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Father Kevin Scallon RIP June 25, 2018

Requiescat in pace Padre

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 Medjugorje, July 3, 2018
Dear Children of Medjugorje, praise be to Jesus and Mary!

Father Kevin Scallon!

This great Irish disciple of Christ just made his way to the Heavenly Father.  Dear father Kevin has been one of the best supporters of Our Lady so far.  On the 37th Anniversary of the apparitions of Medjugorje (June 25th), he was found lying on the floor in his residence, in Florida.  
The evening before, as he said that he was not feeling too well, he decided to stay home, pray the rosary and receive Holy Communion. These were his last actions on earth. He was 83. Of course, we are happy for him that he has now returned to the Lord whom he dedicated his life and ministry to.  But how we miss his gentle re-assuring presence here on earth!  However we will have a great advocate too in paradise guiding and watching out for us just as he always did here.
We will pray to Our Lady that she may "caress our souls" in this sorrowful time for his family and close friends, especially for Sister Briege McKenna who collaborated with him for 44 years, leading missions for priests all over the world!  May the offering of this deep mourning be source of blessings for those who morn without knowing Jesus!
Fr. Kevin was a good friend of us, staying in our home almost each year, joking and telling stories as a dad, also listening to each one of us with the tenderness and the power of the Holy Spirit, especially in Confession.
One of our young sisters, Flavia, said, "
"Even if I didn't know Father Kevin very well, I love him immensely. He was for me the example of the face of the Heavenly Father. If I had to imagine the love of God the Father, I would compare it to the love of Father Kevin's heart. Now, I have chosen him as my special godfather, asking him to protect me and to lead me from Heaven!"

 Sister Emmanuel + 

PS: Fr Kevin's remains have arrived home into Dublin on Tuesday morning 2nd July. He has been received into St Peter's Parish Church, Phibsboro at 7pm.

Requiem Mass was at St Peter's, Phibsboro on Tuesday 3rd July.
Leaving Dublin on Wednesday traveling to Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh
Requiem Mass St Peter's, Phibsboro on Wednesday 4th July 12.00 noon.
Reception at Sacred Heart Church, Irvinestown Wednesday evening.
Requiem Mass in Irvinestown Thursday 5th July 12.00 noon.
The Mass in Sacred Heart Church, Irvinestown, will hopefully be available live on the parish webcam for those who may not be able to attend but may like to participate.

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