Mary, (Tan Books: 1986), 79.

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.


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“Maria is the great missionary and the missionaries' teacher”


Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) – For the whole Church, "Mary is the great missionary who continues the mission of the Son and is the missionaries' teacher,” which is why on February 23 the Parish of St. Mary of Bethany in Buenos Aires, celebrated the coronation of the Virgin Mary as "Queen of the Missions." According to information sent to Fides by the Pontifical Mission Societies in Argentina, the church was packed with faithful, and the celebration was presided by Archbishop Adriano Bernardini, Apostolic Nuncio to Argentina, who was accompanied by the National Director of the PMS, Fr. Osvaldo Leon, as well as by other Bishops and priests.
The ceremony began with the arrival of the image of the Virgin, carried by the federal police cadets, followed by the entrance of the flags. The Nuncio's homily was centered on the figure of Mary: "Tonight, we pay tribute to the first missionary," he said. "Her faith in the Annunciation leads Mary to visit Elizabeth, with the announcement of Christ... The event that had taken place deep inside her becomes a message that is 'broadcast' as news." Furthermore, the Archbishop observed that the ultimate goal the meeting was certainly "spiritual and material help for the Churches in mission lands, but after all this is nothing other than the personification of the missionary component inherent in our baptism and especially in our ministerial priesthood, as has often been pointed out by the Second Vatican Council and, more recently, in the Document of Aparecida."
After the homily, Archbishop Adriano Bernardini said a prayer and sprinkled the crown with Holy Water, to proceed with the coronation of the statue of Mary, Queen of the Missions. After the church ceremony, everyone accompanied the image of the Queen of the Missions in a procession to the PMS headquarters, where the work of the four Pontifical Mission Societies is carried out. (CE)
(Agenzia Fides 25/02/2010)

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Perseverance and Endurance

Visit this link to view this writting on

From the Desk of A Friend of Medjugorje

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s messages often course us to or through the unknown. We can’t always see how things will work out, but we must remember Her words:

March 18, 2004

“…Listen to me…”

Are we willing to do for the spiritual and eternal life what men throughout the ages have done for earthly life in saving themselves? Too much planning builds bureaucracy. Too much thinking can stop you before you start. How much are we to trust in Our Lady’s plans and Her messages? We do not have to know everything, the outcome, etc. Sometimes it takes just leaping in to follow Our Lady’s messages, even if it causes us more suffering and hurts, we know after we take that ride, we can look back up at the dark clouds we were in and then see by taking a chance on Our Lady that everything turned to our favor. It could take years to course us out of our predicaments, but Our Lady’s messages save, rescue, heal and will make all things new. Months, even years of perseverance and endurance is the key, seize the moment of grace. It will lead to blue skies.


In the Love of Our Lady,

With perseverance and endurance, and the help of another pilgrim, this woman made it to the top of Cross Mountain to lay her prayers and petitions at the foot of the Cross.



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Basilica of Guadalupe receives largest pilgrimage in history: 100,000 pilgrims

Toluca (Agenzia Fides) – The largest pilgrimage in history, nearly 100,000 pilgrims, has made its way to the Hill of Tepeyac. After three intense days of walking, at dawn on Wednesday, February 24, a pilgrimage from the Diocese of Toluca reached the Basilica of Guadalupe. With great faith, devotion and love, many believers have come here to venerate the Mother of God. The nearly 95,000 pilgrims from different municipalities belonging to the State of Mexico have completed a course of about 50 kilometers. Together with the pilgrims from the Diocese of Toluca, there are also many communities of faithful from the Diocese of Atlacomulco and on this occasion, for the first time, the new Archdiocese of Tenancingo.
The last part of the trail began at the community of Cuajimalpa. The march started at approximately 10pm on Tuesday, February 23, to reach the doors of the Basilica at 6am on Wednesday, February 23. On the day of arrival, the pilgrims rested near the Shrine of Guadalupe and attended the morning Mass presided by the Bishop of the Diocese of Toluca, Bishop Francisco Javier Chavolla Ramos. In this celebration, the pilgrims sought the intercession of the Virgin of Guadalupe in obtaining God's blessing on the diocesan activities, for the permanent mission, and for the lives of the individual believers.
The Diocese of Toluca sent Fides the text used for the preparation of the pilgrimage to the Basilica of Guadalupe, which helps to understand the meaning and significance of the pilgrimage, and offers a reflection on encountering Jesus through Mary. (CE)
(Agenzia Fides 26/02/2010)
“Caminando hacia el Tepeyac” (in Spanish)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I was just informed by a friend that Elizabeth Williams, known as the "Blue Army Betty" has passed on to the Lord here in Florida.
She was 93.

Her husband Alfred, who passed on 10 years ago, was the 'Custodian of the U.S. Pilgrim Virgin Statue and Spokesman of Our Lady of Fatima" for 22 years, who lectured in thousands of Churches, on TV and radio, to millions of people. They published many books too. My favorite ones are 'Two Hearts of Wit & Wisdom' and 'Gems of Wit & Wisdom' pictured above.

Elizabeth scheduled the pilgrimages of the famous U.S. Pilgrim Virgin Statue for 17 years. Before that she was a performing vocalist at Carnegie-hall in N.Y.C. under the stage name of 'Bettina Fallon.' However cancer of the throat and many operations cut her career short, so she went to work for Mother Mary and Jesus.

May she rest in Peace+

Deacon John

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[MaryVitamin] Stations with Mary I

Mary Vitamin for February 25th
Topic: The First Station 
"What is truth?"
Ven Mary of Agreda communicates the words of Our Lady:

In order to crush the head of Lucifer and overcome pride and arrogance, my Son observed this patient silence in his Passion, permitting Himself to be treated as an ignorant and foolish criminal. As the Teacher of this philosophy and as the Physcian of the sickness of sin, He would not deny the charges nor defend or justify Himself, nor refute those who accused Him, showing us by his own living example, how to oppose and counteract the intentions of the serpent.
... But do thou, my daughter, preserve the doctrine of my divine Son and that which comes from me. Abhor human ostentation, suffer in silence and let the world consider thee ignorant; for it does not know where true wisdom dwells.
The Mystical City of God, Volume III (Tan Books: 2006), 582. 

Wisdom and truth are embraced by accepting the Lord and His Cross. Our Lady will help me to do "Whatever He says." I will look for an obedience today.

Marian Vow:
John Paul II
This Wisdom is Jesus Christ himself, the Eternal Word of God, who perfectly reveals and accomplishes the will of the Father (cf.Heb 10:5-10). Mary invites everyone to accept this Wisdom. To us too she addresses the command she gave to the servants at Cana in Galilee during the marriage feast:  "Do whatever he tells you" (Jn 2:5).
Splendor, August 6, 1993. #119

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.


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The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje's February 25, 2010 Monthly Message :
“Dear children! In this time of grace, when nature also prepares to give the most beautiful colors of the year, I call you, little children, to open your hearts to God the Creator for Him to transform and mould you in His image, so that all the good which has fallen asleep in your hearts may awaken to a new life and a longing towards eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Copyright SJP Lic. Caritas of Birmingham. Used with permission.
And remember tonight's Radio WAVE show with A Friend of Medjugorje
discussing the message given today.
Visit this link:
In the Love of Our Lady,
Operated by Caritas of Birmingham

The Jew, Jesus, Who Changed the Life of the Chief Rabbi of Rome

He changed it so much that he had himself baptized in the Catholic Church. His book "Il Nazareno" has been reprinted and reviewed in "L'Osservatore Romano" by a Jewish scholar. And meanwhile, the second volume of the pope's "Jesus of Nazareth" is going to the printer

by Sandro Magister


The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: "The Holy Spirit" by Rita Ring, July 2, 1994

July 2, 1994
The Holy Spirit

Click to view large
Messenger: Hot air balloons filled with air set afloat by fire. We are filled up by His Spirit and set afloat by the fire of His love. We become weightless and float in the sky above. We are floating, letting His Spirit take us about. We are united with the heavenly powers. It is the power of His mighty love.
Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love. Send forth Thy Spirit and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
As I die to my false self, God lives more in me. Help me to die to myself. You, Lord, love my brothers, You gave the last drop of Your Blood, the last beat of Your Heart for them. The more I die to self, the more the God Who loves my brothers lives in me and He ardently loves my brother.
The more I think of myself, the less I love my brothers. As the false self diminishes, the God Who is united to me operates in me more and more.
Help me to love as You love. As I surrender to You, I become in greater union with You and it is You Who operates in me more and more. You loved my brothers to Your death. You love my brothers, all my brothers this very day. You would die for each brother this day. It is God Who loves through us that loves our brothers with His love. It is He Who operates my very being.
We die to the false self, we increasingly receive His living water. We remain alive in Him. He fills us to the brim, we are vibrant in Him. He is Life. We are made anew, like the clean water. We are filled with clean, living water. We operate with vibrancy, force and spirit.
Jesus speaks: I came to this earth out of such love for you, My beloved ones. I was born a mere human and I came to love you and they persecuted Me. Those whom I loved, they persecuted Me! They tore My flesh. They numbered all My bones. They were My beloved ones. How it hurts to love and be rejected and persecuted by those you love.
I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I know the pain of torture. No matter what they do to you, they did it to Me.
To My death I suffered for intense love of you.
When they persecute you and holler every slanderous thing against you, pray to your heavenly Father for strength to deal with your attackers. It is in your sufferings you are drawn closer to Me.

40 Day "Home Retreat" starts March 3rd. Free Podcasts!

The Apostolate for Family Consecration
Consecrating families to the Holy Family

Dear Members, Cooperators and Friends of the Family Apostolate, Starting this March 3rd up to Divine Mercy Sunday, join us in a 40-day Lenten "home retreat" with Pope John Paul II and St. Faustina reflecting on the greatest attribute of God, His Mercy. (cf Rich in Mercy, no. 13)
Our Lenten retreat consists of 40 DAILY PODCASTS featuring excerpts from Pope John Paul II's encyclical, "Rich in Mercy", and St. Faustina's writings taken from The Family Apostolate's Drawing Down Divine Mercy Prayer Book. Also included are prayers for the Divine Mercy novena which Our Lord gave to St. Faustina to be prayed from Good Friday until Divine Mercy Sunday.
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Some of our members have commented that reading along in the Drawing Down Divine Mercy prayer and meditation book while at the same time listening to the readings being read (through the podcast) really helps them to take in the mysteries being taught in a more penetrating and lasting way. If you are interested in getting a copy of the book as well, purchase your copy by clicking here!"
For I desire Mercy and not sacrifice; the knowledge of God, rather than burnt offerings." (Hosea 6:6)
We know you live a busy, hectic life, which is why we made these daily meditations into an easily downloadable podcast and book, so that you can listen to them when it is most convenient for you--like while traveling to and from work, or access them through your email, iphone, or laptop.
We want to make it easy for you to have that necessary time with the Lord each day--the time to learn the Truths of the Faith and to allow these Truths to lead you into meditation which leads you into union with Christ.
Come Holy Spirit, help us to discover God's merciful plan for our lives by being merciful to those you place in our path. Help us to trust in the Merciful Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen and Mother of Mercy, in union with St. Joseph, an instrument of mercy. Amen.
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Sheesh, another 2 fe

from HelloTxtSheesh, another 2 feet of snow!!!

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The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: "I Accept Myself - I Am The Father's Creation" by Rita Ring



The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


Volume IV


Messages received by

Rita Ring




Sub-Title - The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Messenger: I received these messages from Jesus and Mary from July 1, 1994 - September 30, 1994.

During that time Mary began to appear daily. She first appeared July 5, 1994 to me, my two children were present. Soon a holy priest would join me and my two children daily for the apparitions. Jesus and Mary gave me the messages Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. These rosaries are meditations given live and transcribed from tapes. They are published in written form in several books of rosaries.

The messages given in this book tell of those beginning apparitions of Mary. Also many messages are given from Jesus of His tender love.

The first core Shepherds of Christ Chapter was held on the last Tuesday in August, 1994, at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. This was during the time I received the messages in this book.

The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

This book is centered on the intimacy between Jesus and Mary and the deep love for us of these two Hearts.

I experienced some of Mary’s sufferings and was given insight into her deep connection with her Son. From conception to His Ascension, such oneness in their lives together! The rosary is from her young life to her old life. I saw the faces: young faces, old faces, joyful faces, sorrowful faces, on the statue. I experienced some sufferings of Mary holding the Child Jesus and holding His lifeless body under the cross. The intimacy between Jesus and Mary is felt so deeply in their peering eyes on the way to Calvary.

I experienced the lifting of the veil throughout this book. I had such profound experiences and insights into the other side. So immense is the love of Jesus that words are too weak to describe it. I was given a real awareness of heaven, hell and purgatory and how souls will truly be lost. It is a very deep book about the sufferings and the love of the two Hearts—Jesus and Mary.



July 1, 1994

I Accept Myself - I Am The Father’s Creation

Messenger: Dear Father, I do not know You as well as I want, but I love You so.

You are one with Jesus. He is one with You. I love Jesus so much, Father. I come to You through Jesus to love You. I love You so because I love Jesus so. I know how You love me because You created me and gave Your only Son that I might get to heaven.

Oh, Father, to pray Your "Our Father" is such a delight!

"Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

(Smelling strong scent of flowers - none around.)

Oh, Father, I love You so much.

"Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Amen.

Father, Father, Your love is so immense! You created this whole world and all that is in it. Holy Spirit, help me now to know the Father more. Jesus, help me to love Your Father more. Mary, help me to love the Father more. I want to be close to You, my Father. I love You, my beautiful Father, so very much. My Father, my Father, my beautiful Father!

If I am loving the Father, I am loving Jesus, so to love the Father is to love Jesus because He is one with the Father.

When I pray to the Father, I feel more the immenseness of God. How truly great He is - limitless! I feel warm and good in my chest to realize I have a Father Who loves me so much. I have a loving Father and I love Him so. Such warmth in my chest for my Father!

I praise You, Father. I praise You, Son. I praise You, Holy Spirit. Such fullness in my heart to love God, all three Divine Persons. What joy I feel to be united to God through the Immaculate Heart of my loving Mother. Oh, Mother, I love you. Such honor and praise to my God and love given to all three Persons and to you, my Mother, and St. Joseph.

I can accept myself now, knowing I am the creation of my beautiful Father. All that I am was created by Him. My feet are as He designed them, my nose is perfect, since He made me. I am His creation.

So, too, is my brother, His creation. My brother is perfectly designed by my Father. We are truly brothers, created by the Father, we are brothers through Jesus.

Oh, God, what a work of love to create such things for us. We are Your beloved sons and daughters, created by the hands of our loving Father. Such love poured out to us!

My Father is your Father. We are brothers in Him. Oh, Jesus, I love You so. Thank You for leading me to Your Father and my Father. We are brothers in Christ.

"My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?" To His death on the cross, He loved us all, our Brother Christ. This is how He asks us to love our brothers, that we would lay down our lives for them. He loved us to His death. Can we do any less for our brothers? Christ is our Brother. God the Father is our Father. Jesus is the Son of God and we are heirs to the Kingdom through the salvation achieved for us by Jesus.

Jesus speaks: Come, oh come, My chosen ones. Do you see the love of your Father to give His only Son for you? Do you see the love of the Son to die for you? Oh, how you are loved, My little chosen ones! Come to Me and experience such love. I Am Who Am, I am God. I come to you in the Eucharist and you do not adequately know the true treasure you possess. Oh, little ones, come to God and be fed. I am the one, true God, come down from the Father. I come to you, chosen ones, in the Eucharist. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to tie and you run away with such ignorance. Spread My love, read and publish this letter, for I am God and I come to you to love you and be loved by you. Do not cast Me off. I am God, My Heart cries out for your love. Love Me through My beautiful Mother. Our love is your answer to your hurting souls. Do not go to this world, come to the God Who loves you. Receive Me in Holy Communion and where I am, My Father and the Holy Spirit are. Mary is with you also.

Such foolish ones, to ignore such treasure given freely to you! Oh, you blind ones! Pray to the Spirit to open your eyes to what you possess. You are so blind, My children. It is here you find your strength. Come to Us for the love of God, one in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Come and be united in your hearts to God and your loving Mother. Your peace is found in union with Jesus. Consecrate your lives to our Hearts. Consecrate your hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Such love you will find here. My little ones - such love to fill you! Oh, I love you and long for your love, My beautiful children.

I am your loving Jesus.

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