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Breaking news from South Sudan – Famine Declared - One million are on the brink of starvation

One million are on the brink of starvation
I just donated!
Deacon John

In South Sudan, mothers are used to hearing babies cry because they are hungry. It is a daily reality.  But imagine the heartbreak of a mother whose baby is too weak to cry. Imagine a mother’s pain because her baby is slowly and silently starving to death.

Famine in South Sudan has been declared, the first in any part of the world in six years. 

Famine means more than hunger. And the facts are shocking. According to the UN:
  • Nearly five-million people (about 42% of population) are in urgent need of food
  • one-million more on the brink of starvation
Emergency support for a family struggling to survive means the difference between living and dying, hope and despair.

We need your help to provide emergency relief. We’re working with partners on the ground right now, to support extensive food programs for the most desperate.

We cannot stand by while vulnerable women and children in this poor, war-torn country suffer from a man-made tragedy. We cannot stand by and watch women and children die from starvation. Can you?

Thank you for protecting the helpless, hearing to their cries and taking action on their behalf. Your gift means life.
Help Now
Yours in gratitude,

CMMB-Healthier Lives Worldwide

Our mailing address is:
100 Wall Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Mary TV February 22, 2017 Reflection - The Rosary, little children, is especially dear to me!

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017

February 22, 2017
The Chair of St. Peter the Apostle
Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children! God gives me this time as a gift to you, so that I may instruct and lead you on the path of salvation. Dear children, now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages. That is why, little children, live all of the words which I have given you through this time of grace and renew prayer, until prayer becomes a joy for you. Especially, I call all those who have consecrated themselves to my Immaculate Heart to become an example to others. I call all priests and religious brothers and sisters to pray the rosary and to teach others to pray. The rosary, little children, is especially dear to me. Through the rosary open your heart to me and I am able to help you. Thank you for having responded to my call." August 25, 1997
Paul from England has sent us a modern day story of the importance of the Rosary! Thank you, Paul, for this beautiful account of your experience with Our Lady! Paul tells us:
I would like to share a beautiful story which happened to me during Christmas 2016 and the New Year 2017.
I, for a number of years, have prayed the Rosary not every day but when I have had time. I have made a conscious effort to pray this wonderful and powerful prayer and I have received so many graces and blessings from saying the Rosary of which I have lost count,
Before Christmas 2016 I purchased a book by Paul de Marco entitled "Fatima 2017". It was during the days leading up to New Year, before bed one evening, that for a split second I doubted the graces associated with the Rosary due to a particular situation for which I hadn't received an answered. This thought was only for a split second in my mind and then I reflected on the many times I have had blessings and graces received through praying the Rosary previously and felt rather bad for questioning the power of this beautiful prayer.

I eventually managed to fall asleep that night and during my sleep I had the most beautiful and vivid dream. I say dream but I believe it was real and sign from Our Lady. I dreamed that I was looking up to the sky and I witnessed flashes of light and the people around me in my dream shouted out that Our Lady had appeared. As I walked around a corner in my dream I witnessed Our Lady in my dream!

As this occurred I seemed to float past and what I can vividly recall is the immense love that engulfed and radiated from Our Lady towards me - to the point that it made me cry. At this point I awoke and tears were actually streaming down my face uncontrollably. I then remembered what Our Lady said in Medugorje:
"If you knew how much I love you, you would cry with joy!" (June 21, 1984)This was a sign to me that Our Lady loves each and every one of us and is teaching us to pray the Rosary and encouraging our faith to grow to be closer to Jesus.

Moving forward to New Year's Day 2017... In previous years, I have pulled a saint from my saint bag thanks to Mary TV Resources. I have hundreds of saints all wrapped up like tombola tickets. I had a good rustle and it is said that the Saint picks you. I grasped for my Saint for the year 2017 and opened. The name on my ticket was "Our Lady of Fatima. To pray for a deeper devotion to the Rosary among Christians!"
It is so wonderful to receive this blessing as I had prior to Christmas purchased Paul De Marco's book "Fatima 2017" and had for a split second doubted the power of the Rosary. I aim to pray the Rosary every day and pray for a deeper devotion to the Rosary among Christians.
I will be traveling to Medjugorje for the 4th time in June of this year with my wife, God willing, and I will say a special thank you to Our Lady for her protection, guidance, immense love and Our Lady's gentle push towards her Son Jesus. 
God bless, Paul - England. 
Our Lady really does want us to understand how precious the Rosary is! It is powerful. It draws our hearts and minds heavenward. Battles are won through our dedicated prayer of the Rosary. Souls are converted, saved, and purified through the Rosary. And God's plan for our time is activated through the Rosary. Our Lady wants us to pray the Rosary daily, as much as possible, so that she lead us to the time of victory in her heart!
Pray the Rosary!!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2017

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mary TV February 21, 2017 Reflection - Pray the Rosary with a living faith!

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017

February 21, 2017
St. Peter Damian
Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children! Today I call you to begin to pray the Rosary with a living faith. That way I will be able to help you. You, dear children, wish to obtain graces, but you are not praying. I am not able to help you because you do not want to get started. Dear children, I am calling you to pray the Rosary and that your Rosary be an obligation which you shall fulfill with joy. That way you shall understand the reason I am with you this long. I desire to teach you to pray. Thank you for having responded to my call." (June 12, 1986)

St. Louis de Montfort shares a story in "The Secret of the Rosary" in which a woman striving after sanctity learned the value of the Rosary. She longed to win graces for herself, but spurned the Rosary until the Lord showed her what she was rejecting!!
Twenty-sixth Rose
Whatever you do, do not be like a certain pious but self-willed lady in Rome, so often referred to by speakers on the Rosary. She was so devout and fervent that she put to shame by her holy life even the strictest religious in the Church.
Having decided to ask St. Dominic's advice about her spiritual life, she made her confession to him. For penance he gave her one Rosary to say and advised her to say it every day. She excused herself, saying that she had her regular exercises, that she made the Stations of Rome every day, that she wore sack-cloth as well as a hair-shirt, that she gave herself the discipline several times a week, that she often fasted and did other penances. Saint Dominic urged her over and over again to take his advice and say the Rosary, but she would not hear of it. She left the confessional, horrified at the methods of this new spiritual director who had tried so hard to persuade her to take up a devotion for which she had no taste.
Later on, when she was at prayer she fell into ecstasy and had a vision of her soul appearing before the Supreme Judge. Saint Michael put all her penances and other prayers on one side of the scales and all her sins and imperfections on the other. The tray of her good works were greatly outweighed by that of her sins and imperfections.
Filled with alarm, she cried for mercy, imploring the help of the Blessed Virgin, her gracious advocate, who took the one and only Rosary she had said for her penance and dropped it on the tray of her good works. This one Rosary was so heavy that it weighed more than all her sins as well as all her good works. Our Lady then reproved her for having refused to follow the counsel of her servant Dominic and for not saying the Rosary every day.
As soon as she came to herself she rushed and threw herself at the feet of Saint Dominic and told him all that had happened, begged his forgiveness for her unbelief, and promised to say the Rosary faithfully the glory of everlasting life.
You who are people of prayer, learn from this the power, the value and the importance of this devotion of the holy Rosary when it is said with meditation on the mysteries.  (St. Louis de Montfort. "The Secret of the Rosary")
May we all pray our Rosary with great trust and devotion. It is a gift from heaven for us, especially us, in these tumultuous days.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2017

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Mary TV February 20, 2017 Reflection - Love your neighbor as yourself!

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017

February 20, 2017
Dear Family of Mary!
The LORD said to Moses,
"Speak to the whole Israelite community and tell them:
Be holy, for I, the LORD, your God, am holy.
"You shall not bear hatred for your brother or sister in your heart.
Though you may have to reprove your fellow citizen,
do not incur sin because of him.
Take no revenge and cherish no grudge against any of your people.
You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
I am the LORD." (Lv 19:1-2, 17-18)
We have such a Good and Great God. See how He taught His people to love their neighbor through Moses, oh so many years ago!! And see how Jesus taught us to love not only our neighbor but even our enemy!

But I say to you, love your enemies
and pray for those who persecute you,
that you may be children of your heavenly Father,
for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good,
and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust. (Mt 5: 44-45)
Certainly we want to be like our Heavenly Father. Our Lady has also been calling us to the love that comes from God and is of God. Here are some messages:
December 19, 1985 "Dear children! Today I wish to call you to love of neighbor. The more you love your neighbor, the more you shall experience Jesus especially on Christmas Day. God will bestow great gifts on you if you surrender yourselves to Him. I wish in a special way on Christmas Day to give mothers my own special motherly blessing, and Jesus will bless the rest with His own blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call."
July 2, 2008 "Dear children! With motherly love I desire to encourage you to love your neighbor. Let my Son be the source of that love. He, who could have done everything by force, chose love and gave an example to you. Also today, through me, God expresses to you immeasurable goodness, and you my children are obliged to respond to it. Behave with the same goodness and generosity towards the souls whom you meet. May your love convert them. In that way my Son and His love will arise in you. Thank you.
September 2, 2008 "Dear children, Today, with my motherly heart, I call you gathered around me to love your neighbor. My children, stop. Look in the eyes of your brother and see Jesus, my Son. If you see joy, rejoice with him. If there is pain in the eyes of your brother, with your tenderness and goodness, cast it away, because without love you are lost. Only love is effective; it works miracles. Love will give you unity in my Son and victory of my heart. Therefore, my children, love."
December 2, 2004 "Dear children, I come to you as a mother, who, above all, loves her children. My children, I want to teach you to love! I pray for this! I pray that in each of your neighbors you recognize my Son, because the path to my Son, who is true peace and love, leads you through love towards your neighbors. My children, pray and fast that your hearts be open for this my intention."
November 02, 2013 "Dear children, anew, in a motherly way, I am calling you to love, to continually pray for the gift of love, to love the Heavenly Father above everything. When you love Him you will love yourself and your neighbor. This cannot be separated. The Heavenly Father is in each person. He loves each person and calls each person by name. Therefore, my children, through prayer hearken to the will of the Heavenly Father. Converse with Him. Have a personal relationship with the Father, which will deepen even more your relationship as a community of my children - my apostles. As a mother I desire that, through the love for the Heavenly Father, you may be raised above earthly vanities and may help others to gradually come to know and come closer to the Heavenly Father. My children, pray, pray, pray for the gift of love because 'love' is my Son. Pray for your shepherds that they may always have love for you as my Son had, and showed by giving His life for your salvation. Thank you."
May we embrace this love which the Father, the Son, and the Spirit pour out upon us and which Mary receives and shares. This love will change us. And it will change the world!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2017

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Mary TV February 17, 2017 Reflection - Think of heaven!

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017
February 17, 2017
The Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order

Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children! Also today I call you to put into practice and to live my messages that I am giving you. Decide for holiness, little children, and think of heaven. Only in this way, will you have peace in your heart that no one will be able to destroy. Peace is a gift, which God gives you in prayer. Little children, seek and work with all your strength for peace to win in your hearts and in the world. Thank you for having responded to my call."  May 25, 2006

"Decide for holiness, little children and think of heaven."
"Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, do; and the God of peace will be with you." (Phil 4:6-9)

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2017

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mary TV February 16, 2017 Reflection - Thinking as God thinks!

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017

February 16, 2017
Dear Family of Mary!
In the Gospel for today, Jesus talks to the apostles about how they think. Jesus first asks them what they think about Him.  Who do you think I am??  Here is the Gospel:
Jesus and his disciples set out
for the villages of Caesarea Philippi.
Along the way he asked his disciples,
"Who do people say that I am?"
They said in reply,
"John the Baptist, others Elijah,
still others one of the prophets."
And he asked them,
"But who do you say that I am?"
Peter said to him in reply,
"You are the Christ."
Then he warned them not to tell anyone about him.
He began to teach them
that the Son of Man must suffer greatly
and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes,
and be killed, and rise after three days.
He spoke this openly.
Then Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him.
At this he turned around and, looking at his disciples,
rebuked Peter and said, "Get behind me, Satan.
You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do." (Mark 8:27-33)
The apostles were all over the place in their opinions about who Jesus was. They repeated what others had said about Jesus, but didn't really seem to have their own thoughts. We need to be careful not to rely only on what others say. Instead, what is God saying to us?
Amazingly, Peter was the one who was spot on about Jesus' identity, saying "You are the Christ!" In Matthew's account Jesus tells him: "Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 16:17) The Father had revealed who Jesus was to Peter because Peter was listening for His inspiration. The Father will reveal things to us, if we stay in communication through prayer.
And then there is the gigantic fall of Peter! In the subsequent discussion about Jesus' future of suffering, Peter fails to think like God thinks!  "Get behind me, Satan. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do." Peter got cocky and turned to human logic. It makes human sense to run from danger. But God's sense is beyond human logic. Poor Peter had to learn the hard way to think more like God thinks!
Our Lady has asked us in her messages to think like God thinks. Here are a few examples:
December 02, 2013 "Dear children, ...I desire for you to come to know the truth of my Son and to be my apostles; that, as children of God, you may rise above the human way of thinking and always, and in everything, seek God's way of thinking, anew. My children, pray and fast that you may be able to recognize all of this which I am seeking of you. Pray for your shepherds and long to come to know the love of your Heavenly Father, in union with them. Thank you."
August 2, 2010 "Dear children! Today I call you, together with me, to begin to build the Kingdom of Heaven in your hearts; that you may forget what is personal and, led by the example of my Son, think of what is of God. What does He desire of you? Do not permit satan to open the paths of earthly happiness, the paths without my Son. My children, they are false and last a short while. My Son exists. I offer you eternal happiness and peace and unity with my Son, with God; I offer you the Kingdom of God. Thank you."
May 25, 2006 "Dear children! Also today I call you to put into practice and to live my messages that I am giving you. Decide for holiness, little children, and think of heaven. Only in this way, will you have peace in your heart that no one will be able to destroy. Peace is a gift; which God gives you in prayer. Little children, seek and work with all your strength for peace to win in your hearts and in the world. Thank you for having responded to my call."
Our Lady is leading us to reflect on how we think, just like Jesus did with the apostles. She wants us to "seek God's way of thinking." She calls us to "forget what is personal and, led by the example of my Son, think of what is of God." We are being asked to "Decide for holiness...and think of heaven." If we begin to think as she asks us to think, we will find ourselves on the path to peace and eternal life. We might even be able to help others find that path.
May we learn to think as God thinks! Jesus, guide our thoughts heavenward!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2017

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mary TV February 15, 2017 Reflection - Mary, my Mother!

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017

February 15, 2017
Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children, with a motherly heart filled with love for you, my children, I desire to teach you complete trust in God the Father. I desire for you to learn by an internal gaze and internal listening to follow God's will. I desire for you to learn to boundlessly trust in His mercy and His love, as I always trusted. Therefore, my children, cleanse your hearts. Free yourselves from everything that binds you to only what is earthly and permit what is of God to form your life by your prayer and sacrifice so that God's Kingdom may be in your heart; that you may begin to live proceeding from God the Father; that you may always strive to walk with my Son. But for all of this, my children, you must be poor in spirit and filled with love and mercy. You must have pure and simple hearts and always be ready to serve. My children, listen to me, I speak for your salvation. Thank you." (March 18, 2016)
Our Lady has taken us under her wing in order to teach us about life. She wants us to know that God exists, that He made us and loves us, and that we must learn to love Him and follow Him. We are not home yet. Heaven is our home, and we have to travel there through time. That journey is dangerous and full of temptations and pitfalls. We sin. And so we need help. She is with us now to give us that help.
Denis and I pray a beautiful consecration prayer to Our Lady every day.  It was written by Mother Immaculata, OCD, in 1956:

If we are open to being led and formed by Our Lady in this way, we will find ourselves in a deep relationship with Jesus in no time! 
Immaculate Conception, Mary, my Mother. 
Live in me. Act in me. Speak in and through me. 
Think your thoughts in my mind. Love, through my heart. 
Give me your dispositions and feelings. 
Teach, lead and guide me to Jesus. 
Correct, enlighten and expand my thoughts and behavior. 
Possess my soul. Take over my entire personality and life. 
Replace it with yourself. 
Incline me to constant adoration and thanksgiving. 
Pray in me and through me. 
Let me live in you and keep me in this union always.  Amen. 

In this year, 2017, may it be so!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV, 2017

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mary TV February 14, 2017 Reflection - You who are praying and sacrificing...

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017

February 14, 2017
St. Cyril and St. Methodius

Dear Family of Mary!
Dear children! You who are striving to offer every day of your life to my Son, you who are trying to live with Him, you who are praying and sacrificing - you are hope in this peaceless world. You are rays of the light of my Son, a living gospel, and you are my beloved apostles of love. My Son is with you. He is with those who think of Him - those who pray. But in the same way, He is patiently waiting for those who do not know Him. Therefore, you, apostles of my love, pray with the heart and with your works show the love of my Son. This is the only hope for you, and this is also the only way to eternal life. I, as a mother, I am here with you. Your prayers directed to me are the most beautiful roses of love for me. I cannot but be where I sense the scent of roses. There is hope. Thank you. (February 2, 2017)

" who are praying and sacrificing - you are hope in this peaceless world."

Jesus speaks to St. Faustina about prayer and sacrificing:
My daughter, I want to instruct you on how you are to rescue souls through sacrifice and prayer. You will save more souls through prayer and suffering than will a missionary through his teachings and sermons alone. I want to see you as a sacrifice of living love, which only then carries weight before Me. You must be annihilated, destroyed, living as if you were dead in the most secret depths of your being. You must be destroyed in that secret depth where the human eye has never penetrated; then will I find in you a pleasing sacrifice, a holocaust full of sweetness and fragrance. And great will be your power for whomever you intercede. Outwardly, your sacrifice must look like this: silent, hidden, permeated with love, imbued with prayer. I demand, My daughter, that your sacrifice be pure and full of humility, that I may find pleasure in it. I will not spare My grace, that you may be able to fulfill what I demand of you.
I will now instruct you on what your holocaust shall consist of, in everyday life, so as to preserve you from illusions. You shall accept all sufferings with love. Do not be afflicted if your heart often experiences repugnance and dislike for sacrifice. All its power rests in the will, and so these contrary feelings, far from lowering the value of the sacrifice in My eyes, will enhance it. Know that your body and soul will often be in the midst of fire. Although you will not feel My presence on some occasions, I will always be with you. Do not fear; My grace will be with you... (Diary 1767)
Sacrifices in everyday life are not glamorous. But they are very precious in the eyes of God. Each sacrifice offered up with love and trust in God's providence can unleash many graces for souls. These graces make for peace.

May we be those who make peace, those who pray and sacrifice.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV 2017

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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