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Love God, Love One Another: "He Mounts His Throne" by Rita Ring, April 13, 1994

He Mounts His Throne

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 13, 1994 at St. Gertrude Church 3:30p.m.

R. The King of Glory is on His throne. He is so beautiful! His throne is not a throne adorned in jewels, but a brown, wooden cross. He has on His throne the look of total surrender. He gave His all in ardent love. He had not the superior look as that of a king, but the humble, surrendering look of our beloved Jesus, God. He is our King. He asks us for our love. Do we look to the kings of the world and mount our throne adorned in glory, full of self, or do we mount a throne He has prepared for us, one full of selflessness and suffering? The way to this King is but one way-it is the way of the cross. Through His cross and resurrection we are saved. He won for us the battle over our sins and paid the price of salvation with His blood.

Do I mount the throne He has prepared for me? Do I wear the crown of thorns or the crown of glory in this life? Only by our surrender are we made His heirs. It is only in our modeling after Him that we receive the reward promised. It is eternal salvation into His kingdom! Do I wear His crown or look for a useless crown of worldly glory?

A young girl carrying the cross

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The way to You is the way of the cross, to take up this cross and follow in Your footsteps. Will I follow? Will I wander and lay my cross down?

Oh, it feels good to take care of yourself, to tend to every hair and every piece of clothing, to eat the finest food and go to the theater. Oh, it feels good for a moment, only to need the next moment's gratification.

Oh, the soul craves the love of God. The soul thirsts after the love of God. Do I attempt to feed my soul with the things of this world, only to find that I soon need another feeding, and another, and another. Yet I am never satisfied. I hunger and thirst more.

Oh, what feeds the starving soul? Only He Who took up His cross and showed us the way. The way to Him is the only way. He showed us by His very life. He, God, came to this earth a mere human and gave to us His very life that we might live. He walked the steps of this earth so we could model ourselves after Him. What love, to give His very life for us!

Jesus: Little ones, preach My ardent love. Do not let a day go by that you do not tell someone how I am Jesus and I am in your midst this very day. Tell them how I long for them and wait for them and want to be with them so.

I am full of love. I have all they need. They come empty, they leave full. My abundance I pour out to them. Do you expect any the less from Him Who died for you! Oh, little, precious ones, I want to give you My love. Share My love with your brothers. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am on fire. I never grow cold. I never grow tired of loving you. Come and let Me minister to your sorrowing hearts. I am Whom you seek. I am here waiting for you. Feed your souls, children. They are thirsting for the love of God. I have all you need.

I am Jesus, the Son of God. I love you. Amen.

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