Saturday, March 24, 2007


3. The Obedience.
Now consider the sublime obedience of the Holy Family. How exactly, how quickly, how readily They carry out the divine orders. They set out on Their journey immediately. See their diligence in fulfilling the Will of God. See, at the same time, Their humility, in not raising any objection, in not making the slightest remark. Moreover, They obey with great perseverance. Through all that long pilgrimage They proceed tranquilly, calmly. Never impatient. Because They see the Will of God at every step of Their journey. It is God's command: that is enough. Divine Providence is wise, is just, is bountiful, and knows perfectly well what it wants. What shining lesson of humility, of submission, of patience in contradiction! What a sublime example of obedience! Do not try to excuse yourself when you are disobedient. Do not say that you have an angel by your side who tells you clearly what is the Will of God. You know that is not true. The only angel for you is your Superior, he speaks to you in the name of God. How is it that when you do not like what he tells you, when you do not see the reason of what he orders you, you think that he is mistaken and then you obey badly? Who is, indeed, the one who is mistaken? He when commanding, or you when failing to obey? Just look at Mary in this phase of Her life and then answer.

[Excerpted from 'MARIAN MEDITATIONS' Book by Rev. Dr. Ildefonso R. Villar, Salesian Philippine Province, Nihil Obstat; Imprimatur]