Friday, January 28, 2011

Priest vanishes without a trace, parishioners worried

South Bend priest vanishes without a trace, parishioners worried

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    More sad news:

    SOUTH BEND — The pastor of the Holy Family Catholic Parish left a note for his assistant on January 3 that he was leaving for a few days. The 44-year-old pastor hasn't been seen since.

    Where is Father Dominique Carboneau?

    "He hasn't been here very long. I don't know where he went," said Ken Whalen, whose child attends Holy Family School.

    Carboneau’s family filed a missing persons report with St. Joseph County police on January 20.

    They say he simply vanished without a trace.

    "My daughter just tells me that a different priest comes in for the church," said Michelle Rosplock, who learned the priest is missing.

    The pastor’s assistant declined to talk to WSBT News on camera, but said the note he left her was just a few lines — He was leaving for a few days to handle a personal matter and he would need a fill-in pastor while he was gone.

    No one has seen or heard from him since.

    "The school sent home a letter about a week ago, two weeks ago," Rosplock said.

    Parents at Holy Family School were surprised to learn about the priests' disappearance.

    They say he wasn't at the parish that long.

    Carboneau was the pastor of a parish in Fort Wayne until September. He was sent to South Bend to lead the Holy Family parish.
    County police detectives are continuing to investigate. They have been unable to find Carboneau's car.

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