Wednesday, May 31, 2006



Dear Mother of Conciliation –
Grant that every heart and soul that looks to you and The Holy Trinity May be touched with God’s everlasting grace and mercy. Amen. And, Oh God of ALL creation – God of light and God of truth Through the intercession of Our Lady of Conciliation May You gather all races and cultures from every land and every nation that we may be one in peace as Your Son, JESUS, prayed before He died. Amen. Finally, dearest Mother, in your returning tearful gaze, look especially on your Son’s chosen ones, THE HOLY PRIESTHOOD, and obtain for them the grace to grow in sanctity and love in bringing us The Eucharist as they stand at the foot of the Cross with Thee. Amen.

Nihil Obstat: Reverend Thomas W. Buckley, S.T.D., S.S.L.
Imprimatur: Sean Patrick O’Malley, OFM, Cap. Archbishop of Boston Date: October 25, 2005


OUR LADY OF CONCILIATION first came to light in early spring 2003 amidst the torments of the sex scandal in the Catholic Church and indeed all society!
You will notice The Holy Trinity; The Father (Hand in Blessing), The Holy Spirit (Dove in flight to Enlighten) and Jesus, The Eucharist (Holding Our Lady’s Heart – pierced!). But She is also pregnant carrying Our Saviour to us and embracing all mankind to present all - to God of All Creation! The Seraphic Angels (top left) represent Heaven. The three crosses (top right) represent the hill of Calvary - the large cross Our Risen Lord, the left – the good thief and the right one reserved for you if you so choose. OFFER UP YOUR CROSSES! Our Blessed Mother stands on the world stepping on the evil one who is ready to devour all – but the Great Pope John Paul II stands strongly representing the Holy Priesthood and the entire Church faithful ones. Brother Anthony (Little Brothers of St. Francis) stands on the left representing all male religious and a black nun on the right – all female religious. Lay people are represented in the black, caucasian, yellow and brown race from around the world. Representing other faiths, including Moslems, are shown under a starry night. Study this ICON. What is The Holy Trinity or Our Lady revealing to you in your sorrows? GIVE THEM TO OUR MOTHER! Our Lady, Queen of the World, and all mankind, is looking directly at the viewers eyes. You must look closely to notice one tiny tear falling lovingly from her left eye. She is conciliating for us – pleading or mediating for us - her hands held in a manner ready to present us or set us free on our own. A conciliator comes unselfishly in peace, harmony and love bringing wounded or otherwise forces together. The Crucifix at the top is the great Amen!


I (your name) pledge to pray or do whatever JESUS or Our Lady asks of me to bring peace, harmony and love that we may be one as JESUS prayed before He died.