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Mary TV Daily Reflection 7/8/2011

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July 8, 2011

Dear Family of Mary!

"You know, dear children, that I love you immeasurably, and I pray daily that the Lord will help you understand the love which I am showing you." (August 21, 1986)

On the afternoon of June 24, 2011 Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti spoke to the crowd of people gathered around the outdoor altar at St. James church. She spoke at about 4:00 pm. Thirty years earlier almost to the hour, Our Lady had first appeared to the visionaries in Medjugorje. Way back then, the village was a very quiet place, with only a couple of narrow roads, many fields of grapes and tobacco, small houses clustered at the foot of the hills, and a strangely large church with two steeples down in the valley. No one could have guessed that something was about to happen there that would change the world. No one was expecting Our Lady. She came "out of the blue!"

Here are the opening words of Marija's testimony on June 24, 201. Marija began her testimony with a decade of the rosary, and then she shared:

"As of today I still have daily apparitions like Ivan and Vicka. Mirjana, Ivanka and Jakov no longer have daily apparitions. I would just say to you that every single evening Our Lady still appears to us. And every evening during the apparition I am recommending all of you and your intentions - in a special way 

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all of you who are here in these days.

"My testimony would like to be an invitation to all of you so that even more you would fall in love with Our Lady, in the same way that we did 30 years ago! When Our Lady appeared on the 24th of June, 1981, the first time, the visionaries were running away. So that you can understand - even Vicka ran so fast she lost her shoes! In our hearts there was a feeling of fear and joy at the same time, because we were positive she was the Mother of God. And in our hearts we were peaceful.

"The people were saying maybe this was Satan appearing as Our Lady - and they were saying things like that. The first messages we received brought great joy to our hearts. When we asked Our Lady who she was, she answered and said she is the Mother of God. And this was the beginning of the change in our hearts. Much is the joy and the beauty and peace that she has. This gave us security that she was indeed coming from God. But Our Lady, especially on St. John's Feast Day, continued praying with us. She wanted to give us the way to fall in love with her. And we did fall in love with her! And we started to follow her with all of our hearts.

"Today let's go back to 30 years ago and imagine what life was like. You need to know that we suffered a lot because of the Communist machine. But we also received many graces during that difficult time. My mom used to say many times, 'Our house is no longer our house. It is like a train station. And people are coming in and going out. Just like a railway station.' People were just walking in and going through our home on a daily basis. If you would ask me now if I would go back, thirty years backwards, to the beginning, with Our Lady or without, believe me I would decide for Our Lady of course, because together with Our Lady we were able to learn how to be with God. And we fell in love with God. In that way we started to say, 'You are my God, you are everything!' With our God we found the joy of living. In God we have found peace."

Marija's words were charged with electricity as she spoke. You could feel how intensely she believes, how concrete and powerful her experience of Our Lady has been, and how much she loves Our Lady. Marija shared with the same Holy Spirit power that must have surged through the Apostles at Pentecost. You could just feel her conviction.I have heard stories of the chaos in Marija's home during those first days. People came day in and day out to talk to her, to pray with her, to ask her to intercede for them. Her friend Kathleen, says that Marija often only slept about 1 hour a night, because of all the people. It was and continues to be a heavy cross for Marija. But as she said, "If I would go back, thirty years backwards, to the beginning, with Our Lady or without, believe me I would decide for Our Lady of course, because together with Our Lady we were able to learn how to be with God." The crosses Marija has carried are nothing compared with the joy of knowing Jesus and Mary. This was very clear to us as she spoke.

If we pray and live Our Lady's messages, we will also become as certain as Marija that God exists, that He is with us. This is the ultimate gift of Medjugorje. Life with God! Thank you, Marija, for your witness to us of 30 years with Our Lady! Thank you!

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2011

PS. You can watch Marija's witness on our webpage,

It is in the video folder entitled "Ivan's apparition in his chapel". Just scroll down in that window to "Marija July 24, 2011" (We have to reorganize the videos so they are in the right spots!)


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