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[MaryVitamin] Our Lady of America

Mary Vitamin for May 19th

 Topic: Our Lady of America and Interior Holiness


 Sister Mary Ephrem to Our Lady of America

"Please forgive me, Mother, but I do have to go now or my work will not get finished."

September 26, 1956


Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil) belonged to the Congregation of the Most Precious Blood in Ohio. In 1938 she began to have mystical experiences which after several years developed into the Message of Our Lady of America. The Message became known through Sister's spiritual director the Archbishop of Cincinnati, Paul F. Leibold, who also authorized the printing of these Messages and gave his imprimatur.

 One of the key messages of Our Lady of America is the importance of attaining interior holiness. A holiness based on imitating the virtues practiced by Our Lady at Nazareth.

 In one of the earliest apparitions Our Lady appeared to Sister just as she was beginning the work for the day. Sr. Mary Ephrem desired to spend time gazing at the beautifully radiant Mother of God appearing in the pristine white gown, a gold crown and holding a lily. The devoted Sister had to tear herself away. As she left the chapel, Sr. Mary Ephrem said to the Vision,

 "Please forgive me, Mother, but I do have to go now or my work will not get finished."

 Our Lady said nothing but continued to remain visible to the sister throughout the day. While Sister Mary Ephrem continued with her work she offered acts of love to her Mother.

 In this example from the apparition of Our Lady of America, Our Heavenly Mother teaches us to attain holiness. How do we attain holiness? by living, acting, working and praying in the presence of Mary.

Regarding Our Lady of America by Archbishop Burke to the USCCB


Our Lady rewarded Sr. Mary Ephrem for choosing her work. 

As I am about my work today, I will imitate Sr. Mary Ephrem by calling upon Our Lady of America to keep me company and to help me grow in holiness.

 Marian Vow:

St. Maximilian Kolbe

"For flowers of virtue to blossom in our soul, they must be heated by the warmth of the Immaculata. Just as a child understands and instinctively feels it will be nurtured near its mother, so does the soul develop near the Mother of God. It must be nursed at her breast in order to live."

Aim Higher! (Marytown Press: 2007), 88.

 I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Thanks be to God for graces received.


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Deacon John

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